How To Pay Traffic Violation Online In Qatar with Metrash2 App.

Traffic rules are something we all should obey. In Qatar, traffic rules are strictly monitored and people who violate the rules must face penalties. So it’s essential to have a clear understanding of traffic rules and how to check traffic violations. However, checking and paying the traffic violation fees are easier than ever. Using the Metrash application, you can easily check your traffic violations. Here is a detailed guide about metrash traffic violation checking and payment process.

How To Pay Traffic Violation Online In Qatar:

Traffic violations can easily be checked and paid through the Moi website. Here are the detailed steps,

Step 1: At first visit the Ministry of Interior (Moi) website.

you can see arabic home page make it english

Step 2: After that click on the “E-Services” icon and choose your prefered language on the top of the page.

How to check and pay traffic violation in Qatar


Step 3: In the next step you will have to authenticate with your identity card. Enter your ID number and continue.


Step 4: After that, a login page will appear, just check “Establishment” and then click Log in.


Step 5: Another menu type page will appear. Click on the “Traffic Section”


Step 6: On the next page click on “Traffic violation and accidents” and then click on “Traffic violation.”


Step 7: A form like a page will appear. Check the “Specific vehicle violation” and fill up the vehicle type and plate number then proceed.


Step 8: On the next page one can see all the violation list and fine information occurred by his car.


Step 9: Click on a violation, and you will get the payment option on the below part of the page. You can pay the fine through a credit card, debit card or account to account.


Step 10: Payment. After choosing the card option, a new form will appear. Enter the card number and the expiry date and proceed.


Step 11: You will get an OTP message on your phone, fill the OTP and proceed. On the next page enter your card number and password and choose the payment option. After completing the payment, you will get a payment receipt. You can keep the receipt for further use.


How to Pay Traffic Violation in Metrash 2:

Getting a traffic violation ticket for the first time must be a confusing and overwhelming feeling. Well, you can check and pay the fine easily with online services. In the first section, we explained how to check and pay traffic violation fees online with the Moi website. But checking and paying the fine with Metrash 2 application is even more straightforward. You can also report and appeal violations using the app.

Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app

Step 1: Log into your Metrash account from your mobile phone.

you use android phone install metresh 2 app playstore.

Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app

Step 2: After login, you will be able to see some icons, click on the “Traffic” with traffic light icon.

Step 3: A new page will appear, click on the “Violation Service” there.

Step 4: Now click on the “Query/Traffic violation” icon.

Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app

Step 5: A form-like page will appear where you will have to provide your QID number and Vehicle Plate Number. Then click on search. If you have no violation, only the expiry date and vehicle registration card will appear. If you have one or more violations, you can see the violation list.

Traffic violation checking process with Metrash 2 app

Traffic Violation Paying Process with Metrash 2 App

After checking the violation, click on a violation and you will get a pay button. Choose your payment option and provide all the card information correctly to complete the payment.

Those were all about the traffic violation checking and paying process of the Metrash 2 app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the traffic violation process in Qatar?

There are two ways to check traffic violations in Qatar. You can either use the Moi website or the Metrash 2 app. Both are very straightforward but the Metrash 2 app has some extra traffic services. 

How to pay the fine for a traffic violation in Qatar?

After checking from the Metrash app or Moi website you will get the payment option. One can easily pay the fine with any kind of credit or debit card.

Is there a discount on traffic fines?

Yes, there is a 50% discount if you pay the fine within 1 month. So it is important to pay the fine within one month.  

What happens if I don’t pay the traffic violation fine?

You cant renew the Vehicle Registration if you have any traffic violation fees unpaid.