How To Civil Id Photo Change Procedure [Step By Step]

In this article, we discuss how to civil id photo change procedure. Kuwait government service permits Kuwaiti and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) voters to vary their addresses of residence recorded within the civil data system. Submit the specified documents to the PACI.

Kuwait Headquarters at Zahra, initial floor, Citizens” office. Your Civil ID is formed in Kuwait and it contains all the data concerning wherever you want to live; cherish your Name, nationality, your address. Currently, you have got left this place and enraptured to a replacement place, thus you must enter your address within the place where you reside now. Here are some easy steps you’ll be able to go to begin the preparation method for modifying the address of Civil ID Kuwait.

How to change civil ID name:

The Name on your civil ID should match the Name on your passport; if the Name isn’t reached, you’ll be not allowed travel. To beat this PACI recently launched a brand new service referred to as – Update Latin Name for Non-Kuwaiti.

Please realize steps to update your Latin Name on your civil online in the PACI website:

Step 1- Visit the PACI envelope system website, if the website is in Arabicyou’lll be able to modification the language to English; there’s a possibility at the highest of the page.

How To Civil Id Photo Change Procedure

Step 2- For non-Kuwaitis click on the option of updating Latin Name.

How To Civil Id Photo Change Procedure

Step 3- here you have to enter the required information as you a civil ID number and serial number.

How To Civil Id Photo Change Procedure

Step 4- In this step, you may receive a verification code if you applied for the renewal of your civil ID. Then very your mobile number.

Step 5- Enter all required data correctly.

Step 5- You may receive an application on your registered number of references to track the progress of an application.

Step 6- Then you have to pay KD5 when you received a link after a few days.

Step 7- Now you can visit the south surra to change the old ID with a new one.

So following these processes, you’ll update your civil id easily. And this procedure is useful for you to update this through the net system and that we are hopeful that this may be helpful for you.

The process of changing the address of civil ID Kuwait that is not the same as the one registered in the civil ID;

Step 1- You have to get a brown envelope from any jambiya or bookshop and in fact in PACI south surra. This envelope has a kind in it that you simply have to be compelled to fill out.

Step 2- Go to any authority” clinic, and get your blood organization checked.

Step 3- Visit PACI Head workplace in South Surra.

Step 4- After reviewing your documents, they will fill another form with the details of your flat deposits, then deliver it and ask you to leave your flat holder on the back.

Step 5- After the owner of the apartment has signed the form; put all the required documents in the brown envelope (it is mandatory to mention our identity card behind the envelope).

Step 6- Insert it into the machine, collect the receipt from the envelope.

This receipt you need to keep with you, so in case the police check with you and ask you for address information, show them this receipt and they will know your change of civil

ID address is now in progress.


how can I collect my civil id?

you can use iqama delivery service take 2kd.

How can I update my mobile ID in Kuwait?

Open the “Kuwait Mobile I” app. As you open the app you will get a popup message. Click” “Renew My Mobile I”. Enter your PIN and click” “Continue”. Following these easy steps, you can update your civil ID successfully.

How am I able to activate my mobile ID in Kuwait?

Install mobile ID from the App Store for IOS devices or the Play Store for humanoid devices. Open the app and opt for the primary” “Online Registration victimization Mobil”. Enter needed personal data. Ensure entered data.