How To Check My Viva Number Kuwait

Bought a new Viva Kuwait SIM card and want to know your Phone Number? 

We are here to hear your question of  How To Check My Viva Number Kuwait.

Sometimes it’s urgent to know our phone number. But at that moment we can’t remember that. You can’t always call anyone and know your name.

So it’

s essential to know the procedures. You’ll get ideas of checking your Viva Phone Number and also the manual system that works in almost every device.

How to check Viva Number

There are several numbers for checking Viva number. You can check it manually and also can test it using codes. Sometimes there may be network problems in our region. Checking Viva phone number by manually is the best way in that time.

Whatever, we are giving you these two possible ways for checking your Viva Kuwait phone number. You can choose the one you like.

1. Checking manually

For Android Devices:

  1. Go to your Home screen of the mobile and open settings.
  2. Now go to the “About phone” or “About Device” option.
  3. Then go to the “Status” bar of your phone.
  4. Now press the “SIM Status” option.
  5. You will get your phone number at the “My Phone Number” option.

This system all device not available

For some Android phone, you have to follow this path.

  • Now go to the “Status” option.
  • Now open the “SIM Card Status” option.
  • Then in “My Phone Number” option, you’ll get your number.

This syetem Not Availablle all device

For IOS Devices:

  1. Go to “Settings” from your IOS device.
  2. Now tap on “Phone”.
  3. Then in “My Number” option, you’ll find your Viva phone number.

2. Checking with Codes

The devices are upgrading in a day by days. The manual settings are upgrading also. So, it won’t be wise to know only the settings procedure to find phone numbers.

Even nowadays there are so many brands of phones. And thus their manual settings are also a bit different from others. So, finding the Viva Kuwait phone number with the help of Settings might not work in many devices.

Well, thanks for the patience to read and come this part. We’ll give the necessary codes here.

  • Open your phone dialer.
  • Press *222# and call from you Viva SIM.
  • You’ll get your Viva SIM card number now.

By this way, you can always find your Viva SIM card number. You’ll have no problems now and don’t have to depend on the settings procedure.

3. Some FAQs

How to check my phone Number?

Follow our “Checking manually” part of the content. You’ll know your phone number which works for almost all the SIM cards.

How can I check my Stc balance?

To check your Stc balance, press *556# and make a call with your Stc SIM card.

Are Stc and Viva same SIM?

Yes. Stc and Viva are the same SIM company with different names.

There’re several ways to check a phone number. But checking with the specific codes of the SIM card is the smartest way.

You can use the Viva number check code Kuwait to check your Viva number. But if you can’t remember the given codes, then follow other options from the above.