Booster Dose Registration in Kuwait Step by Step

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booster dose registration in Kuwait

Covid 19 booster dose registration in Kuwait has become much more accessible. Here in this article, we will provide you with necessary information regarding vaccine registration in Kuwait, who is eligible, and who is not for a booster dose, costing information, etc.

Kuwait’s national vaccination campaign continues to provide vaccines for civilians and booster doses for those who have completed two conventional doses. In addition, Kuwait has approved four covid vaccine firms: Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.

Is Booster Dose Compulsory:

The Kuwaiti government communication center has announced that those who have completed two regular doses of covid vaccine must need to get a booster dose. Otherwise, they might face some problems regarding travel around the country. Consequently, without a covid 19 booster dose, no one from Kuwait can travel abroad.

The sudden rise of the new omicron variant has made booster doses even more meaningful.  

Regular and booster doses can increase a decent shield to fight new covid variants like omicron. 

Vaccine Registration in Kuwait Step by Step:

The Kuwait Ministry of Health has published an online portal for registration purposes. Their official covid 19 cognition website – is This portal consists of three types of vaccine registration:

For Kuwaiti citizens, there is a separate segment. Where people who are living as Kuwaitis can register for their desired dose.

As there are many hospitalized patients, for them, there is a segment where patients and their relatives can register for their dose.

If someone made any mistake regarding vaccine registration, then by clicking this segment one can change signup details.

After selecting a category, you would need to go through this procedure: 

Step 1: Submit your civil ID number and serial number. 

Step 2: Have to enter other information, mainly your name, address, phone number, and additional information

Step 3: Have to mention any previous health issues. (If any)

Need to remember: 

  • You have to select the right option if you have a history of an allergic reaction or a record of being infected with the covid 19 or pregnancy-related issues. 
  • Consequently, you must submit a medical report when applying for bedridden patients. You can get bedridden evidence from the health center. 

After finishing all the processes, you will get a text from the authority with details about when and where you can get your vaccines. 

Booster Dose Registration in Kuwait: 

The Kuwait Ministry of Health has announced that a booster dose is mandatory for travellers who want to travel to Kuwait. Those who have completed conventional doses need to complete booster doses as well. Therefore, they will be considered as fully vaccinated.

booster dose registration in Kuwait

Besides, Kuwaiti citizens who have not taken the booster doses will be hindered from travel. Hence, it is essential to take a booster dose for Kuwaiti citizens and those who want to travel to Kuwait. To sum up, Booster dose registration in Kuwait has become more accessible and required. To register for a booster dose, you must visit the Kuwait booster dose registration website.

As well as, you can apply from abroad; you just need actual proof of previous vaccination. You can upload vaccine records MoH the official website.


 If you are wondering whether you are eligible for the vaccine or not, here is some information about eligibility for the vaccine. 

  • Everyone whose age is 16 or above
  • Competent adults with hypertension and other chronic diseases 
  • Children between 12-15
  • Children between 5-11

Kuwait Booster Dose Centers: 

There are many centers all over the country where booster dose is available. We suggest you register to follow these steps and contact your desired location for further information. There exist some similar centers: 

  • Jaber Causeway (Bridge) Vaccine Center-Drive through 
  • Kuwait International fairground at mushref
  • Police Officers Club
  • Jaber Al Ahmed Health Center 1
  • Musaeed Al Saleh Health center
  • Salwa Specialized Center
  • North Ardiya Health Center
  • Siddeeq Health Center
  • Almesayel Health Center
  • Al Nahdha Health Center
  • Abu Fatira Health Center
  • South Khaitan Health Center
  • Jabriya Medical Center

Fees Info:

 Kuwaiti Government provides the covid-19 vaccine free of charge to all Kuwaiti citizens and expats. 

Booster Dose Kuwait Timing: 

On any working day, from 10 am to 5 pm, you can get your vaccine from respected vaccination centers.

Kuwait Moh Vaccine Registration Link:

You will find the Kuwait Moh Vaccine Registration link on the Moh official covid registration website. Where you can find the registration segments for both the regular dose and the booster dose.

Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Kuwait Status Check:

To check your vaccine registration status, you have to visit the official ministry of health website, where you can check your registration status after submitting your personal info.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to modify Booster dose registration?

You will have to visit Their official covid 19 cognition website –, where you will get a section that is; Modification of registration details. After submitting relevant information then, you can fix your problems. 

Booster dose registration Kuwait change Mobile number?

To alter your mobile number in vaccine registration, you must visit the covid 19 cognition website –, where you will get a section called modification of registration details. Then after submitting all the necessary information, you can change your mobile number. 

How to download a vaccine certificate in Kuwait?

To download the vaccination certificate in Kuwait, you must download the immune app (Android or iOS). After putting in the appropriate information, you can download the certificate.


In a nutshell, Booster dose registration in Kuwait performs smoothly. Recent data shows that 77% of people from Kuwait are fully vaccinated. So, if you are willing to protect yourself from unwanted dangers from covid 19, you must be fully vaccinated. 

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