Can My Current Employer Cancel My Adlsa Application

Can my current employer cancel my ADLSA application?, this article is for you. The ADLSA’s equivalent in Qatar is the “Work Search Visa,” a certificate of exemption from the requirement to obtain a work permit and actively seek employment. There is some authority for employers in Qatar to cancel work permits, which can affect your Work Search Visa. However, your current employer can not cancel your ADLSA application.

Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs (MADLSA) issues Work Search Visas, and employers cannot directly control the application process or decision.

ADLSA Application Status:

After submitting your application to change jobs using MoL’s electronic notification system . you check the status of your application .

You’ll need your QID number and the EC number generated by MoL’s electronic system to log in. Your application will be notified when it is submitted. Click here to learn more about Clay Burnett Group.

How to Cancel ADLSA Approval:

If your job change application is still being reviewed through MoL’s electronic notification system, you can cancel it. Log into MoL’s electronic notification system using your QID and mobile numbers to do that.

If you wish to cancel your application to change jobs after receiving approval from the Ministry and before your new employment contract has been authenticated, you must submit a written request to the MoL.

If you wish to cancel your application, submit a signed letter in Arabic to the Head of the Labour Relations Department. The letter should include the EC number, a copy of your QID, your mobile phone number, and a brief explanation of why you cancelled your application.


Employers in Qatar have the authority to cancel work permits, but your current employer cannot cancel your ADLSA application as an application. The Ministry of Administrative Development controls this process of Labor and Social Affairs. Now you have your answer about whether your Can my current employer cancel my ADLSA application and more relevant information.