How Can I Check My Civil ID Fine in Kuwait

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How Can I Check My Civil ID Fine in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti government issues an identification card known as the Civil ID to all citizens and inhabitants of Kuwait. In Kuwait, the Civil ID can be used for several things, such as identity verification, access to public services, and election voting. You will only face various troubles if you pay your Civil ID fine. In this article, I am going to elaborate on how can I check my civil ID fine in Kuwait.

Step by Step, How Can I Check my Civil ID Fine in Kuwait:

Step 1: Visit the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) website.

Step 2: On the top menu, select the “Civil ID Services” tab.

How Can I Check My Civil ID Fine in Kuwait

Step 3: Select “Fine Inquiry” from the menu.

How Can I Check My Civil ID Fine in Kuwait

Step 4: Enter the security code in the image and your civil ID number.

Step 5: On “Inquire,” click.

Any fines recorded against your civil ID will be displayed here. Additionally, you can use the PACI website to settle any unpaid fines.

Why Fines are Imposed:

Fines may be imposed on a Civil ID in Kuwait for various reasons. Typical explanations include

  • For not updating the Civil ID in the assigned time.
  • For not paying traffic fines or other fines.
  • For not signing up for military service (for male citizens).

To prevent paying extra fines, it’s critical to keep your Civil ID current and to promptly pay any fines or penalties you may be liable for. You can ask the Civil ID office for clarification if you are unsure about the reason for a fine on your Civil ID.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Pay Civil ID Fines:

There may be some unfavorable results if you fail to pay a fine that Kuwait has set on your civil identification card. You might be charged if you don’t pay a fee and don’t take action to fix the situation. Additional fines or penalties could be imposed if you delay paying a fine. By addressing how can I check my civil ID fine in Kuwait, you can quickly get it revised.


You may get the most recent information about unpaid fines by checking your fines online or in person at a government service center. By being informed, you can prevent any unneeded delays or issues. How can I check my civil ID fine in Kuwait is easy and convenient.

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