Checking And Renewal Process Emirates Id Status (Step By Step)

Emirates identity card is an obligatory ID proof for both citizens’ ex-pats. The Federal Authority issues it for identity and citizenship. If you are living in the United Arab Emirates, you must apply for one and carry that with you all the time. If you have applied already, you can check your emirates id status in minutes.

The absence of an id card may cause AED 20 each day, and the fine can be a maximum of AED 1000. Not just avoiding penalties, it’s beneficial in many ways. Keep in mind that according to the Authority of Identity and Citizenship, no one has the right to seize your Emirates ID card, not even the company you work for. They can only take your personal information from your id card.

So, sit tight because this is going to be an informative ride.

Emirates ID Status Check Online:

You might need to check your ID status or emirates id tracking if you applied for a new one or your existing card needs to be renewed. Follow those easy steps to check your id card status.

Step 1: Visit the ICA website. By the address Click Here To Link

Step 2: Find the Application status under the quick link section.

Step 3: provide your application number and Emirates ID number.

On the next page, you can find the status information of your ID card.

There are no fees for checking the Emirates ID status check. Once you apply for the application, the ID card will arrive within five working days. Not only the status, but you can also check the history of your ID request application, such as date of application, verified or not, printed etc.

Eida Status Card Information:

Emirates ID card consists of an identical 15 digit number that reserves your info like Name, Date of Birth, Expiry Date, Digital Signature etc. The speciality of the card is it has a pin that restores all the information, including your fingerprint. If you renewed your card, your id card number would remain the same. The card will be valid for five years, and then one has to restore it.


The ID card helps you to get 100+ government and private services. Everywhere you go in UAE, you need an ID card as proof that you are a legal person. The card provides the highest level of accuracy and security as the component of the cards are,

  • Smart card.
  • Consists Digital signature, fingerprint and 15 digit id number that can never be the same as any other person.
  • Biomedically secured.

In the Emirates, no one goes outside without an ID card. It’s so essential that even online shopping wants id cards info. You can get any loans and services without an identity card. Note that some of the banks will wish to your passport information too.

Charges Of Emirates Id:

The fees for Emirates ID is different for UAE citizen and ex-pats.

For citizens, the fee is AED 100 till the validity. You must provide your passport and civil status documents.

For expatriates, the fees os AED per year. They must provide a Resistance visa and passport.

I will be provided only after birth certificates and passports are issued for newborn babies.

If you want to get an ID in 24 hours, you must pay an additional AED 150. If you lose your card, you have to pay AED 300 as a replacement cost.

How To Get An ID Card Within 24 Hours?

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If you need an id card immediately, you can get it in 24 hours by paying a certain amount of fees. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship provides an urgent ID card for those needs in a short time. The service is also known as “fawri”, and you have to pay the regular fees with additional urgent service fees. This service is also applicable to those who are,

  • Registering for the first time.
  • Renewing an expired card.
  • Replacing id card. (Lost or damaged).

Expatriates from GCC nations can also enjoy the service. Non-GCC Nationals can only get the service in case of replacement.

This Service Is Available At The Following FAIC Centres:

  • Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya and Karma in Dubai.
  • Al Jazeera and Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi.
  • Madinat Zayed in the Western Region.
  • Sharjah Center.
  • Al-Ain Center.
  • Ajman Center.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Center.
  • Umm Al Quwain centre.

Apply For Emirates ID:

Every UAE citizen and legally arrived peoples are eligible for the Emirates ID. One can apply for an ID Card by visiting Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship official website through PC or mobile. Or one can consider visiting their typing centre. Follow those steps below to apply for an ID card,

Step 1: Visit the ICA website and click on new registration.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form carefully. The paper contains the necessary information like name, age, profession etc.

Step 3: Pay the service fees and proceed

After that, you will receive a text message containing the serial number of the application. You have to visit the service centre mentioned in the notice for biometrics and some medical tests. You will receive the update of your ID card via text message.

What Documents Do I Need To Apply For An Emirates ID?

The document requirement is different for ex-pats and UAE nationals.

For UAE Citizens:

  1. UAE Family Book.
  2. Certificate of social security.
  3. Original passport.
  4. Medical certificate for special needs people.
  5. Birth certificates for kids below 15

For Expats:

  1. Passport.
  2. Resistance visa.
  3. Birth Certificate for kids below 15.

How To Renew The Emirates ID Card?

If your ID card is expired, you have 30 days to renew the ID Card. After crossing 30 days, you have to pay AED 20 per day, with a maximum of AED 1,000.

After the expiry of your id card, you must apply for a new one. You can check your ID card expiry date By checking its status. Don’t worry. Even if you forget about that, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will send you a notification via SMS requesting to renew your ID card.

Can I Renew My Emirates ID Card Before Expiry?

Yes, you can do that in some cases.

  • UAE residence visa holders can apply for renewal only when their residence visa is renewed or are issued.
  • UAE citizens can apply for renewal between six and one month before the expiry date.

How do I replace the Emirates ID card?

You may need to replace your ID card if your card is lost, stolen or damaged. In this kind of case, request a replacement of a Card from the Federal Authority of Citizenship and Identity as soon as possible. Follow the steps below,

Step 1: Report

Visit the nearest ICA Customer Happiness Center and report your incident so they can mark your card as lost or stolen. Ask them for an ID number confirmation or a copy of the lost card if you don’t have one. If your ID card is damaged somehow, bring the damaged card with you. When reporting, don’t forget to get all the identity-related documents with you.

Step 2: Apply

Fill out the form provided by ICA’s Customer Happiness Centers to apply for a replacement.

Step 3: Pay the Fees

You have to pay replacement fees and other related fees. The cost is mentioned above in the Charges of Emirates ID section.

Step 4: Collect a New ID card

ICA will notify you about the expected delivery date. Generally, it takes 48 hours from the time you applied.

How to update the details on the Emirates ID card?

If your ID card has any wrong information, you must report that to ICA within one month. Changing the details of my id card online is not possible. It would be best if you visited ICA’s Customer Happiness centre.

Important things to remember about Card.

  • Do not travel anywhere without your Emirates ID card.
  • Don’t ever think of bending, tampering or writing on the card (why!)
  • Report a lost stolen or damaged card within seven days
  • Report any mistake in ID card information immediately.
  • No one can seize your id card without a court order.
  • Renew your card within 30 days
  • 50 Emirates ID customer care centres are open 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I leave without Emirates ID?

No, if you want to leave Emirates, you must cancel your Emirates ID card.

How long is Emirates ID valid for?

Depends on your visa. A citizen ID card is usually valid for five years.

What are the charges on card replacement?

If the card is lost or damaged, AED 300 will be charged as Card replacement fees.