How To Contact Ooredoo Customer Care Number

Welcomed to the Ooredoo Customer care number Service Kuwait! We are here 24/7 to help you with any kind of important need.

 You know our SIM Ooredoo is highly popular throughout the world. You can call your foreign friends also with this SIM card. In Kuwait, we have also a nice fan base.

We try our best to service our customers. In every country, we try to give all kinds of internet services related to our mobile telecommunication company. We also offering all these facilities to our respected customers of Kuwait.

You can call anytime to us for any internet setting help regarding our SIM service. We’ve given our Ooredoo Kuwait customer care number here and all the social sites by where you can join us.

Ooredoo customer care number kuwait

Ooredoo Kuwait Customer Service in Social media:

  • For contacting us you can join on Facebook .
  • And for Twitter, you can join us in @OoredooKuwait  site.
  • Our Instagram page is OoredooKuwait.
  • You can visit our website at 
  • For making anything okay by thyself you can visit our YouTube on OoredooinKuwait.

Ooredoo customer care number Kuwait

It’s always easy to find any help via phone call. Thus for providing the best service we also allow phone calls via our customers.

We are servicing several countries with our help. Our respected Kuwait customers are also on the list. We are active all-time in our companies to help you any time.

You’ll get us 24/7. You just have to make a call to us. Our communicating phone number is: +965-6630-0121 & +965-180-5555. These two numbers are always open to receive a call and to help you. You can ask your questions on this Ooredoo Kuwait customer care toll-free number.

Our Promises:

  1. Our customers are always respected to us. We will continue this all the time.
  2. We are always transparent, open, honest and helpful to our customers.
  3. We are improving our services and it will be continued for always. 
  4. In the development of Kuwait, we will always work and support.
  5. Our customers always will find things easier to use our services and products. 
  6. We will always be available and will help our customers through our Ooredoo Kuwait customer service hotline.

How to log Complaints about anything regarding our services? 

We are always available in the given sites. You may log your complaints to us via direct audio call in the Ooredoo customer service number.

If you don’t want to take this you can give a massage or comments in our Official websites or on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and also via YouTube. We assure you to help in all kind of situations.

Ours is an age of technologies. Kuwait is developing fast also. In such time one always need to use an International number. And to make the deals successful and have a bond with foreign friends, this Ooredoo SIM will help you much.

Maybe sometimes you’re in some troubles using the SIM. Or you may be disturbed by someone in phone calls. Also, you may new in this SIM and facing some problems. Whatever the problem is, just make a call us via this Ooredoo customer.

Thanks for being with us!