Pro Tips on How to Buy Or Sell Used Cars in the UAE

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How to Buy Or Sell Used Cars in the UAE

UAE is home to some of the most swanky and elegant cars in the world. People have a fetish for their automobiles and even those who aren’t frailly infested into this massive arena, will at some stage purchase their prized possession that they fantasized about sub-consciously. As a result, almost every manufacturer has put their wager on this highly exhilarating but equally fraught market.

Moreover, there have been dedicated areas in the Emirates that exclusively cater to car buyers and sellers where there exists infinite options to buy a used car  some of which would be as rare as spotting a Haley’s Comet. As most of the exchanges today are inked through the internet which is often replete with model alternatives, here are some tips on ‘How to Buy/Sell Used Cars in the UAE:’

Tips on How to Buy a Used Car in the Uae:

1. Check whether the car bears GCC specifications

The primary step here should be to ensure the car bears GCC specifications. For this, certain giveaways such as faint orange colouring on the headlights, slightly tweaked visage, speedometer markings in mph and unusual price tag should be paid heed over. Imported cars bear one or all of the aforementioned characteristics and hence, in all probability, should be avoided.

How to Buy Or Sell Used Cars in the UAE

This is because some of the imported vehicles might have been jeopardised under high-pressure conditions of ice or been a victim of collision because of which they wouldn’t have been able to sell in the market of their origin and therefore, exported to the UAE. Such cars are traded for remarkably cheap prices and cannot be serviced in the UAE by the brand’s distributor. Moreover, it would be a herculean task to sell these later.

2. Evaluate the price tag

If the price tag is overwhelmingly high or obnoxiously low, it is indicative of something fishy. Compare the price of the car with its market value which can be obtained online on an automotive portal and then take a decision.

3. Peruse the features and mechanical specifications

Webpages where cars are traded are bristling with intel on the mechanical bits and creature comforts. It would be advisable to create a list of features that you desire or those that the car must possess. This will make narrowing down on a model effortless and provide you the propensity of having selected the best car that fell within the precincts of your budget.

4. Request for the vehicle’s service and accident history

Two things of austere importance to ponder over are the car’s accident and service history. These official documents will reveal everything that has taken place with the car since it leapt over from the assembly line and will make you more certain of purchasing it to avoid any gremlins in future.

Tips on How to Sell a Used Car in the Uae:

While listing, incorporate a lot of photos of the car

To make sure your car fetches the eyeballs it deserves, add a large number of images of the car, each exploiting a different angle of the car. Choose a bright background that enhances the vehicle’s appeal and also makes every bit appear crystal clean. This will enthuse the buyer in checking out the car in person and radiates the possibility of coming to an agreement sooner.

Elaborate the details

Utilise all the space available in the description box to brag about the car’s features, condition, availability of documents and mechanical aspects. Being as elaborate as possible is better suited for the ‘sleuth’ in the buyer to ascertain the details and associate trust in him for the seller and the car.

Also upload screenshots of the documents revealing all the intangible aspects of the product. Any valuable modifications such as LED lights, ceramic coating, decals or new rims should be specially mentioned as these can help you justify a slightly higher price tag.

Quote a rational price tag

Tag a logical and sensible price tag that is in sync with the car’s market value as under-quoting or affixing an exorbitant price tag won’t cut it for you. This will also prevent one from accepting a huge discount on seller price after a hard bargain by the buyer.

Offer a generous test drive

It will be better for the potential buyer to have a detailed impression of the car when he drives it over surfaces of varying altitudes and tarmac. Details such as the response from the steering wheel, acceleration, suspension absorption, preposterous sounds (if any), gearbox operation and the bite from the brakes are crucial to be known before putting down hard-earned money on a machine. If the buyer is convinced, he would be rapid in entering into a contract with the seller.

Utilise the classifieds section of all the automotive platforms

Gone are the days when newspaper advertisements were used to inform potential buyers of car listings. Now, automotive portals have taken over that mantle. Used cars for sale can be found on all these forums.

Hence, these should be used optimally for a swift sale. It would be advisable to check used car prices of similar models belonging to the same year of production from different makes to have better idea in terms of pricing.

Enthusiast or buyer, everyone today manifests the best sale or purchase. Hence, adhering to these guidelines will make you purchase a better product with confidence the next time you are on an expedition for a transaction involving such exchange.   

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