Emirates Id Contact Number [Some Information And Social Contact]

Are you looking for any query or service about your Emirates ID? You can always ask for help from the emirates ID support center and contact number. Keep reading to get all possible ways to contact emirates ID authority and Emirates ID contact number.

An Emirates ID is an Identity card provided by the Identity monitoring authority of the United Arab Emirates named FAIC- Federal authority for citizenship. Every citizen and residence of the UAE must have a valid ID card. Everyone must carry his Identity card all the time with him. It’s an essential legal requirement as the card is used for various governmental services,  vote in the elections, travel documents, and as a pass to immigration through E-gates. The card carries your digital signature and biometric information along with all your personal information.

Emirates ID Contact Number:


What information or assistance you can ask?

You can ask whatever your issue is. The service center agent is very friendly and supportive. But usually, people need information about those services-

  • Ask for information about the way to apply for a new ID card. It’s easy to lose in various confusing articles about applying for a new card. So the best idea is to call the authority and learn about the exact way.
  • All the ID card has certain validity and one must renew it before it expires. One can also ask for the process to renew his Emirates ID. Delaying to renew may cause a fine.
  • Those who came from other countries for work must have an Expat ID. You can also learn about the services related to Expat ID cards.
  • How to use eForm and information about related services.
  • One can also ask for his Emirates ID status. Knowing how to check Emirates ID status is important as you must keep your ID updated.
  • Ask for information about the way to apply for exemption from delay fees

Ask Hamad; Another Great Alternative Of Calling:

The EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority) launched a chat service for Emirates ID information. It’s an interactive chat service called ‘Ash Hamad’. You can also ask your questions through Twitter as well as from the official website. The project is aimed to facilitate the people who are having problems with Emirates ID. It helps by responding to people’s problems queries and receiving feedback. The service is not so new. The Identity authority launched the service on September 12, 2013. People can get the services every Thursday between 12 and 2 pm.

The Director of Community Communication and government at EIDA said it is the first service that can interact with the customers without calling. He also describes the ways to contact AskHamad. If you want to get information from Hamad, You just have to post your queries with the #ASKHamad hashtag every Thursday from 12 pm to 2 pm.

Al Mahari added that the initiative was planed in 2010-2013. The service was focused on developing the facility levels provided to the customers. In 2012 the authority created interactive accounts in Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube named @EmiratesID_Help. The Emirates ID won two international awards for social media management in June 2020. The awards are, “Best use of social media management” and “Best use of Communication Management – Public Sector”

The Emirates ID also probvides a unique number of interactive channels through its official website. The services are “You ask, We answer”, “Contact the Director-General” etc. Peoples can lodge their complaints and ask their questions by visiting the Emirates ID service centers around the UAE.

ASK Hamad official website

Click Here to visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the service center number of Emirates ID?

Call 6005-30003 to reach the service representative of Emirates ID.

How to seek help from “Ask Hamad” on Twitter?

Post your post with the #ASKHamad hashtag every Thursday from 12 pm to 2 pm.