How to Ooredoo Kuwait Number Check 2023

Ooredoo is another international telecommunications company that has successfully provided its services in Kuwait for years. From keeping their network condition outstanding to offering attractive call and data offers, Ooredoo has been doing a great job. Hence, its customers are increasing with time. 

Every day, someone buys an Ooredoo SIM but needs to learn how to check Ooredoo number. This article will help those who want to learn the Ooredoo Kuwait number check procedure. People commonly dial *777# or contact customer care by calling the company’s number.

How to Check Ooredoo Number in Kuwait? 

Ooredoo introduced 7 effortless methods for one’s Ooredoo Kuwait number check. Here are the techniques for the Ooredoo check number.

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Method 1. Calling to Customer Service 

This is the simplest method, but it is a bit lengthy. In this technique, you must only follow an automated voice’s commands. 

Step 1. Dial +965 180 5555 or +965 6630 0121

Step 2. Choose a language using the keypad. Press the number that the automated voice tells you to select your preferred language. 

Step 3. Press a certain number again to talk to a representative of Ooredoo SIM company, told by the robot personality on the phone. 

Step 4. Ask the representative for your number and note them down. 

Method 2. Through Dialing Ooredoo Number Check Code 

Step 1. Dial the ooredoo sim number check code kuwait, which is *777#. 

Step 2. Tap the call button.

Step 3. Your number will be flashed as a short text on your phone screen. 

Method 3. Using the Application

This technique can only be helpful if you previously logged into this app and it still has access to your information, like the number or password. 

Step 1. Open the “My Ooredoo App” 

Step 2. Find your number on the interface (probably up or down).

Method 4. Finding the Number From the SIM Package 

Do you still have the SIM package on your table or inside a drawer? Find that out since it has your SIM number written on it. 

Method 5. Asking for Help on the Ooredoo Website 

Ooredoo is always there to help you. If you need a balance to call customer service, you can browse their website and ask for help by following these steps. 

Step 1. Enter the URL of Ooredoo: ”

Step 2. It will take you to the portal of Ooredoo Kuwait. Now, tap on the “Help” option. 

Step 3. Hit the “Having Trouble” button. 

Step 4. Search for the videos that show Ooredoo number check code 2023 and other ways. 

Method 6. Asking Family Members for Help

Step 1. Choose a number of your loved ones from your phone’s list of phone numbers. 

Step 2. Call them and ask for the number shown on their mobile screen. 

Step 3. Immediately note down the number and later save it on your phone. 

Method 7. Visiting the Nearby Store of Ooredoo 

Check the Google map on your phone and try finding a nearby Ooredoo store or customer office. If it shows one is close to your place, visit the office immediately and physically ask them for your number  and internet package

Ooredoo SIM Ka Number Kaise Nikale?

Agar haal hi apne Ooredoo Kuwait ka SIM lia hua hai lekin apko pata nahi ki Ooredoo ka number kaise nikale? To phir aap sabse simple tarika follow kar sakte ho jo hai *777# par dial karke ek choti message ka zariye number ka pata lagana Aap aur bhi tarika azma sakte hai jaise ki +965 180 5555 ya phir +965 6630 0121 numbers par call karke customer service representatives se puch sakte ho. 

Main jo tarika use karke apna number jan leta hoon woh hai apne ristedaron ko call karke unse puch ta hoon ki mera number kya hai. Jab mera apna koi mujhe mera numbers repeat karne lagta hai main turand woh kisi notebook pe notedown kar leta hoon. Aal ye easy tarika follow karke bhi kuch hi seconds mein apna number ka pata laga sakte ho. 


How can I check my Ooredoo number?

To check your Ooredoo number, please make a call to *777# and wait for a short text to pop up on your mobile screen. 

I forgot my Ooredoo number 

Have you forgotten your Ooredoo SIM number? Don’t worry; enter the “My Ooredoo App” installed on your phone. If you previously logged into the application, it will allow you to enter, and you will find your phone number there. 

Final Words:

These are 7 methods that are manageable and easy to approach. Follow any techniques I mentioned for “ooredoo kuwait number check.” You can also help others by sharing this information, “how to know my Ooredoo number”, to those looking to know how to check Ooredoo number.