How to pay Viva bill payment?

In Kuwait, the best shareholding company is a Telecommunications Company (STC). On 22 July, it was starting incorporated under Amiri Decree No. 187. This mobile operator has a fantastic bill payment method.

If you are keen to know the best mobile network, then this article is for you. From here, you learn about Viva bill payment and much more.

How to Pay Viva bill payment?

It is a world-class digital best leader. It provides the best service—innovative services to customers. By using the viva mobile app, users can manage the bill payment method. By following some easy steps, you can make viva online payment from home.

1. Mobile Apps Method:

viva bill payment
  • Go to the viva mobile app.
  • Then click on the “account summary.”
  • Choose “payment and recharge.”
  • Go to the” manage payment system.”
  • Tap on update’ credit for your saved credit card.
  • Tap on “proceed.”
  • Re-enter your credit card details and
  • Tap on the “pay now “button.
  • Enter your credit card pin/password.

After that, you will receive an SMS while it gets processing. There you go, you can make payment within some seconds.

Watch Video you know easily

Even now, Quick pay is available for users.

2. Quick pay method

  • Go to the “MyStc” mobile app
  • Then go to “Quickpay” option
  • Enter the “number.”
  • Enter the “amount.”
  • Tap on “proceed.”
  • Enter “card number.”
  • Then tap the “confirm” button to complete payment.

Both Android and Ios users can avail quick pay option.

You watch video understand My stc app payment system:

Like other mobile operators, it has two types of operators, which given below.

Postpaid: You can experience blazing speeds of it. Play games and sharing your moments are so comfortable. Download movies or songs and do any of your favorite internet activities within a second. STC has 5G Postpaid voice plans. Even it designed to suit user needs. Don’t wait because lots of benefits are waiting for you.

Prepaid: Prepaid line will give you simplicity and value. User can customize their wish with their need.

 User can extend their validity. Any user can use their credit to the last files.

Viva internet payment system has designed to fit users’ needs. For an internet package, the user can choose their package for the most benefit. Till the main plan bundle is the active user can use benefits. It will be easy to opt-in to the same booster for several times.

Internet will redirect or stop when consumed internet quota. They don’t have any renew boosters. So the user has to subscribe to it again after 30 days. After that,

Extra Method

  1. Go to their official website,
  2. fill the quota of mobile number,
  3. Amount, and card details.
  4. All the steps are mandatory.
Website Payment Watch video:

By Dialing *588*amount*mobile number#, any user can recharge. The daily transfer limit is KD 100. When you transfer credit amount, validity also will transfer. The VIVA gateway makes it easy and helpful. Solve various payment solutions.


Whom should I contact dividend payment?

Ans- you can contact the IR team through email.

Is there any unique service available for payment?

    Ans- You can use cloud videos with various payment structures.

How can anyone make online payment?

    Ans-From website and mobile app anyone can make an online payment.


Easy to take services of it. They focused on innovation. It has a pioneer digital champion. Customers have the right to know about their features, prices, and restrictions.

Viva bill payment check and all the benefits assure a user to buy it. Offer bank-beating FX rate. Now Viva provides you with different types of ways to pay your bill payment. Anywhere any time, you can make transactions. Save time you’re and energy.