How To Check Emirates Id Status & Tracking Online

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Emirates Id Status

Emirates identity card is an obligatory ID proof for both citizens and ex-pats. The Federal Authority issues it for identity and citizenship. If you are living in the United Arab Emirates, you must apply for one and carry that with you all the time. If you have applied already, you can check your Emirates ID status in minutes.

The absence of an ID card may cause AED 20 each day, and the fine can be a maximum of AED 1000. Not just avoiding penalties, it’s beneficial in many ways. Remember that according to the Authority of Identity and Citizenship, no one has the right to seize your Emirates ID card, not even the company you work for. They can only take your personal information from your ID card.

So, sit tight because this is going to be an informative ride.

Emirates ID Status Check Online:

You might need to check your ID status or Emirates ID tracking if you applied for a new one or if your existing card needs to be renewed. Follow those easy steps to check your ID card status.

Step 1: Visit the ICA Website


To begin the process, you need to visit the official website of the ICA (Immigration and Checkpoints Authority). ” Make sure you are on the official ICA website to ensure the security of your personal information.

Step 2: Go To Quick Link Section


To check your application status, go to the “Quick Links” section, which is typically found on the homepage of the website. Look for a tab or button labeled “Check Application Status.”

Step 3: Provide Your Application Number and Emirates ID Number


In this step, you will need to provide two essential pieces of information to check your application status:

a. Application Number: This is a unique reference number or code assigned to your application when you submitted it. You can usually find this number in the confirmation email.

b. Emirates ID Number: Input your Emirates ID number into the appropriate field on the website.

Double-check to ensure that the information you entered is accurate. Once you’ve provided both the application number and Emirates ID number, click on “Submit.” The system will then process your information and display the current status of your application.

There are no fees for checking the Emirates ID status check. Once you apply for the application, the ID card will arrive within five working days. Not only the status, but you can also check the history of your ID request application, such as the date of application, whether verified or not, printed, etc.

Common Emirates ID Status:

Under Process: This status indicates that the Emirates ID application is currently being processed, and the card is not ready for collection.

Ready for Collection: Once the card has been processed and is ready to be issued, it will have a “Ready for Collection” status, and the cardholder can proceed to collect it.

Issue Delayed: In some cases, there may be delays in issuing the Emirates ID due to various reasons, such as pending documentation or verification.

Card Renewal: For existing Emirates ID cardholders, the status may indicate when it’s time for card renewal, which is typically required every few years.

Lost or Stolen: If an Emirates ID is reported as lost or stolen, the status may indicate this, and the cardholder will need to follow specific procedures to replace it.

EIDA Status Card Information:

Emirates ID card consists of an identical 15-digit number that reserves your info like Name, Date of Birth, Expiry Date, Digital Signature, etc. The specialty of the card is it has a pin that restores all the information, including your fingerprint. If you renew your card, your ID card number will remain. The card will be valid for five years, and one must restore it.


The EIDA (Emirates Identity Authority) card, also known as the UAE identity card or Emirates ID, is a crucial document for residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It offers several benefits, including:

  • Official Identification
  • Access to Government Services
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Travel and Immigration
  • Employment
  • Healthcare
  • Voting and Civic Participation
  • Secure Digital Transactions
  • Proof of Age
  • Convenience
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Emergency Contact Information

In the Emirates, no one goes outside without an ID card. It’s so essential that even online shopping wants ID card info. You can get any loans and services without an identity card. Note that some of the banks will wish to access your passport information, too.

Charges Of Emirates Id:

UAE Nationals

Card Issuance Fee:

  • AED 100 (5-year validity)
  • AED 200 (10-year validity)
  • Service Fee: AED 40
  • Printing Office Fee: AED 30

GCC Nationals

Card Issuance Fee:

  • AED 100 (5-year validity)
  • Service Fee: AED 40
  • Printing Office Fee: AED 30


Card Issuance Fee:

  • AED 100 (Depending on the period of years)
  • Service Fee: AED 40
  • Printing Office Fee: AED 30

*AED 150 is paid as an urgent fee

How To Get An ID Card Within 24 Hours?

If you need an ID card immediately, you can get it in 24 hours by paying a certain fee. Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship provides an urgent ID card for those needs quickly. The service is also known as “fawri”, and you have to pay the regular fees with additional urgent service fees. This service is also applicable to those who are,

  • Registering for the first time.
  • Renewing an expired card.
  • Replacing ID card. (Lost or damaged).

Expatriates from GCC nations can also enjoy the service. Non-GCC Nationals can only get the service in case of replacement.

This Service Is Available At The Following FAIC Centres:

  • Al Barsha, Al Rashidiya, and Karma in Dubai.
  • Al Jazeera and Khalifa City in Abu Dhabi.
  • Madinat Zayed in the Western Region.
  • Sharjah Center.
  • Al-Ain Center.
  • Ajman Center.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Center.
  • Umm Al Quwain center.

Apply For Emirates ID:

Every UAE citizen and legally arrived peoples is eligible for the Emirates ID. One can apply for an ID Card by visiting the Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship official website through PC or mobile. Or one can consider visiting their typing centre. Follow the steps below to apply for an ID card,

Step 1: Visit the ICA website and click on new registration.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form carefully. The paper contains the necessary information like name, age, profession etc.

Step 3: Pay the service fees and proceed

After that, you will receive a text message containing the serial number of the application. You have to visit the service centre mentioned in the notice for biometrics and some medical tests. You will receive the update of your ID card via text message.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I leave without an Emirates ID?

No, you must cancel your Emirates ID card if you want to leave Emirates.

How long is Emirates ID valid for?

Depends on your visa. A citizen ID card is usually valid for five years.

What are the charges for card replacement?

If the card is lost or damaged, AED 300 will be charged as Card replacement fees.

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