How to Stop Mobily Automatic Balance Deduction

Are you suffering from the automatic balance deduction on your mobile phone? It is a genuine problem that many people worldwide are facing while using their mobile balance. The automatic reduction of your mobile balance without your proper knowledge and perception is a cause of suffering for many people and customers of different mobile network companies worldwide.

Do you want to solve this problem? Do you want to know for what reason your mobile balance is being reduced automatically? And do you want to know the proper solution to this problem that you are facing these days? We provide you with the best solutions to solve and manage these problems.

This article will learn how to stop mobily automatic balance deduction. We will briefly discuss the different procedures through which you will solve the automatic balance reduction on your mobile phone. There are several reasons that cause balance deduction in your mobile. After completing this article, you will tackle and manage this problem and save your balance from the automatic deduction.

Extra Mobily Services Deactivation:

It is the policy of mobily that it does not charge an extra balance for anything without the subscription of its offers. If your balance is decreasing, it means that some extra offers, packages, and unwanted bundles are subscribed to on your mobile, and you are not aware of them. It would help if you unsubscribed from all those unwanted packages to save your mobily balance from automatic deduction.

How to Stop Mobily Automatic Balance Deduction

Save Mobily Balance From Automatic Deduction:

There are two easy methods to make it possible to save the mobile balance from automatic cutting in your mobily account. These two methods are provided officially by mobily network. If some offers have subscribed to your mobile and you do not know about them, and those offers have the nature and ability to renew and resubscribe, then I will cause your money loss.

So your first step is to deactivate all those unwanted offers and packages from your mobily account.

How to Stop Mobily Automatic Balance Deduction Offers By The Mobily Application:

You can check all your current activated services in your mobily account by installing the mobily official mobile application. This application is available on both the Android and Apple mobile operating systems.

For the deactivation of different offers, you can follow this procedure.

Step1: Install offical mobily app from the Google Play store.

Step2: Register yourself and make a user account on mobily app.

Step3: Log in your account details in the mobily application.

Step4: A dashboard will show you where you will see your activated offers.

Step5: Click on those offers you want to deactivate from your mobile.

Step6: After confirmation, your all unwanted offers will be deactivated, and then mobily will not deduce your balance automatically.

For the unsubscription of those offers that you do not want to remain in your Mobily account, the mobily application method is the best, most stable, and easiest way for everyone that can be easily accessed.

Deactivate Offers by Calling The Mobily Helpline:

Mobily has also provided its official helpline number for its customers to contact them for any query. Anyone can call mobily and ask them about their problem. You can also deactivate your packages and bundles by calling their helpline number. For this purpose, you can follow this process.

  • Open your dialpad and call 1100, the official helpline number for Mobily.
  • After receiving the call, a mobily representative from their customer care service will talk to you and ask about the problem you have called them.
  • You will need to inform them of the situation with your automatic balance deduction.
  • After that, he will analyze all the information regarding your active offers and packages. Then

he will inform you of the currently active offers on your mobily account.

  • It would help if you told him about those offers you want to deactivate from your mobile account. After that, he will deactivate those unwanted and unnecessary offers and bundles from your Mobily account. Mobily will not deduct your balance automatically after the deactivation of those offers and services.

To stop the automatic deduction of your mobily balance, this is also an effective method which you can follow to save your balance.

Deactivate Some Specific Offers:

Some mobily offers have a built-in ability to be activated automatically. You need to unsubscribe and deactivate all those offers to stop the automatic deduction of your mobile balance.

How To Stop Mobily Ad SMS:

Sometimes, mobily Ads and promotional messages cause disturbances for many customers. And sometimes, you receive some promotional messages about any offer from mobily and then activate it. Then the package renews automatically and causes a reason for your balance deduction. If you want to deactivate mobily promotional messages, you have to follow this process.

  • Open your message box.
  • Write “Stop” and send it to 604445.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you regarding the unsubscription of mobily promotional messages.

Mobily Social Media Package Unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe from different mobily social media packages, you need to follow this method.

  • Deactivate the monthly, daily, or weekly social media package of Mobily type “0440” and send it to 1100.
  • The mobily social media package will be deactivated.

Mobily Whatsapp Package Unsubscribe:

  • To unsubscribe from the weekly WhatsApp packages from. Mobily, type 5210 in your message box and send it to 1100.
  • To unsubscribe from the monthly WhatsApp package, write 5211 in your message box and send it to 1100.
  • Your mobily whatsapp packages will be deactivated.

Unsubscribe Mobily Data Packages:

The internet packages of mobily can resubscribe and renew automatically. Sometimes, you only need the internet for a specific time, but the auto-renewal function of a package causes a disturbance for you and makes your balance deducted automatically. So, you need to deactivate all those irrelevant and unwanted packages that are the main reason for the automatic cutting of your balance.

  • To deactivate the 15-day data internet package, type 5102 and send it to 1100.
  • To deactivate the monthly 1 GB internet package, type 6102 and send it to 1100.
  • To cancel the mobily monthly 10 GB internet package, write 7052 in your message box and forward it to 1100.
  • To deactivate the monthly 100 GB of mobily internet package, type 7082 and send it to 1100.

So, with the unsubscription of these data internet bundles, you will be able to solve the problem from which you are suffering.

Mobily KSA Offers:

Mobily offers a lot of packages and bundles for the convenience of its customers so that they can connect with their beloved ones and use the offers easily to communicate with friends and family members.

But many of these offers subscribe automatically and make a cause of your balance deduction. Mobily offers its valued customers many calls, SMS, and internet bundles, but these bundles renew automatically, so you face the automatic cutting of your mobile balance. The reduction of balance creates a cause for the loss of money in unproductive and useless ways. So, to find a solution to this problem, you must have proper awareness of different mobily offers and packages and their unsubscription when you do not want to use or consume them.


From all the above discussion, we have concluded that the reduction of balance without any proper knowledge of the customers is a problem facing most people worldwide. As far as mobily is concerned, after reading this article, you will be able to understand and analyze the basic reasons that are the causes of your balance reduction automatically.

After reading and following the methods and different processes that have been mentioned in this article, you will easily understand and tackle the problem of this balance deduction. The deactivation of extra services from your mobile mobily will not reduce your balance without your knowledge or for any proper reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is the auto-activation of packages the main reason for the balance deduction?

Ans: Yes, the offers you subscribed to but did not know that they were activated automatically are the main reason for your automatic balance deduction.

 Q2: Does Mobily have offers and packages that can be activated automatically?

Ans: Yes, mobily has the internet, social media, and call offers that can be activated automatically.

Q3: Can we deactivate our mobily offers and services through mobily application?

Ans: Yes, it is possible. But you need to sign up or log in to mobily application to deactivate your packages and services.

Q4: Can we call the mobily helpline number to complain about the balance deduction.

Ans: Yes, you can call mobily customer care center with any complaints regarding your mobily account.

Q5: Can the data packages also be activated automatically?

Yes, mobily prepaid internet packages can be activated automatically after their first activation.