Beaches In Jumeirah Dubai: Location, Facilities And Main Attractions

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Dubai is mostly famous to the tourists for fantastic sandy beaches. And there is no shortage of it. Dubai set an example that beauty of nature can stay aside with urban glamour.

It attracts an enormous number of peoples every year from different parts of the world. There is no doubt that Dubai took its tourism to the next level. But which one is it’s the best beach in dubai ? It may differ from person to person. But, to most, it’s Jumeirah beach. So, lets you know about all the facts about beaches in jumeirah.

Why is it so popular?

One of the reasons for its popularity is it is easy to reach. There are multiple easy ways to get to the beach. As it is not far from an airport, a lot of tourists comes to visit here.

You can see all the luxury hotel resorts from the beach. That creates a photographic view of the beach. The deep blue water, white sand, and it’s bright sun makes a perfect retreat who want to spend their holidays here.

The beach is full of fun activities and also certainly children friendly. All the facilities of the beach make it more preferable.

Fun activities to do on Beaches In Jumeirah:

beaches in jumeirah,best beach in dubai,private beaches in dubai,jumeirah beach timings

There is no limit o fun things you can do on the beach.

1. Swimming

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you come to the beach? Oh yes, it is swimming and jumping in the seawater with your friends. Just scream HURRRRRAH and jump on the water while running. Play with a ball or keep calm and try to feel the sea and surroundings. Just make sure to follow lifeguards.

2. Surfing

Surfing is another fun thing if you want adventure. You also can try kite surfing or just watch the surfers sitting on a relaxing chair. It’s pretty satisfying to watch.

3. Jet-skiing

There are jet-skiing spots on the beach. It’s very safe and well guided. You can ride it for one hour and get a trailing feel of enjoyment.

4. Sun Lounge

The sun of Arab is very bright and perfect for skin tanning. In the midday, you can come to the beach and just lay down in the sun with coconut juice. But don’t ever plan to visit the beach in the hot sun, if you don’t have any plan for the sun lounge because extreme desert heatwave can cause sunstroke. Make sure you took enough water and a hat with you while the sun lounge.

5. Children park

There is a park, especially for kids. There is a lot of fun things so kids can get busy with them. You should visit the park even if you don’t have any kids with you.

6. Cycling

You can rent cycles in the beach an roam around the beach and enjoy the cool breeze. It would be exciting for both kids and adults. It will be an excellent exercise to while sunning your self.

7. Boat tour

You can enjoy a thrilling boat tour of 15 minutes. The boat is fast, and the ride will allow you to see some interesting spots like Dubai Mania and Plum Island.

8. Get eating on a walk

The beach is full of food shops and restaurants. Who doesn’t like street food? Just start walking and eat whatever you want. You can feel the different taste of Dubai.

9. Bars and spas

If you want to enjoy night vibes and the music, you can find bars near the beach. Like several bars, you will find some spa centre too. You can visit one to relax and unwind. The professionals will give you a great massage if you up to it.


The beach has all the services. There are enough toilets, changing rooms, restaurants, lifeguards and police to help the tourists.

beaches in jumeirah,best beach in dubai,private beaches in dubai,jumeirah beach timings

Beaches In Jumeirah Address:

How to get to Jumeirah beach? It’s located on the Jumeirah district of Dubai on the Persian Gulf. The beach is only a few block away from the city centre and pretty easy to come from Jumeirah Road.

You can choose a metro service or bus to go there. Or you can take a taxi for a more comfortable and faster way. But it will be a bit costly. The airport is 30 kilometres away from the beach.

jumeirah beach timings:

The beach is open for visitors seven days of the week. But the timing is different. From Sunday to Friday the beach begins at 7:30 am and ends at 10 pm. On the other days, the beach ends at 11 pm.

You can go to the beach either early in the morning or evening time. But the best time is an evening for a regular visit.

If you feel comfortable around lots of people, you can visit on weekends. The beach will get very busy those days.

Or if you are finding bit calm surroundings, then avoid the weekends. Winter is the best time to visit in Dubai as it’s mainly a desert.

Private Beaches In Dubai:

Most of the beach is free for everyone. But there is some private beach that belongs to some hotels for hotel guest. You can get various services there in there, but you have to buy tickets.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Take enough water with you, be hydrated.
  • Avoid hot sun.
  • Wear modest cloth.
  • No littering on the beach.
  • Don’t take photos of beachgoers.
  • Carry an extra set of dress or swimsuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Dubai beaches?

Yes, most of the beaches of Dubai allows swimming.

Are public beaches closed in dubai?

Dubai has relaxed the lockdown situation and opened up the beaches again

Is Jumeirah beach open?

Yes, the authority opened up Jumeirah beach.

Is Jumeirah beach free?

Yes, most of it is free for the visitors. But there is some private beach that belongs to the hotels for the guests. You need to buy a ticket if you want to enjoy the services of a private beach.

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