Expired Qatar ID Check 2022 [Step By Step]

Qatar ID is connected with residency validity and driving licenses permits. So regular expired Qatar ID checking is essential to avoid any trouble. The method to know the expiry date of Qatar ID is quite simple and easy using the MOI website. You can check by following the given instructions given in this content either on PC or mobile. The expired Qatar ID check is also continued by using the official document online portal. For this purpose, you have either a QID number or passport number; you can quickly check the expiry date of your passport, residency permit, and driving license expiry date.

The step by step procedure for expired Qatar Id checking:

Step:1 First of all goes to the official website.

Expired Qatar ID Check

Step:2 On the first page of the site, you see the language option in the top corner. Choose the English language from there.

Expired Qatar ID Check

Step:3 Then, on the homepage, click on the inquiry option.

Expired Qatar ID Check

Step:4 The new tab opens and chooses other inquiries from the given list of services on the nest page.

Expired Qatar ID Check

Step:5 Many options are shown on the nest page. Here you have to click on the official documents.

Expired Qatar ID Check

Step:6 In this step, fill the form with the required information, including QID number, nationality, and complete captcha code, and click the search option. You may use a passport number instead of a QID number; you can quickly check the expired Qatar ID in both cases.

Step:7 Now, finally, you can see the expiry dates of ID card, passport, Residency and driving license, etc.

What is meant by QID number:

A machine generates a Qatar ID number, but there is an informational logic behind its sequence. QID number is an essential part of an ID card as it reflects the information about the resident and allows the government to determine the age and nationality of the resident. ID number indicates the personal information of resident as;

In the first digit: If you were born in the year 1900 to 1999, it would indicate by two, and if you were born in 2000 and onward, then it will show by 3

In 2nd and 3rd digit: indicates the last two numbers of your date of birth.

In the next three digits, country code where you live.

So, any can judge the age and nationality by just looking at the QID number easily.

Qatar ID renewal after expiration:

When your QID is expired, you have to renew your ID card as soon as possible to avoid any hassle. The method of renewing is also straightforward. You can apply for the renewal of your ID card by the online portal of the MOI website. Also, you can check the renewal status using the official MOI website.

The required fee for the renewal of Qatar ID:

A fee of QR500 is needed to renew resident allow for the woman or kid over eighteen years previous and QR300 for servants, drivers, farmers, or fishermen. For a private resident permit, a fee of QR50 for an ID card is required, constant quantity to be paid as DoL fees and QR2 as Labor Department stamp fee.

Newly updated fee for the renewal of Qatar ID card;

  • 1200 QAR for the renewal of residence permit for one year
  • 2300 QAR for the renewal of residence permit for two year
  • 2800 QAR for the renewal of residence permit for three year

Can be MOI Qatar ID be cancelled:

If absolutely everyone in Qatar violates the law, the Qatari authorities have the proper to deport the person. The visa, passport, and ID Card also are cancelled. Cancels ID If a minor has devoted a crime, his ID card is blocked for 5 years or maybe ten years. Even Then, that character can not come to Qatar. And Some Times The authorities stop the person and secure his visa, passport, and ID card not to go back to Qatar.

You can also determine the cancellation status of the ID card, whether it be cancelled or not, through MOI official website. People who leave Qatar permanently have cancelled their residence permit in Qatar or whose PRs have expired. They have seven days or a week to leave the country before a fine of 10 QR per day is applied.

MOI Qatar exit permits:

If you want to leave Qatar, you have to apply for an exit permit. When you can get an exit permit, then you can exit Qatar. But if your Qatar ID is expired, you can go back home if you are labour without any exit permit. When you cannot get a Qatar ID and want to get an exit permit, you can use your passport number.


Q1- What are the critical Qatar identification documents?

The essential documents for the Qatar identification include Medical/blood group, Fingerprints, residence Permit & Qatar ID card issuance.

Q2- How do I gain Qid in Qatar? 

Brand new QID, 2 personal photos should be submitted for those that are under twelve years old, additionally to their original passport and a replica of it, people certificate, certification copy, parents’ QID copy, and guardians’ approval. To renew the QID, you ought to bring your current QID card.

Q3- Can I go out to Qatar with an expired Qid? 

The Ministry, in its tweet, firmed that neither of the 2 populations, i.e. 10 days or 30 days, is correct. And in fact, the grace length is that of ninety days. People whose residence permit has expired or cancelled have ninety days to depart the united states or renew their RPs with no penalty.

Q4- How am I able to check my Qatar ID fine?

Log in along with your smartcard to the e-services portal of the MOI official website.

Click on “Traffic Services”. Then on “Traffic Violations“. Click on “Settlement of Violations”, then enter your ID, plate range, or institution ID.

 Q5- Can I return to Qatar when termination? 

Expatriates who leave Qatar and have had their employment and Residency allowed terminated can come back to Qatar to require up new work at once after being granted a replacement visa.