A New Way Of Calculating: Gratuity Calculator Uae

There is a clear statement in the United Arab Emirates Federal Labour Law No. (8) Of 1980 that depending on the years of services, the Employer companies would be responsible for paying end service compensation. The gratuity calculator uae is an innovative solution prepared on the amenities of the UAE labor law, which calculates the gratuity amount that would be entitled to the employee after ending the terms with the employer.

Gratuity Calculator Uae:

Uae gratuity calculator aims to calculate the EOSB or End of Service Benefit. This is a prime employment issue for employers and employees across the UAE. Though there is no officially acknowledged formula for calculating the end of service benefit entitlement, gratuity calculator works on the base of UAE Labor Law. The gratuity calculator uae mohre proposes federal laws, which regulate labor affairs and follow up on their implementation. They also propose labor policies that are well-suited to the UAE.

Additionally, dmcc gratuity calculator follows sample calculations formulas that would guide the employers on the event of termination of employment contracts of any employee.  If there appears any disputation between the employer and employee, a dispute resolution forum- the Labor Court is allowed to interpret the regarded provisions separately.

Provisions For EOSB:

Not every employee comes under the terms and conditions of gratuity. After termination, the employer will calculate the EOSB for the employee based on the Limited or Unlimited contract.

The gratuity rules in uae say that it is essential for the employer to know the contract type as well as the reason behind the end of the service; either it is Termination or Resignation.

As the type of contract decides the end of service benefits, it is very important to know it clearly before calculation.

  • Limited contract: While any employee is committed for a certain time such as 14 months, 1 year, or 3 years contracts, after compilation of the period, the employee can either renew the contract or go back home. Also, the employee’s labor card, visa, and other related official documents should get renewed to stay and work further in the country.
  • Unlimited Contract: On the contrary, the unlimited contract doesn’t have any definite time frame. Once the contract is signed between the employee and employer, it goes for many years except if any of them want to terminate it. Addition to this, you have to renew the residential permit, labor card, and visa every two years, whereas the previously signed agreement remains valid and no need to renew it.

How To Calculate Gratuity In UAE:

The uae gratuity calculator works upon the termination of either unlimited or limited contract between the employer and employee. But, if the employee leaves the job without completing the contractual period, no gratuity will be paid.

An employer can dismiss the gratuity without notice if the following happens-

  • If the employee found to submit false nationality or identity or forged documents or certificates to acquire a visa as well as the job.
  • If the employee gets engaged during the probation term and dismissed on or after the probation period.
  • If substantial material loss caused to the employers by the fault of the employee, on condition that the later notifies the department of labor about the incident within 48 hours of the employee becoming aware of its happening.
  • If the employee disobeys the safety of work or workplace instructions, provided that such rules are in written version and posted standing out so as to be clearly visible place and in case if he is illiterate, the instructions are communicated verbally.
  • If any default happens under the contract by him on basic duties and fails to set right such default; without being affected by a written interrogation as well as a warning that if such incident repeats he will be dismissed.
  • Finally having been declared guilty of a criminal offence by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge against honesty, honor, or public morals.
  • Revealing any confidential information of the employer.
  • If found under a narcotic ***g influence or drunkenness while at work.
  • While at duty, if assaults the employer or the manager-in-charge.
  • If remains absent from work for over than twenty nonsuccessive days without any valid reason in a year, or crosses over seven successive days of absence.

However, If The Employee Becomes A Victim Of The Following Facts, Then He Will Entitle To Gratuity-

  • If the employer doesn’t honor his obligations towards the employee as stated in this law or contract.
  • If the employee is assaulted by the employer or his legal representative.

The gratuity calculator in uae is a blessing to the employees that calculates the approximate data to entitle them based on the UAE labor law. If the employer refuses to pay the gratuity, the employee can report to the Ministry of the Human Resource and Emiratisation or the UAE labor court.