How To Check Balance In Zain Kuwait 2022

Zain is one of the largest telecom companies in Kuwait. If you are living in Kuwait and using a Zain sim card for calls and internet, you need to know How To Check Balance In Zain Kuwait and Saudia to be up to date with your spending.

Checking credit or balance in your Zain account is a very simple and easy process, so let’s know more about the process and dive into it.

Zain Sim Balance Check – Easy Methods

If you have just moved to Kuwait or any of the gulf countries, purchasing a new sim card and keeping up to date with the balance and everything may seem like a hassle. If your new sim card number starts with 058 or 059, then you are using a Zain sim card.

No need to worry, you can easily check balance in Zain Kuwait and Saudia from your device and we have listed some more tips and methods for fully utilizing your Zain connection.

How To Check Zain Balance In Saudia – Follow Steps:

how to check zain balance

How To Check Balance In Zain Kuwait Phone Number:

Always keeping up to date with the knowledge of how much balance you have remaining in your sim is an important matter. If you don’t keep up with your latest balance, you may run out of balance in the middle of a call or any emergency conversation. 

If you are trying to do a Zain Credit Transfer or trying to purchase a Zain Internet Offer, you also need to know about how much balance you have remaining before you proceed. There are mainly two methods to check balance in Zain Kuwait. They are discussed below.

Check Zain Kuwait Balance In Two Ways:

  1. Check your Zain sim card balance by dialing specific codes.
  2. Zain sim balance check by using the Zain KW app.

Zain Kuwait Balance Check By Codes:

  • Checking the balance by dialing codes is the best and fastest option.
  • Open the dialing pad on your phone, and type *142#
  • After dialing, you will see your current balance.

Zain Balance Check Kuwait Number By Using Zain KW App:

How To Check Balance In Zain Kuwait

  1. First, you need to install the Zain KW App for this process.
  2. After installing, there will be a sign-up page when you open the App.
  3. After signing up, you can see a page where you can see your balances
  4. Whenever you want to check Zain Balance, you can open the app and check your main balance, minutes, and also zain Kuwait internet balance check from the Zain KW App.

How To Check Zain Internet Balance In Kuwait:

Usually, Zain has both 4G and 5G Internet services. And for various offers, there are several balance checking codes. But in general, you will be able to do Zain internet balance check for almost all the 4G/LTE internet offers by dialing *107#.

You can also check all the Internet Package balances by installing the Zain KW app. 


Everyone needs to check the balance and remaining internet of their Sim card. Sometimes you might spend all of your remaining balance unwillingly, because you were unaware of the current balance. Hopefully, this article on How to check balance in Zain Kuwait and Saudia provided you with easy and simple methods to check the balance in your Zain Sim card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Zain KW application?

Ans: You can simply download the application from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

What is the USSD code for checking the balance of Zain?

Ans: Dial *142# to check your account balance in Zain.

Zain net balance check number?

Ans: Dial *107#

How To Know my zain Kuwait internet balance check?

Ans: You can dial *107# for Zain net balance check.

How to do Kuwait balance check

Ans: The balance check code is *142# zain Kuwait.

How to know my Zain Kuwait number?

Ans: Dial *34# or click here to know your Zain Kuwait number.

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