How To Check Civil ID Status In Kuwait? Must Be Know

Nowadays, the development of a country is highly measured by the digitalisation growth of the country. A digitalised national identity card is a giant step toward digitalisation. A smart identity card is not just easy to use and handle; it also saves a lot of time and effort.

In Kuwait, the national identity card is called civil ID or Bitaqa-Almadaniyah. The civil ID card provides countless benefits to the residence of Kuwait. So it’s essential to keep track of your civil id status in kuwait. Read through the article, I hope you will have a clear understanding of civil ID, and it’s status checking methods.

History Of The Civil ID Of Kuwait:

Let’s look at the background of the Identity card. Public Authority for Civil Information started the civil ID project in 1986. They considered it a personal verification tool for their residence. Kuwait began moving with an idea of digital government in the 2000s.

Kuwait introduced a digital identity card in 2009. The rapid acceleration of technology made the digitalisation process faster in the last ten years. Now, it can be said undoubtedly; Kuwait has become one of the role models in this sector to the rest of the world.

Benefits Of Civil ID Kuwait:

Kuwait is one of the Gulf nations populated with almost 4 million people. Young peoples constitute more than 70% of its population. That gives the country a digital-friendly environment because young people are very efficient to learn new technologies.

Gulf Council initiated the digital NID card, to ensure the citizens of a gulf country can get services in other gulf countries. The primary use of civil ID cards was to authenticate of citizen identities. But it is also beneficial to get many governmental and non-governmental services. It became a key to simplify the regular life of Kuwaiti citizens.

Civil ID card contains a chip that is made of microprocessors. The card can store a large amount of data such as personal information, digital certificates, signature and fingerprint. This technology allows one to get numerous electronic services around the world. Civil ID card provides a ton of benefits in those sectors:

  • Many governmental services.
  • Makes banking more comfortable than ever.
  • Helps oil workers
  • And private sectors.

You Can Get Many Electronic Services In The Above Sectors. Such As:

  • Apply online with your civil ID
  • Signature in online
  • Get information about many services
  • Provide your CV quickly etc.

Lawyers and administrative personals can access the government database to get use their information easily using their civil ID. Oil workers can get their payment or print a certificate using their ID card. Banking sector became safe, secure and comfortable. You must have a valid ID card if you want to get a loan from the bank. So, every residence of Kuwait should check his civil ID now and then.

How To Check Civil Id Status In Kuwait?

There is a few different ways to check your ID status. All of them are pretty straightforward. Once you know the process, it shouldn’t take more than a minute. Read the following parts to find out a suitable way for you.

Check Civil Id Status In Kuwait With PACI:

PACI or Public Authority for Civil Information carries all the responsibilities of the Civil ID card. In PACI’s official website, you can check civil ID status, renew civil ID and a bunch of other services right from your home. Click here to know the renewal process of civil ID Kuwait. Follow the following steps to check the Civil ID status:

Step 1: Follow the link of the PACI official website by clicking here

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Step 2: Enter your civil ID number in the box.

Step 3: Click on okay to proceed.

Step 4: On the next page, you will get all the information about your civil ID.

Checking Kuwait ID status over phone

You can check civil id status enquiry over the phone by following those steps:

Step 1: Dail 1889988 and call.

Step 2: Select your language by pressing the number. Press 1 for Arabic and 2 for English.

Step 3: Press 1 again to enter your Civil number. They will tell your civil ID status.

There is another way to check. Send a message to 1889988 writing the civil ID and waiting For a response.

Checking Civil ID status with Zain

Zain is a telecom company that allows you to check civil ID status. You can also renew or ask for inquiries just by sending a text message. Follow the following procedures:

To renew civil ID

Send – (T civil number) to 1889988

To check status

Send – (Q civil number) to 1889988

Inquiries about Civil ID

Send – (receipt number m) to 1889988

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get a civil ID?

Usually, it takes ten days to get a new civil ID. As you must get your civil ID within 30 days of your arrival, you should apply at least 10-12 days before 30 days end.

Can I bring my family to Kuwait?

Yes, with legal procedures, you can bring your family to Kuwait in a family visa. But keep in mind that you have to income a minimum amount to do so.

How much to pay for civil ID status check?

It is free of cost.

How to check civil ID status over the phone?

Checking civil ID status over the phone is easy. Just call 1889988 and change the language by pressing 2 (for English). They will give you all the instructions to check. You can also renew your civil ID over the phone by dialling the same number.

How much does it cost to renew a civil ID?

You have to pay KD 5 to renew your civil ID card. If you have your children and wife with you, they need KD 10 to continue their civil ID.