FAB Bank Balance Enquiry Check Online [Apps||Branch||Call]

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Do you want to keep tabs on your finances and quickly check your fab bank balance enquiry? With the new fab balance inquiry Online, you can do just that! The FAB (First Abu Dhabi) bank has made it possible through its user-friendly website and mobile app.

You can also do the FAB balance Inquiry at any FAB ATM. This revolutionary online banking service allows users to view their current bank balances instantly. No more waiting in long lines at the bank or dealing with complicated paper application forms.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection! We will guide you through the process of checking your Fab Bank balance online. So you can keep an eye on your finances and make sure that everything is in order.

What is the Fab Balance Inquiry?

FAB balance check online is an bank balance check facility provided by First Abu Dhabi Bank. It allows you to check your account balances and past transactions. Besides, it provides you getting real-time updates on your account balances, money transfers and transactions.

Thus, a balance check online facility allows them to manage their finances. You can use the FAB bank balance check facility to keep track of your salary per month. Overall, it’s a quick and convenient way to keep track of incoming and outgoing balances in an account.

FAB Bank Balance Check:

FAB offers three easiest and most popular ways of checking FAB Bank balance. First through the FAB portal, second through their mobile banking app and third by visiting their ATM directly.

fab balance enquiry,atm balance check,fab bank balance enquiry check online

Below we have discussed step-by-step guide for FAB balance inquiry processes.

Method 1: Check Fab Bank Balance Enquiry online:

The FAB online banking service is a simple online balance checking system. Follow the simple steps to check your salary account balance and other financial transactions.

Step:1 Visit FAB bank’s website and go to theCard Services – PrePaid Card Inquiry” page.

Step:2 You will find two empty boxes on the Prepaid Card Enquiry System page.

Step:2 In the 1st box, you’ll have to enter the last two digits of your Card no and in the 2nd box, enter your Card ID. 

Step:3 Now click on the “Login” button after entering all the details.

Step:4 The page includes your balance details, including the current bank balance, financial transactions and account history.

Step:5 When you enter your account details, you will view your transaction history and recent transactions by category. You can also check your salary transfers using the FAB balance enquiry card.

Thus, you can check the FAB account balance after every user transaction. Also, you get an SMS alert after every payment.

Method 2: Check FAB Balance on the FAB Mobile Banking App

The First Abu Dhabi (FAB) bank has now brought checking FAB balances to your fingertip with the FAB mobile app. The FAB mobile application is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Follow the FAB bank balance check process below.

Step:1 Download the FAB mobile banking app on your mobile phone from the Android and iOS.

Step:2 Install the mobile application on your mobile phone.

Step:3 Open the FAB online banking app and log in with your credentials.

Step:4 Enter your user ID or debit card number if it’s your first time using the app.

Step:5 You will get a password sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

Step:6 You can change the password and generate a 6-digit PIN for login later.

Step:7 After you log in, you will find your bank account details on the homepage.

Step:8 The app has a user-friendly interface for FAB bank balance checks.

Method 3: Visit a Near Branch Atm Balance Check:

You can now access ATM networks to atm balance check on your FAB account. Follow the steps below to check your ATM balance and use Invoice and Receipt Generator apps Zintego .

  • Visit nearby FAB bank ATM.
  • Insert your FAB bank card into the ATM machine.
  • There will be several options on the ATM screen, such as ATM withdrawals, deposits, etc.
  • Select the “atm balance check” option.
  • Enter your ATM PIN on the required field.
  • Your ATM balance will be displayed on the screen.

Method 4: Ask Customer Care Agent

If you have difficulty understanding any of FAB’s services, you can contact their customer care team. If you are from the United Aram Emirates, you can contact them through their website or call them on 600525500.

If you are from abroad, call them +971 2 6811511. To inquire about fab bank balance enquiry Ratibi service, UAE residents call 600522298, and international customers call + 971(2)4996279.

What is FAB Bank?

FAB Bank, officially known as First Abu Dhabi Bank, is one of the largest and most prominent financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates and the broader Middle East region.

fab balance enquiry,atm balance check,fab bank balance enquiry check online

It was formed in December 2016 when the First Gulf Bank (FGB) merged with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). Since its formation, there have been multiple branches of this largest bank across the UAE.

Currently, FAB is operating in more than 120 stores with employees over 5000 people. Besides, it offers FAB Ratibi cards to its employees for FAB balance enquiry. The bank provides a wide range of banking services to customers in UAE.

Moreover, FAB offers digital banking solutions, including online banking, mobile banking apps, etc., to enhance customer convenience and accessibility. It allows users to check money market and stock exchange trends from their FAB account.

FAB does not charge any monthly fees for substantial savings or current accounts. Additionally, there is no additional charge required for opening a deposit account. There are no minimum balance requirements to annoy customers.

How to Open First Abu Dhabi Bank Account?

The First Abu Dhabi Bank offers three types of accounts, such as savings, salary and current. You can open FAB accounts in four ways. To open an FAB account, you need to provide necessary documents, such as address and identity.

  1. Visit the nearest branch of FAB.
  2. Collect and fill up the forms.
  3. Submit it with the necessary documents.
  4. Download the online form from the FAB website.
  5. Fill out the form and submit it.
  6. Download the FAB mobile banking app.
  7. Enter your account details and submit it.
  8. Call the FAB customer service team.
  9. You can fill in and submit the application over the phone.

Nonetheless, you will need to verify your mobile number to open the account. Once your FAB account is activated, you will receive a FAB debit card. You can use the card for balance checks, balance withdrawals, online shopping, etc.

How to Activate FAB Mobile Banking?

Since you have a Valid FAB debit card, you can use it to activate FAB mobile banking. Before that, make sure to download their mobile banking app from app stores. Then, follow the steps below;

  • Open the FAB bank mobile app and register for mobile banking.
  • Enter your FAB debit card details.
  • FAB will send an OTP number to your registered mobile number or email address.
  • Create a password to log in later. And that’s it!

How to Check First Abu Dhabi Bank Salary Account Balance?

Do you have a FAB Bank salary account? If so, you can do the FAB salary check following the above-mentioned FAB bank balance check process. FAB offers a separate account for salary payment.

This is one of their secured services for salary processing. It gives you access to manage monthly salary, non-WPS salary payments and other salary credits. You can check your salary account balance using any of the above methods.

We prefer to use the FAB Bank’s website as it is straightforward. However, FAB provides a salary prepaid card to those who have a salary account. It allows cash withdrawals and secure salary transfers to other accounts.

You can use the card at any FAB ATM simply just entering the balance card. In addition to checking salary card balances, you can use it to do online shopping, store purchases, etc.

Using the balance check salary card details, you can access your salary account and do an online balance check. Many people use their cell phones for online shopping and mobile banking.

Why Fab Bank Balance Enquiry Tracking is Important?

A range of accounts these days struggle with unusual activity due to a lack of monitoring. Hence, it is essential to keep track of FAB accounts. You can keep track of transactions, electricity bill payments, rental payments, etc.

Keep track of FAB accounts helps you in many ways, such as;

  • You know if any unusual transactions take place.
  • It helps to avoid overdrafts.
  • You get to know about the spending limit through your FAB account.
  • You are informed if the bank charges any deduction fees.

You should do the fab balance enquiry using the FAB balance inquiry card weekly. Or at least check the balance monthly through their website. You can take a screenshot of the results or record it in a spreadsheet.

FAB Cashback Offer for Salaried Customers

The First Abu Dhabi bank offers corporate customers to earn up to AED 5,000 in cashback. All you have to do is to download the FAB mobile app and do salary transfers. Are you wondering how to earn cashback rewards?

First, you need to be eligible by transferring one, two or more salaries to your FAB account. The UAE nationals can earn up to AED 5000, while immigrants can earn up to AED 2500.

The cashback amounts you earn will be credited to your FAB account as, FAB rewards. The best part is you can use the amount for shopping, handle Salik payments and pay utility bills.

You can even redeem the cashback amounts to your FAB account directly. In fact, there is more you can do with FAB cashback. Below, we’d like you to know how much you can earn corresponding to your salary transfer amounts.

Salary Transfer Amount Cashback (UAE Nationals) Cashback (Immigrants)
AED 0 – 2,999 0 0
AED 3,000 – 4,999 Up to AED 1,000 Up to AED 500
AED 5,000 – 14,999 Up to AED 2,500 Up to AED 1,500
AED 15,000+ Up to AED 5,000 Up to AED 2,500

What Is the Minimum Balance in the FAB Account?

FAB does not require a minimum balance to maintain an account unless you own a personal savings account. So, you need to have a minimum balance of AED 3000 to maintain your personal savings account. If the balance goes below AED 3000, they will charge AED 10/month as a penalty.

FAB Payment Options

There are payment options available for FAB customers: FAB prepaid card and Ratibi FAB balance enquiry card.

FAB Prepaid Card:

You can use the FAB prepaid card throughout the UAE without the restriction on ATM withdrawals and POS transactions. It allows one to check prepaid card balances and helps the company handle frequent payments and spending petty cash.

Ratibi FAB Balance Enquiry Card:

The FAB Ratibi Card is a salary card program offered by First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) in the United Arab Emirates. This card is mainly designated for employees and labour workers.

Employers who earn up to AED 5000/month and have no bank account can use this Ratibi card. The salaries will be deposited into your card directly. However, you can use the Ratibi card for the FAB balance inquiry.

How to Apply for Ratibi FAB Balance Enquiry Card?

To apply for a Ratibi card, you don’t need a bank account or minimum balance. You can get the card in the following steps.

  • Complete the Ratibi application form.
  • Fill out the employee details Excel sheet.
  • Fill up the iBanking application for card management access.
  • Submit the completed Ratibi application form to the nearest branch of FAB Bank.

How to Check the Balance on the Ratibi Card?

You can check the Ratibi card balance by visiting the FAB bank’s website. Enter the last two digits of the card number and the particular identification number of the card. Then, after entering the credentials, you can FAB balance check online on the Ratibi card.

How Does the FAB Ratibi Card Benefit the Employers?

The Ratibi card brings benefits not only to employees but also to the employers.

  • The FAB Ratibi Card simplifies the payroll process for employers. It’s an effective salary payroll solution.
  • This automatic payroll management system reduces administrative work, saves time and minimizes errors associated with traditional payroll methods.
  • Employers can save money on printing, distributing, and handling physical paychecks.
  • When employers offer the FAB Ratibi Card, employees can access their salaries quickly and conveniently.
  • It can help enhance employee loyalty and retention, which is valuable for employers in maintaining a stable and productive workforce.
  • Employers can monitor and control salary disbursements more effectively.
  • The use of electronic salary cards can help reduce the risk of salary-related fraud.
  • Employers can customize the Ratibi Card program to align with their automated payroll management system.
  • Employers can offer additional features on the Ratibi Cards, such as expense management tools or travel allowances.

Wrapping UP!

Thus far, you have learned about FAB bank balance check online. Just follow the steps we mentioned above to manage your finances efficiently. Besides, we provide a complete guide to get started with FAB Bank.

The FAB bank makes it easy to check your fab balance inquiry and recent transactions and keep track of your fab bank balance enquiry. So what are you waiting for? Make your banking experience better with the ease of online banking.

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