Travel To Dubai To Abu Dhabi Bus Timing Cost Schedule

The United Arab Emirates is a country with many wonders. If you are in Dubai, you can’t miss beautiful places across the country. Abu Dhabi is the nearest city to Dubai and the biggest emits in the country. When you have visited most of the places in Dubai, the next city you should visit is Abu Dhabi. If you need information about Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus, you are right.

Bus From Dubai To Abu Dhabi:

There are so many visit-worthy places in Abu Dhabi. And visiting Abu Dhabi was never easy as public buses are available. You can visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai at a cheap cost with public bus services. Public transport in Dubai is mainly regulated by Public Transport Agency. The agency decides the charges and timing of public transportation. If you want to visit one city to another in UAE, you have to hop on intercity bus services.

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There Are Two Rules To Go To Abu Dhabi From Dubai:

  1. Al Gubaiba Bus Station to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station is Rute no. E100.
  2. I’m Battuta Metro Station to Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station is Rute no. E101

Abu Dhabi To Dubai Bus Timings:

The most flexible thing about Dubai to Abu Dhabi travel is the timing. You don’t have to worry about timing as buses leave every 20 minutes from those stations. So you can just come to the station randomly, and still, you will not have to wait more than 20 minutes for Abu Dhabi Bus. You can reach Abu Dhabi in 1 hour and 36 minutes. Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus timings from ibn battuta e101 is also the same. 

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus Cost:

A bus ticket to Abu Dhabi from Dubai will cost about 25 AED per person. It’s the cheapest way to go to the capital city. A ride with an Abu Dhabi airport taxi to Dubai will cost you about 250 AED. The trip will take around 65 minutes. It’s almost 10 times more than the public bus service. If you think taxis will be more comfortable as it is expensive, it’s not the case. Dubai buses contain all the facilities to comfort you. Let’s discuss the Dubai bus services.

Public Bus Facilities Of Dubai:

Dubai has one of the most comfortable (considering your pocket) bus services in the world. All the buses are nicely air-conditioned. All the safety measurements are followed for every passenger of the bus. You can pay for your ticket price only with your E-card. They don’t accept cash.

There is an information screen on the bus. If you are in a hurry and didn’t get any sit on the bus, you can consider standing. There Is plenty of standing place inside the bus. Women and children have a reserved seats for them. People with disabilities will get special services on the bus.

Bus stations also offer many facilities to the passengers. You can buy your ticket from customer service centres. The waiting rooms are also an air conditioning area. Did you miss the bus? You can spend some time in the cafe with a cup of tea.

Or you can take your lunch at the station restaurant. There is an individual praying room for men and women. There would be plenty of parking services, no problem if you came to receive anyone in the station with the car. There is a special area for women and children and people of special needs.

Be Aware Of Your Responsibilities:

In this coronavirus pandemic, you must follow the safety measurements. Wear musk and sanitise your hand’s frequency. Try not to touch the places that many people touch, like bus handles, seats, and gates. Those are sterilised by the authority, but best to be careful. 


Can you travel to Dubai without Quarantine? 

If you have just landed in Dubai and want to travel to Abu Dhabi, you must have a negative result in the COVID‑19 PCR test issued within 48 hours. You also have to take a DPI test while entering the country. You must also quarantine for 14 days. They can also allow you to home quarantine.

Can I pay cash in the Dubai bus?

No, you have to pay with E-card. Buses do not accept cash in Dubai.

Is Abu Dhabi cheaper than Dubai?

Abu Dhabi is a bit more expensive than Dubai. Abu Dhabi is also strict with the dress code and has not many night fun options like Dubai.

Is uber cheaper than a taxi in Dubai?

No. Taxis are slightly cheaper than Uber.