Distance Education Certificate Attestation For Qatar

You need a distance education certificate attestation to study abroad. It also has to be submitted to the authorities for verification in case of a job or business. It is a mandatory procedure for getting the visa proposal. There is a possibility of visa cancellation if the correct certified details are not submitted.

Different countries have different rules for attesting to this Certificate. So take steps knowing the details about this, then you will not face any more problems. In today’s article, we will discuss distance education certificate attestation for Qatar in detail. So keep reading on, thoroughly!

Distance Education Certificate Attestation Qatar Some Things:

Without a proper distance education certificate, you can’t go for Startup or higher education. So for applying for a visa, go to an organization, they will help you with making a distance education certificate. But first, find out what certificate attestation is. 

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What is certificate attestation? 

It is a significant procedure for getting a visa. Anyone who is planning to go abroad for higher education, business, or employment will need certificate attestation. Without proper certificate attestation, the country can reject your visa application as well as a work permit. It has a certain validity.

Why Data Should Be Attested From Qatar Embassy:

  • To get Family Residence Visa
  • To get the Employment Visa
  • To get admission to the school in Qatar
  • To get business permission
  • To get migration
  • To get Higher Education
  • Opening a new branch

Distance Education Certificate Attestation For Qatar Procedure:

From Respective State Departments and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), all academic, commercial, or personal documents are important to attest. All documents needed to be used in Qatar need to be legalized from the Qatar Embassy or Qatar Consulate from India. There are some steps to procedure this attestation. The purpose of attestation and the nature of attestation will depend on procedure progress.

It will need in every international communication field like medical, employment, higher education, business, etc.

For educational purposes: All documents need to be verified first by University. You have to take the HRD stamp from University.


For Qatar: Final year mark sheet, higher degree certificate, and verification letter- these documents need to be attested. 

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If you are from Doha, you can be done the attestation process at Urogulf. It is the best certificate attestation agency.

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Distance Education In Qatar From Indian Universities: 

Some educational documents need to be attested from Qatar in India. Both Marksheet and degree certificate need to be attested concurrently. Also, some mandatory supporting document has to be, attached with original copies.

  • The course has to be full-time with affiliation to university/UGC.
  • The degree certificate has to be accompanied by final year mark-sheet.
  • The degree has to be from Govt. recognized institute.
  • Verification letter will need to be attached from the concerned University to be submitted with the Certificate. Without a verification letter this Process can’t be done.

Process :

  1. State Education Department (HRD) attestation of the respective state.
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  3. Attestation from the Embassy of the State of Qatar.
  4. Attached above mentioned things and submit.

Before grant a Qatar visa, the president will need all academic Certificates issued from India to be attested by the Indian embassy. 

Indian student will need this address and contact info-

Embassy of Qatar,

Phone: 011 2611 8787


 EP-31A, Chandargupt Marg

 Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

 Delhi 110021, India 

The Consulate General of State of Qatar:

Phone: 022 2202 6701

Ground Floor, Bajaj Bhavan,

 Nariman Point, Mumbai,

 Maharashtra 400021, India 

Qatar Educational Certificate Embassy 


  • Degree Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Master Degree Certificate
  • Secondary Level Certificate
  • Training Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • AMIE Certificate
  • PhD Certificate
  • MBBS Degree Certificate
  • Provisional Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Distance Education Certificate
  • Management Degree Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • ME Degree Certificate
  • assing Certificate
  • Engineering certificate
  • MS/MD certified

Qatar Certificate Attestation Fees:

This Process will take 10-15 days. For the final attestation semester mark sheet, a verification letter from 4 departments, including the Qatar embassy, Will cost 6500 INR per Certificate.

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

How much does attestation cost?

Ans: commercial document = 43000INR

Company Invoice = 2500-36700INR

Education document= 3300

How is attestation done?

Ans: Attestation document is done by department or authorized person who has an official seal and signature.

Who is eligible for attestation?

Ans: The Headmaster/ Headmistress/ Principal of Government colleges are eligible for attestation of the documents.

Final word

It is a process that has to be processed on original documents. This attestation on certificates confirms that a certificate had been issued by the University and Signature and Seal on the particular Certificate is genuine. Through this article, you learned