Zain Kuwait Internet Offers 2023

Being one of Kuwait’s most popular SIM cards, Zain has become a household name due to its service and affordability. The internet service provider Zain offers one of the most diverse and flexible data packages. It offers data packages ranging from 10GB to 500GB.

Zain specializes in providing good offers on internet packages and limitless on-net calls, as well as IDD calls. Let’s dive into the best and latest Zain Kuwait internet offers 2023, so you can choose the one that suits you the best!

Zain Kuwait Internet Offers

Zain Kuwait was founded back in 1983, and as of now, it is one of the most popular sim operators in Kuwait. Currently, the operator has more than 49 million active customers. Most of the Zain Kuwait users always keep up to date with Zain Kuwait recharge offers, as the offers provide good value for money both on internet and calls.

How To Register Zain Internet 9 KD 25 GB:

The Zain 9 Kd monthly package provides the user with 25 GB of 4G internet along with unlimited calls and SMS to any other Zain number. To avail Zain offers Kuwait 9 Kd 25 GB, type R7 and send it to 999. 

If you have availed this 9 Kd for 25 GB package and suddenly ran out of internet, you can get xtra zain internet packages. You can get an extra 1 GB of data for 2 KD with 30 days of validity. To get this package, simply send 09 to 999.

Zain Kuwait 3 KD Internet 2023:

“eeZee” is the name of the prepaid service provided by Zain Kuwait. The affordable starters are sold for as cheap as KD 5 with KD 5 credit in their stores. The recharge cards available for KD 1.5, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 25 are sold, extending service for 20 days to 365 days, depending on the package. 

If you want to increase the validity of your packages, you can always opt for the extra validity that the company provides. The 3 KD validity pack lets you increase the validity of your existing package for 60 more days. To activate this package, send v2 to 999.

Zain Internet Packages 1 Months Kuwait:

The following packages listed down below are the Zain Kuwait internet offers 2023 that are valid for 1 month:



Local SMS


SMS Code for Activation

KD 5

5 GB


Send R1 to 999

KD 8

25 GB


Send R2 to 999

KD 9

25 GB

Free Zain to Zain

Send R7 to 999

KD 12

50 GB


Send R3 to 999

KD 14

50 GB

500 Local + Free Zain to Zain

Send R8 to 999

KD 18

200 GB


Free Local UL

Send R5 to 999

Zain Kuwait Internet Offers 2022

How To Activate 5 KD Zain Internet:

In 5 KD zain internet offers Kuwait, You will receive 5 GB of 4G internet along with unlimited free SMS to any local number. It is the lowest-priced package provided by Zain, and it is vastly popular because with extra add-ons, you can customize this package to best suit your needs.

To activate the 5 KD Zain Internet package, simply Send R1 to 999. To send a message to 999, first go to the menu and find the ‘write message’ option. Then type M2 and send an SMS to 999. Wait for a response from the company, and soon your 5 KD Zain internet will be activated.

Zain Kuwait Internet Offers Prepaid:

Being one of the widely used mobile operators in Kuwait, Zain offers some great packages on their prepaid plans. zain internet offers Kuwait start from 5 KD and goes all the way up to 18 KD. you can find the details about the packages in the table above.

If you run out of internet before the validity, you don’t need to worry! Zain offers extra data plan for all the prepaid internet offers. Prepaid Extra Data Plan For Zain Internet Packages:




SMS Code for Activation

KD 2

1 GB

1 Month

Send 09 to 999

KD 5

30 GB

1 Month

Send 010 to 999

Zain Prepaid Internet Packages:

As we already know, the internet service provider Zain offers one of the most varied and flexible data packages; here is the list of the affordable prepaid internet packages that you would get for a seamless internet experience. 

  • With R1 activation, 10GB costs around KD5.
  • With R2 activation, 50GB costs KD8.
  • With R3 activation, 100GB costs KD12.
  • With R6 activation, a 10GB plan with unlimited on-net calls and 25-minute IDD calls costs around KD9.5.
  • With R7 activation, 50GB of data and unlimited on-net calls cost KD9.
  • With R8 activation, a 100GB plan with unlimited on-net calls and roughly 500 local minutes costs KD14.
  • With R9 activation, a 50GB plan with unlimited on-net calls and 25-minute IDD calls costs KD11.5.
  • With R7 activation, a 200 GB of data with unlimited on-net calls costs KD16.
  • R10 activation costs roughly KD19 for 400GB with unlimited on-net and 25 minutes of IDD calls.
  • R18 gets you 400GB of data, unlimited domestic calls, and R5 activation.

Zain 500 GB Internet Package:

The Zain 500 GB internet package provides 500 GB of data for just 35 KD, and this package is valid for a period of 1 month. To subscribe to this package, send NET to 999 to activate the subscription.

Zain New Sim Offer Kuwait

Zain has a very attractive package for all newly purchased sim card. Zain internet offers Kuwait is providing 200 GB internet, unlimited calls on any Zain number, 60 local minutes, and 60 international minutes with only 6 KD per month! To purchase a new Zain Simcard and get this offer, you can visit your nearest Zain branch or purchase from Zain Kuwait website.

How To Activate Zain Internet

To activate Zain internet, just type the code of the package you want to purchase, and send it to 999. For example, if you want to activate Zain Kuwait 5kd Internet 2023 package, just send R1 to 999. You can find the package that best suits you from the table above.

Zain Kuwait Offer Check Code

In so many cases, some new or limited-time packages may be available to you by Zain Kuwait. To get the latest package details, you can dial the zain offer check code Kuwait, which is *959#

You can also call 959 and get the latest package details, or know more about the existing packages.

Easy Way To Know All Zain Kuwait Internet Offers:

  1. You also can install the Zain Connect KW app
  2. Then give your Zain Kuwait Phone Number and a password. 
  3. Then click the “Change Plan” button.
  4. You can choose your Internet plan here. 
  5. You also can see your weekly and monthly offers and buy them from here.

If you have any zain offer related Questions, you can contact Zain Kuwait Helpline.


With their big base of customers, Zain provides various internet offers as we already know in the Zain Kuwait internet offers 2023. Zain reserves the right to amend, expire, or cancel any Zain internet offer at any moment. These various offers and the facility to modify and customize the package to your requirement is what makes Zain different and unique from all other internet providers.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I check my Internet balance Zain Kuwait? 

Ans: Dial *107# and call you will get your Internet balance in your Zain Kuwait number. Or call in 999. 

How can I know my Zain Kuwait Number? 

Ans: Dial *34#, and you will get your Zain Kuwait phone number. 

How to active my Zain Internet Packages? 

Ans: Dial *2526# and make a call from your Zain number. Your Internet service is activated.