Emirates ID Information Update [Required Documents]

Emirates ID is important identity proof provided to the UAE citizens and residence by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. ICA monitors all Emirates IDs. The ID is extremely important for different governmental and non-governmental services. Considering the importance of the Emirates ID, all the information should be accurate and up to date. Here we are providing a detailed guide about  Emirates ID information update along with some other essential information.

About 9.7 million peoples live in the United Arab Emirates. As an oil-rich country UAE has enough resources but not much manpower. So for the rapid development of their country, they allowed millions of foreign workers in their country. Exprates are about 88% of UAEs total population. Thousands of foreign peoples are arriving and leaving the airports. So UAE had to make a strict ID card that should be accurate as an arrow and must renew before the card expires.

Mistakes can happen and personal information can also change. But it’s important you fix the problem as early as you can. So further due, let’s start.

Emirates ID Information Update Steps:

Report The Change Within One Month:

If any of your personal information changes such as phone number or address, you will have to report the change to the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship within one month before the exact date of the change. To report the change you can visit the nearby Customer Happiness Center or local branch of ICA. There are many available Customer Happiness Center and ICA center across the UAE. After reporting the change successfully, follow the instructions below to complete the process.

What Kind Of Information Do You Want To Change?

After reporting the changes you will have to determine the kind of information you want to change. There are two kinds of data in Emirates ID, key data and non-key data. All the basic information such as your name, date of birth, nationality are the key data of your ID. 

Emirates ID Information Update

The other information such as your phone number, address and, occupation is the non-key data.

If there is any mistake in your key data, you will have to visit a nearby branch of the Federal Authority of Citizenship and Identity. Non-key data can be changed by using e-service kiosks centers. The changing process is very straightforward and the customer representatives are very helpful. You can get both services from the Customer Happiness centers. If you are in hurry and need your identity card as soon as possible, you can use the urgent service. The service will provide your identity card within 24 hours and will cost AED 150.

What Documents Are Necessary To Change Your Emirates ID Data?

You will have to bring all the proves of the information that you want to change. Here is the list of required documents:

  • Your Emirates ID.
  • Original Valid passport.
  • Necessary documents that support requested data change.

The Main Process:

Check out the step by step guide of changing the Emirates ID data:

  • Look for the nearest Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship. Check out the working hours and visit there.
  • The customer representatives will provide you with a form. Fill the form carefully and submit the form with the required documents. Remember to double-check the information before submitting it.
  • The costs are,

AED 40 for service charge

AED 150 for the new updated card.

Additional AED 150 will cost if you want to take the argent service. If you take the urgent service you will get the card within 24 hours.

  • Complete the biometric process such as photographs and fingerprints.
  • After completing the above process, You will get an SMS from the ICA center confirming the information while picking your newly updated Emirates ID. The SMS from ICA will let you know the post office where you can receive your Emirates ID.
  • Visit the mentioned post office to get your new ID card. Usually, the process can be completed within 48 hours. If you have all the necessary documents for changing your ID data, the process should be fast and hustle-free.

How To Change Your Phone Number In Emirates ID Online?

Phone number is something we may have to change often. Meanwhile, the phone number is the most essential Identity information of your Emirates ID as it’s necessary to contact and, get various services. You will also need the phone number for the numbers of online verifications while registering for services. There is an easy process to change your phone number. Here is a straightforward way to change your phone number online,

At first, you will have to visit ICA’s personal information update page. Click here to visit the page directly. After opening the page, follow the steps below;

Emirates ID information update

Provide All The Necessary Information And Files

To change your phone number, you will be needed to fill up following information:

  • Passport Number
  • Date of Birth
  • current Nationality
  • Identity Number (Emirates ID number)
  • Last Entry Date (Date when you last crossed the UAE border)
  • Email Address
  • Name in English*

Enter Your New Phone Number:

After filling in all the information you will have to enter your new phone number. Click on the box beside ‘Edit your phone number’ to check that you want to change your previous phone number. Make sure to provide your phone number with the correct country code.

Double Check Everything:

After providing and confirming your phone number update process, the next page will show all your information you provided in the earlier steps. Double-check all the information. Confirm the changes after making sure that all the information is correct. 


Next, you will have to pay for the e-service. The phone number updating service will cost AED 52.10. After you complete the payment your number updating will be completed. 

This is how you can perform a Emirates ID information update. Check out the frequently asked questions,

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will the Emirates ID updating service cost?

The service will cost AED 340 in total. If you want to change the phone number only, it will take 52.10.

What documents are necessary to update my Emirates ID?

You will need your Emirates ID, Original passport, and relevant proof that support the information you want to change.