How to Check Emirates ID Fine?

Emirates ID is an important document that everyone living in UAE should carry. This makes you legally eligible to live in UAE and helps you with various tasks and services in UAE. Emirates ID can also be used to check the violations and fines you get in UAE. If you have any fines, you will have to pay them. If these fines remain unpaid, then you can get an even larger penalty, and you will not be able to use and renew your Emirates ID anymore. Here are the steps to check Emirates ID Fine.

How To Check Emirates ID Fine?

If you think you have some fines on your Emirates ID, then this article will help you check your fines. Before that, ensure you have the following required things-

  • Ensure you have stable internet.
  • You must have a PC, phone, or tablet with a browser to visit the website.
  • You will need your Emirates ID to check the Fine. You can also check the fine through the File Number, UDB Number, and Passport number.

Once you meet the above requirements, follow the steps given below to check your Emirates ID fine

  • Click on this website to head to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs- Dubai through this link.
  • Under the Search Type, select Emirates ID.
  • You will now have to enter your Emirates ID number.
  • Now, enter your Date of Birth and select your Gender.
  • Verify the captcha and click on Submit to know the fines.

If there are no fines implied on you, then you will get the following message-

‘There are no fines/penalties according to the conditions used in the inquiry process.’

However, if there are some fines on you, you will get all the details of the fine, including the date of the fine, fine number, amount, driving license number, plate number, and the location of the fine.

What Fines Can Be Implied On Emirates ID?

There are various types of fines that can be implied to you-

  • Traffic fines/violation
  • Covid-19 violation
  • Jaywalking violation
  • Late Emirates ID registration
  • Municipality Violation

How To Pay Emirates ID Fines?

If you have some fines on your Emirates ID, you can pay them after viewing them. You will get the option to pay fines when you check your fines. You can pay your fines directly from the same page.

Moreover, you can also pay your fines through the following official portals-

You can pay your fines through the above ways. Ensure you pay your fines before the due date to avoid further problems and even cancellation of your Emirates ID.

Final Words

Above are the steps to check Emirates ID fine. If you have some fine, you can check it by following the steps mentioned in the above article. The above article should also help you pay the fine on you.