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Fintas Speciality

The Fintas Speciality Center is a tertiary care hospital and the leading contributor of healthcare services in Fintas, Kuwait.

What The Fintas Speciality Center Offers:

The Fintas Speciality Center provides a range of medical services and treatments to patients in the local area. The offered specific services include primary care, diagnostic testing, specialist consultations, and various other medical treatments.

The types of specialists that are available at the Fintas Health Center include doctors in fields such as cardiology (heart), neurology (brain), and pediatrics (children), pulmonology (respiratory system), urology (urinary), nephrology (kidney), orthopedic, rheumatic, gynecology etc. The center also has state-of-the-art facilities for imaging, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic procedures.

Fintas Speciality

Vaccination Unit: Another speciality of this medical center is the vaccination. To be specific, Fintas Speciality has provided authorized vaccination service of COVID-19 vaccine to people of the city. During the COVID pandemic, Fintas Speciality Center was the goto place to get officially vaccinated for any residents in the governorate of Al-Ahmadi.

Fintas Speciality Vaccine Location:

If you are a resident of Fintas who is looking for government vaccination center, or has been given Fintas Speciality as your vaccine dose booth, then you have to go to the following location:

Block 2, Street 15, Building No: 900021, Ground Floor, PACI No-13381084, Fintas, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait. Contact number: 23900322

Fintas Speciality Center is the government health center of Fintas where all vaccination processes are undertaken by correlation with the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Farwaniya Government Hospital:

A government teaching hospital that provides high quality and safe health, diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive services to the residents of the Farwaniya Health District.

The hospital provides the following services:

  • Esoteric: heart diseases, the digestive system, kidney diseases, the respiratory system, endocrine diseases, rheumatic diseases.
  • General Surgery: urology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and burns.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology and infertility
  • Babies and premature babies
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Intensive care and anesthesia
  • Natural medicine and naturopathy

Kuwait Government Clinic Timings:

There are more than 60 government clinics in Kuwait. Everyday they are open from 7am to 2pm local time, and from 4pm to 11pm local time. There are five general government hospitals in Kuwait city. All of them are open 24 hours a day.

Note: You are required to bring your Civil ID with you when you come to government clinics and hospitals.

Local Address:

Block 2, Street 15, Building No.: 900021, Ground Floor, PACI No-13381084, Fintas, Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait


Phone Number: 23900322


The Fintas Speciality Health Center serves the community by providing medical services and emergency assistance for all citizens and residents living in Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait.

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