How To Check Zain Number Saudia Arabia

Mobile numbers are one of the most important things you need to remember these days. Without knowing the mobile number you cannot be able to utilize the services and packages that different network companies are providing for you. Mobile numbers are things that must remain in your memory so that, you can provide them to your friends and family members in need of time.

But sometimes, you forget your mobile number, or you buy a new SIM, but for some reason, you cannot remember its specific number. Now, do you want to find your mobile number in the event that you cannot remember it? We are here to solve this problem. In this article, we will discuss the different four methods through which you will be able to How To Check Zain Number Saudia Arabia.

Check Zain Ksa Sim Number:

Zain KSA provides its customers with the useful service that if for any reason, they have forgotten their mobile number, they can check it from Zain SIM by following the specific method which has been provided by Zain KSA.

You can find and check your mobile number with four easy methods. Now, we are going to discuss these methods step-by-step. These methods are as follows.

Check Zain Number Through Code:

You can check your Zain SIM number by dialing a code which is provided by Zain KSA telecommunication. Checking your Zain SIM number by dialing a code is the easiest method.

  • Open your dial pad and dial *144 # and then click on the call button.
  • A screen will be shown to you where your Zain mobile number will be displayed.
  • You can also dial *23# and then your number will also be displayed to you on the screen. Now, you can check your Zain number with this easy and effective method at anytime.

Check Zain’s Number By SMS:

Zain has also provided its customers with the service to check their SIM number by sending a message to the provided number for this purpose. To check the Zain number by SMS, you will need to send a blank SMS to 700123. After sending the message, a confirmation message will be received from Zain KSA, which will contain your mobile number.

Check Zain Number by Zain Helpline:

  • You can also check your Zain SIM number and ask balance transfer by calling the helpline of Zain telecommunication.
  • After that, a Zain customer care representative will talk to you. You can tell him your problem, and he will provide you with your forgotten mobile number.

An Alternate Method To Check Zain Number:

An alternate and extraordinary method to check Zain number are also possible. If you don’t remember any other method to check your Zain SIM number, you can also follow this method.

  • Dial *123* Friend number#
  • A message will be sent to your friend’s number, and then you will get your Zain number from your friend.

How to Check Zain balance:

Now, if you want to know how you can check your Zain balance, we will also provide you with the whole procedure through which you will be able to check your Zain balance or any other remaining balance.

There are the following different steps you need to follow for the purpose of knowing your Zain balance.

Check Zain balance by dialing a code:

You can easily check your Zain KSA balance by dialing a code from your mobile.

  • To check Zain balance, dial *142#.
  • A screen will be opened, and your account balance will be shown to you.

How to Check Your Zain Data Balance Through SMS.

You can also check your Zain Saudi Arabia data balance by sending a message to a number provided by Zain KSA.

  • For this purpose, type “BC” and send it to 700212 or 959.
  • After a while, you will receive a message containing information about your Zain data balance.

Check Zain Balance by Calling the Zain helpline.

You can check your Zain KSA balance and ask a why to cut balance by calling the Zain KSA helpline number.

  • For this purpose, dial 959. A call will be placed.
  • Select your language by pressing 1.
  • Select the balance inquiry option by pressing 1.
  • Then Zain will tell you your remaining account balance.

How To Check Zain Number Saudia Arabia by application:

You can check your Zain account balance as well as your Zain internet balance by installing the Zain application on your mobile.

  • Install the Zain KSA application on your mobile phone.
  • Sign up or log in with your account details to register yourself.
  • After that, the Zain application dashboard will be shown to you, and there you will be able to check your Zain account balance as well as your internet balance.


So, in this article, we have learned the methods of checking How To Check Zain Number Saudia Arabia by different methods and also how we can check our Zain account balance as well as Zain internet balance by different easy procedures and methods. We hope you have learned a lot of knowledge from this article.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is it possible to check Zain KSA’s SIM number by SMS?

Yes, it is possible. You can check your forgotten Zain SIM number by code as well as SMS.

Q2: Can Zain balance be confirmed by calling Zain helpline number?

Yes, you can easily get your balance information by calling Zain helpline number 959.

Q3: Can the Zain application be helpful regarding the information of the remaining Zain internet balance?

Yes, through the Zain application, you can get all the information about your remaining internet balance.

Q4: Is it possible to check Zain internet by sending a message?

Yes, you can send a message to 959 with the related internet package details and Zain will send you the remaining data balance by an SMS.