Black Points Traffic Violations Qatar [Acts And Black Points]

Black points are the points that are assigned to the driver if he violates traffic rules in Qatar. Black points traffic violations Qatar is a trouble-causing thing for drivers. Cameras and traffic radars are fixed along the roads for checking. If you are caught violating any traffic rule, you receive a message alert by SMS. Any time you break the law, you get black points; minimum black points are 2. These points are valid for 1 year. During this period, you cannot drive in Qatar.

Traffic Point System In Qatar:

A driving license is based on a point system. If you violate any traffic rule, you assign some points; after getting 14 points, your license will suspend for 3 months. Total 24 points lead to 1-year cancellation of license, and all these points are called black points.

Purpose Of This Black Points System In Qatar:

Black points traffic violations in Qatar were introduced to counter the challenges causing severe problems to the people and government. Qatar is standing in the line of developed countries and has a high proficiency in all Traffic departments. Traffic is always is a severe problem for developed countries. This black point system was introduced to warn the driver and check his driving skills.

  • It checks you’re driving skills.
  • It assigns you points on any violation.
  • Warns the driver.
  • Not violate again rules.
  • It is a perfect check and balance system that quickly identify the person who doesn’t deserve to drive in Qatar.
  • It helps to indicate the unprofessional drivers.

It is a perfect way of License cancellation of unethical drivers.

Black Points Traffic Violations Qatar

Major Traffic Violations In Qatar That Lead To Black Points:

Violations that cause black points in Qatar can lead you to jail and severe troubles for you; the following acts show you to get 4 black points:

  • Over speeding.
  • Not wearing seat ballet.
  • Driving without license.
  • Driving an unregistered vehicle.
  • Drive against the traffic flow.

The Following Acts Lead To 6 Black Points:

  • Loading a heavy vehicle on the road causes damage to the public and property of people.
  • Block the way of a fire hydrant.
  • Use the right-hand side for overtaking.
  • Not give way to the ambulance, police and armed forces.
  • Driving pollution causing vehicles.
  • Load a heavy vehicle improperly.
  • Illegal parking.

The Following Will Net You 12 Black Points:

  • Not follow your lane while driving a heavy vehicle.
  • Break the signal.
  • Modify your engine without permission.
  • Over speed more than 60 km per hour.
  • Driving noisy vehicle.
  • Dough the police.

23 Black Points Scoring Acts:

  • Damage the public and private property.
  • Hit someone.
  • Cause serious accident and destruction that leads to death.
  • Drink-drive.
  • Exceed speed limit over 80km per hour.

Very Dangerous Acts That Lead To 24 Black Points:

  • Illegal transport of passengers, human trafficking.
  • Without any permission transporting flammable substances.
  • Without any security carrying hazardous material (radioactive substances, nuclear waste and hospital disposal )
  • carrying narcotics and any dangerous drug.

How Do You Know You Get Black Points :

If you have doubts that you have gotten black points, you can check at official police website of Qatar

Check on the traffic police fine payment page, enter your number plate and get all your details.

By using Metrash 2 app, you can find details about your license

  • Install this app.
  • Login.
  • Open service tab;.
  • Click on the traffic icon.
  • Click on traffic violation can enter your vehicle plate number or your ID card number.

You will get all details about your license.

Another method you can use is to open the website of Qatar state motor agency opens a link driver license check.

Enter your information:

  1. ID card.
  2. Your name.
  3. Driving license number. You will easily access your record.

How To Deal With Black Points Traffic Violations Qatar:

  • Pay your fine.
  • Take a safe driving course from a training centre.
  • Show your training certificate to the police department. It would help if you went to the traffic police department.
  • Should you talk to the captain, any officer tell him about your good and black points?
  • If you have crossed a specific points limit in a year, your points will not be removed, and your license will remain cancelled.

How Can You Save Yourself From Getting Black Points In Qatar:

Qatar police portal has mentioned 140 traffic crimes that lead you to jail and cause serious problems. You should stay away all if you want to drive in Qatar follow these instructions:

Obey all laws that the Qatar government has mentioned.

  • Memorize all signs and rules.
  • Take your driving test seriously.
  • Never indulge in any strange activity on the road.
  • Be careful on the road.
  • Don’t panic and stay calm. It reduces the chances of mistakes.
  • Never carry an unregistered weapon, any narcotics-related material and harmful substance.

These black points can lead you to trouble; you should check your license at regular intervals. Try to improve your driving and learn from your mistakes. This points system is one of the successful decisions of the Qatar government for public safety and traffic management.

Remove Black Points:

If you are driving in Qatar and have black points on your traffic license, it’s significantly causing for you. You have registered as an impaired driver in the record of the Qatar traffic management department. You can’t drive with confidence on roads if you have assigned black points.

The reduction or removal of these points is essential for a driver in Qatar. Your activities are more noticeable, and you are a suspicious driver for the police and traffic department if you carry black points on your license. The Qatar government well defines the removal method. You can remove these points by following the process.


Can I drive in Qatar with black points?

If you have less than 24 black points, you can drive in Qatar. After getting 24 points, your license will ban for 1 year.

How can I get rid of black points in Qatar?

  • Visit traffic police department.
  • Pay your all fines.
  • Attend training workshops on driving and get a certificate.

Can black points lead to jailing a driver?

Yes, if you violate rules that will lead to your jail, some saviour violation on which you get net 24 black points:

  • Human trafficking, illegal transport of passengers.
  • You are the cause of death of someone in a road accident.
  • Carrying harmful substances without permission and protection (narcotics-related drugs, radioactive substances and weapons)

What is the range of traffic fines in Qatar?

It ranges from 300-6000 QR

QR 6000:

  • If you do not follow the manual signals of traffic police.
  • Drive in the opposite flow of traffic.
  • Parking in the way of express and wrong U-turn.

QR 3000:

  • Drive a vehicle without a number plate.
  • Drive unregistered care.

Don’t use the right-hand side for overtaking.