How to Check STC Sim Number In Kuwait?

If you’ve recently bought Viva Sim, you don’t know it’s just a brand of STC sim. So, ultimately, you’re an STC sim user. If you still need to memorize your number, today is the time to learn how to check STC sim number Kuwait. 

Using the Viva version of STC sim, you can effortlessly find your number by dialing the Viva number check code Kuwait, *222#. But this isn’t the only way. You should know all the ways to check STC numbers. This article will explain all the methods, so stick to it until the end. 

STC Number Check Kuwait:

How to check STC SIM number Kuwait? There are some effortless methods through which you can know your number within a minute. These methods include: 

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Method 1: Making a Call to 102

Step1. If you want a voice to inform you of your number directly, try calling 102. This number is known as the customer service number of STC companies in Kuwait. 

Step 2. After calling 102, a representative of the company will talk to you directly and ask you about your queries

Step 3. Ask them the number of your sim and note it in a notebook when they answer. You can also ask them questions regarding the SIM registered under your name. 

Method 2: Checking Number Using the USSD Code 

Step 1. Stc sim number check code Dial *888# from the phone, whether Android or iOS

Step2. Wait some seconds for STC to text you the information. 

Step 3. Take a screenshot or memorize

Method 3. Checking Sim Package

Your phone number is available on the package of your STC sim. So, if you have it anywhere near try finding it out and get the number noted on your phone. 

Method 4: Calling Your Friend

Step 1. Make a call to any of your friend

Step 2. Ask them your number viewed on their mobile screen

Step 3. Type the number your friend is sharing using the keypad

Step 4. Save it as “My Number” 

Method 5: Logging into Your Account on “My STC Portal”

Step 1. Use your email and password to log into “My STC Portal” Kuwait

Step 2. Click on the three bars on top corner

Step 3. Click on “Check Number

Step 4. Get the number on screen

Method 6: Visiting the STC Store Close to Your House

If you live near the store of STC, the best you can do is go there, talk to the representatives face to face and get your number. 

Viva Number Check Code Kuwait:

Viva is another SIM of STC Company in Kuwait. This sim is particular as it often gives customers attractive minutes and data packages. If you’re here, it means you have a Viva sim and probably don’t know your number. Don’t worry. 

Just go to your smartphone’s keypad, press *222#, and press the call key. The STC company will show you your number through a flash text within a few seconds. Either memorize it or take a screenshot so you never have to be awkward when someone asks for your phone number. 


How I know my stc number?

There are 2 popular methods to know your stc kuwait mobile number check code. The commonly used method is to dial *888#  and press the call key. The second method is directly asking the customer representatives of STC by giving a call to 102. 

STC ka number kaise nikale? 

Agar aap Kuwait pe rehte ho aur apne haal hi mein STC ka sim liya hai lekin apko apna number nahi pata to bas dial kare *888# aur kuch hi seconds par apke mobile screen par apka number dikh jayega. 

Final Words 

Since you’re here, you must learn how to check STC sim number Kuwait. I have explained every way to discover your sim number, whether Viva or not. If you use STC’s Viva sim, you only have to press the Viva number check code Kuwait *222#, and make a call. If you use an STC sim, you can find your number by calling 102 or *888#.