How to Download Microsoft Office on Huawei?

A group of office-related programs are included with Microsoft Office. Every program has a distinct function and provides a particular service to its consumers. For instance, documents are made using Microsoft Word. To make presentations, utilize Microsoft PowerPoint. Email and calendar management are done through Microsoft Outlook. There is much more to it.

Microsoft 365 is another name for Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office Professional, Microsoft Office Home, Student, and other collections of Microsoft Office 2016 are only a few of the versions of the program that have been available since 1988.

However, because most people still refer to any version of the office suite as Microsoft Office, it can take time to tell editions apart. Microsoft Office’s features are accessible on most gadgets, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The following are all the apps part of Microsoft Office-Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, and Access.

Download Microsoft Office on Huawei devices

You can install Microsoft Office from AppGallery. Microsoft Office is a crucial app for your device if you are working professionally or as a student. Microsoft Office for Huawei is an easy-peasy app to use.

How to download Microsoft Office on a Huawei device?

Step 1: Locate AppGallery icon on your smartphone’s home screen, then click on it.

Download Microsoft Office on Huawei devices

Step 2: The search bar is located at the top of AppGallery once it has opened. Type Microsoft Office into the search field, and the app will appear.

Download Microsoft Office on Huawei devices

Step 3: Look for “INSTALL” next to the app name on the right side when Microsoft Office displays on screen. Tap “INSTALL.”

Download Microsoft Office on Huawei devices

Step 4: Allow your phone some breathing room. The installation procedure will begin. Your Huawei phone will go through a few steps to download the Microsoft Office. A security check is carried out when the installation package is extracted. If the phone detects any threat, a notice stating as much will appear on your phone.

Step 5: After Microsoft Office gets downloaded on your Huawei phone, the installation cycle is done.

Download Microsoft Office on Huawei devices

Step 6: The download of Microsoft Office will now be complete after you receive the installation notification on your Huawei phone. The app will be accessible from your app dock and home screen. Behold! The Microsoft Office for Huawei is now available for use.

Download Microsoft Office on Huawei devices


Using these simple steps, you can download Microsoft Office for your Huawei device. Once installed, you can use Microsoft Office on Huawei for all personal and professional purposes. Also, check for any Microsoft Office updates on your Huawei phone from time to time on AppGallery.

Still have doubts? Contact Huawei’s support team today. You can also take a look at Huawei’s YouTube video on downloading Microsoft Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone from the organization access the official documents on Microsoft Office on Huawei devices?

Users outside the organization can access documents, sites, groups, lists, and library searches. Instead of using the unified Microsoft Search box in the header, visitors may need to use the on-page search box since they won’t receive the whole personalized Microsoft Search experience.

What are the different sub-parts of Microsoft Office for Huawei?

The sub-parts of Microsoft Huawei are – Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, and Access.

Are Microsoft Office and Office 360 the same?

Yes. The Microsoft Office and Office 360 are the same. The difference is that Microsoft Office is meant for smartphones, and Office 360 is for Laptops or PCs.

What is Microsoft Office majorly useful for?

Microsoft Office for Huawei is a set of apps for official or professional purposes. Every program or app has a distinctive feature and is helpful in workplace programming. Suppose you want to make a PPT, then it’s a Microsoft Powerpoint. Again, if you want to keep some sheets with numbers and maintain them, then it’s Microsoft Excel. Hence, in the same way, Microsoft Office is essential for all official purposes in the workspace.

What version of Microsoft Office  needs to be installed for my Huawei phone?

You can go to AppGallery and install Microsoft Office. There, you are bound to get the latest version installed on your phone. After that, keep checking AppGallery for future updates, and get it updated for smooth functioning