How to Go to Jebel Ali Free Zone by Metro

How to go to Jebel Ali free zone by Metro? This is a common question for the people trading or residing in that area. This could be because they are immigrants or have just started their business. Also, it could be something else. But today, we will answer your that question. In the upcoming days, the Metro is starting to operate in Jebel Ali Free Zone, and it will help people move to and from the free zone easily.

If you want to visit jebel Ali free zone, you need to get your ticket in advance. Go to any metro station and ask for the city information booth. Ask for the timetable of the Metro.

 Is there metro to Jebel Ali?

Yes, the Metro has recently been extended to Jebel Ali, and it is one of the fastest-growing areas in Dubai. Jebel Ali Free Zone is the world’s largest free zone and the most prominent industrial port in the Middle East. The area has been designated a free zone by Saudi Arabia to encourage international trade and investment, Also making it a convenient place for expatriates to work and live.

It starts from the Deira Station, located at the Dubai International Airport, and it ends at Jebel Ali Station. You can find more information about this Metro by checking out our previous article on Dubai metro map pdf.

How to Go to Jebel Ali Free Zone?

Do you want to go to Jebel Ali free zone but couldn’t find the way? Well, the easiest way to go there is by Metro. But there are some more ways as well. First, I will show you a different way to go to Jebel Ali free zone. After then I will guide you to go there by using the Metro.

There are plenty of ways for you to go on your journey:

  1. Walk along the road in front of the Dubai Mall called Sheikh Zayed Road.
  2. Walk along with an open-air market that stretches from one side of Al-Jebel Street (the main street) to the other side. Includes shops selling everything from vegetables and fruits to clothing and souvenirs.
  3. Take a boat ride on Al-Jebel Creek, which starts at Bab Al-Futuh Beach and ends in Jumeirah Beach Park. The boats leave every 20 minutes during peak hours. But less frequently when fewer people are around; check with locals for more information about schedules.
  4. Rent a bicycle or motorbike near Dubai Mall. So you can explore around Jebel Ali while feeling safe as there is no traffic here!

How to Go to Jebel Ali Free Zone by Metro?

If you are coming from Sharjah, head towards Al Mamzar Metro Station. It will take about 45 minutes by Metro. If you are coming from Dubai International Airport, head towards Al Quoz Metro Station. The travel takes approximately 12 minutes and probably covers a range of roughly 5 kilometers among both UAE Exchange Metro Station 1 and Jebel Ali Free Zone, Roundabout 8 1.

The Dubai Market Train Station 1 to Free Zone, Roundabout 8 1 route is managed by Uae RTA  [Nol Balance] Transport and runs from UAE Exchange Metro 1 to Jebel Ali Free Zone. The trips usually operate weekly but check ahead for the weekend and tour schedule.

Special Notes: To access the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, you’ll need permission (JAFZA). Please request one from the organization that invited you or picked you up. You could only depart the terminal if you had a JAFZA pass. You must leave at the Ibn Battuta Mall if you do not obtain a ticket.

What Are the Closest Stations to Jebel Ali Free Zone?

Some metro stations are closest to Jebel Ali free zone. This will help you to travel less and get there. Dubai Exchange Metro Bus Stop – 01 is 456 meters distant. It takes approximately 6 minutes to travel from Jebel Ali. Lease Office 5 – 02, Jebel Ali Free Zone, is 2019 meters away or a 26-minute walk. The Danube Metro Station is 4409 meters distant and takes 56 minutes. For more accurate information, you can check out the below-given map. Then decide which metro line will be a shortcut for going to Jebel Ali free zone.

Where Should I Stay In Jebel Ali Free Zone by Metro?

There are many things to consider when deciding where to stay in Jebel Ali free zone by Metro. For example, the area of the city you would like to stay in is also a factor that should be considered. If you want to stay near the tourist attractions, then Dubai Marina or Deira might be a good choice.

If you would like to experience an authentic local lifestyle, then JLT is one of the best choices for you. You can stay at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort, which is within walking distance of the metro station and has free parking.

Unless you don’t bother using the Metro and bus, I suppose the ideal spot to live would be near a metropolitan center, such as Fahidi or Bur Juman, or a bus station like Ghubaiba. You may count on a quick and easy trip if you stay there. Discovery Gardens is a fantastic alternative because it is closer and has a wholly linked town.

Jebel Ali free zone Gate 7 location map:

How to go to Jebel Ali free zone by Metro

Is It Safe to Travel to Jebel Ali Free Zone by Metro?

The Metro is a safe and efficient way to travel around Dubai. It’s convenient, quick, and easy to use. The main benefit of using the Metro to go to the Jebel Ali free zone is that you are not exposed to the hazards of traveling by road.

Metro stations are located at major intersections in the city and can be accessed by taxi or bus from all parts of the city. It is safe to travel by Metro to Jebel Ali free zone. There are a lot of routes that you can take, and there is also the possibility of walking around in the area as well. However, there are some safety precautions that you should take before traveling to this place by Metro:

  • Ensure that your ticket or card can be scanned at the turnstile on arrival and departure.
  • Keep an eye out for pickpockets as they usually prey on people who carry many valuable items with them, such as wallets, bags, mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  • Maintain a reasonable distance from anyone who may have had something stolen from them or who may need help/attention due to intoxication/exhaustion.

Jebel Ali Bus Station:

The Jebel Ali Bus Station is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Arabic term Jebel refers to the hillside, giving rise to the direct interpretation of Jebel Ali, the Hill of Ali. Jebel Ali is claimed to have gotten its name from a holy man called Ali who resided on a high mountain in the vicinity.

  1. The Jebel Ali Bus Station was opened in 1977 with an investment of over US$200 million. 
  2. It has nine platforms that can hold up to 473 buses each day from six different bus companies. 
  3. There are 250 ticketing offices at the station which offer all types of tickets for journeys around Dubai as well as into neighboring countries like Oman and Bahrain.

Sharjah to Jebel Ali Bus Timing:

The road from Sharjah and Jebel Ali is approximately 1h 23m, and the range is approximately 46 kilometers. This contains a 10-minute stopover on typical. The Sharjah to Jebel Ali route, conducted by Dubai RTA Bus and Dubai RTA, leaves from Sharjah, Al Wahda Rd, Subway 1 2 and stops at Adventure Parks Metro Station 1. Typically, 290 services operate weekly, but holiday and festival timetables might vary, so verify ahead of time.

Jebel Ali to Abu Dhabi:

The bus ride from Dubai to Abu Dhabi takes 2 hours and 20 minutes and costs as little as $8.6. A cab ride will cost you at least $92 and require 1 hour 50 minutes to bring you to your location. One hundred and seventy kilometers separate Dubai from Abu Dhabi. The E100 service, the E101 offering, and the E102 bus service all go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Every one of them is controlled by the Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA). Al Ghubaiba Bus Station is the starting point for the E100 bus route.

Sharjah to Jebel Ali Bus Number:

To go to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station 14 E306, take the bus from Sharjah, King Faisal Rd, Jumbo. Sharjah and Jebel Ali are separated by a distance of 44 kilometers. The driving distance is 57.8 kilometers. A direct bus route does not serve Sharjah to Jebel Ali. It is possible to take a bus to Jebel Ali Gardens from any of the following locations: Sharjah, King Faisal Rd, or Jumbo.


If you are in Dubai and looking for a place to go, you should consider going to Jebel Ali free zone. This is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy some time away from the busy city life. The best thing about this place is that it is not very far from the city so you can easily reach it by Metro or bus. You can get here by using Dubai Metro or bus. Above we gave detailed information about How to go to Jebel Ali free zone by Metro. Just check it out and start enjoying your trip.