Documents Required for Family Visa in Kuwait: Latest Guide 2024

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Documents Required for Family Visa in Kuwait

Kuwait is a number one destination for expats. Here most expats seek job opportunities and a better life. If you plan to go to Kuwait with your family, first you need a family visa. To getting it seems difficult, interestingly I am here to make it easier. In this blog article, I am going to explain the key documents needed for a complete family visa application in Kuwait.

For instance, You have to submit several documents to get a family visa in Kuwait. These include a marriage certificate, valid passport, and children’s birth certificates. You’ll need sufficient finances. Also need proof of employment, & accommodation.

As I said earlier, The process seems challenging, but with proper preparation, it can be managed smoothly. Now I am going to explain to simplify the process by listing the specific requirements.

Essential Documents Required for Family Visa in Kuwait

If you’re planning to bring your family to Kuwait, all of your family members need to get a visa first. For instance you’ll need to submit specific documents for each family member. These documents are compulsory for the visa application process.

For the Sponsor (Primary Applicant)

As The sponsor, you must have a valid Kuwait Residency Permit. As a result, This shows you are legally allowed to reside in Kuwait.

You also need to provide proof of accommodation. This can be a rental contract or ownership deed for a place to live.

The sponsor’s income proof is required to show authorities that you have the ability to financially support the family.

For the Spouse

As a spouse, you need a valid passport. You  must also submit an attested and translated marriage certificate.

An attested/ translated birth certificate is compulsory. Also a police clearance certificate and medical fitness certificate are need submit.

For Children (below 18 years)

If your Children under 18, also require a valid passport. For instance, Their attested and translated birth certificate is compulsory.  If applicable, custody papers must be provided.

All in all, Ensuring they have all the right documents is vital for a successful family visa application in Kuwait.

Supporting Documents

Along with the main documents, you’ll need to provide some additional documents. These supporting documents are important for applying for the family visa.


Very recent passport-sized photos are a must to submit for each applicant. The photos must follow specific rules of  Kuwaiti authorities. Like A plain background with a neutral face expression, straight & brightful. 

Note: Avoid the casts shadows on the face when you are capturing, it may cause of the Denied of the visa

Visa Fees

You need to pay visa fees as part of the application, before that should know the whole fees is better. The fees around KWD 3. However, Keep the payment receipt safe as proof. 

Since the fees may vary based on your nationality and number of family members. So, Check the updated fee structure in kuwait authorities.

The fee amount, You can pay through online or at designated counters. Timely payment is very important to avoid delays. Also, Having all the supporting documents(photos and fee payment receipts) ready is important.

Missing any of these can reject or delays your visa making time. So carefully review and prepare all required documents, if possible read the content again or contact Kuwait authorities.

How to apply for the Kuwait family visit visa?

There are two main ways to apply for a Kuwait family visit visa. You can either do it online or visit the embassy/consulate in person.

Online Application

First, first Visit the official website to get started with the online application process. There, to fill out the form, you must follow my instructions carefully, otherwise it can be denied. Let’s see follow the process:

  • Provide personal details and travel information.
  • Upload required documents: 5 port photos and passport copies.
  • Review the entire form before submitting to ensure accuracy. Any errors can lead to delays in processing.

When you submit all the documents, then you’ll get an application reference number. Leter, to check your visa status online, use that reference number.

Though this process is convenient, you should still visit the embassy for final visa stamping on your passport.

Embassy/Consulate Submission

If you select to apply in person, you can book an appointment. Appointment slots make that happen full quickly, so plan early great. At the same time, On your appointment day, carry all the required documents papers like fees paid proof forms, photos, and supporting papers.

At the embassy/consulate, you’ll submit these documents. An official will verify them and guide you further. You may need to give biometrics like fingerprints. In some cases, you may have an interview too.

After submission, you’ll get updates on your visa’s status. Once approved, you can collect your passport with the visa stamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the documents required for visa stamping?

You need to provide your passport, recent photographs(5 port size image), carefully filled application form, and supporting documents. Documents included marriage certificate, birth certificates, employment/income proof, etc. Also, you can contact the embassy website for the whole guideline, though it’s enough for you.

Q: How long is the family visa valid for in Kuwait?

The range of validity of a family visa in Kuwait  from 1 to 3 years. It does depend on the residency status of the sponsor you’ll get. When visa expires time comes, you can apply for renewal to increase the validity.

Q: Can I work on a family visa in Kuwait?

You can’t work with a family visa, because it does not permit you to work in Kuwait. If you want to be employed, you need to get a separate work visa. 

Q: Does it meet the minimum salary for a family visit visa in Kuwait?

Yes, your minimum salary must meet to be eligible for a family visit visa. The amount can change, so it’s better to verify the current minimum salary criteria set from Kuwaiti embassy.

Q: How long does it take to process a family visa in Kuwait?

Processing times take around 2 to 6 weeks for a family visa application to be processed in Kuwait. Though the time can vary. However, the online applications may get approved quicker compared to embassy/consulate submissions.

Q: Can I add more family members to an existing family visa later?

Yes, you can add eligible family members to an existing family visa later on. For instance, you  must submit all the required documents for each new member during the application process

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