How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another

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Are you transferring funds from one NOL card to another? Or are you worried about the security of your existing NOL account and want to move some funds to a different NOL account? Whatever be the reason, here’s how to transfer balance from one NOL card to another.

If you have just received a new NOL card, or if you have your NOL card for many years but have forgotten to transfer the balance on it, do not worry. This post will guide you through transferring the balance from one NOL card to another.

What is an NOL card in Dubai?

NOL card is a government-issued prepaid card by the National Bank of Kuwait to residents of the emirate. It is valid for one year and can be used at nearly 3000 outlets across Kuwait. You can load your NOL card with a balance of KD 100 or more.

You can use it in various ways. Including online payments, shopping online, and payment methods at multiple places like ATM, mobile top-up and money transfer, etc. NOL card provides the right of access to optical products and services in private health care centers, public hospitals, and governmental institutions.

What are the uses of NOL cards in Dubai Metro?

Dubai Metro (DM) has introduced the NOL smart card for a seamless and secure travel experience across the city. The NOL card has the potential to change how we travel in the city and add more value to our daily lives. Dubai Metro has come up with many innovative ways to help people move around. The use of the NOL card has become an essential part of this system. Here are some services of NOL card-

  1. Recharge your prepaid cards with an NOL card. 
  2. Pay for online orders at any merchant who accepts NFC payments by using your phone to scan their QR code or enter their pin number into the system. 
  3. When purchasing a vending machine ticket, use your NOL card instead of cash or credit/debit cards.
  4. Save time by tapping on an e-ticket on the screen of any bus, tram, or metro station when you board rather than needing to show it to a driver or conductor every time you get on and of.
  5. Hold up your smartphone over an NFC reader (iBeacon) at any terminal inside Dubai Metro stations. So that transit staff can check if you’re allowed through security without having to ask for ID.
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Can I Transfer the Nol Card Balance to Another Nol Card?

The Nol Card is a credit card issued by the National Treasury and only serves as a means of paying taxes. Nol card balance can be transferred to another NOL card. This is a service offered by the NOL that you can use your credit or debit cards in order to withdraw cash from an ATM and transfer the amount to another NOL card.

You have to at least two different Nol cards before you are able to transfer your balance from one of them to another. For example, if you had two Citibank cards with $100 on each of them, then when you get your third Nol card, it will be able to receive the money from either one of those accounts without any problems. In this case, it would be much easier for you since all three of these accounts would contain only $200 instead of $300 like they were initially.

If you want to transfer a more significant amount than what was on your original account at first, then this might not work out as well. Because it could cause some issues with the banks that issued both of those cards. After all, they will think that there has been some sort of fraud involved which could cause them problems down the road. If this happens, then they might report these transactions back to their headquarters. This means that your bank would incur more fees and penalties, so avoid doing this if possible, or else just leave it alone and wait until things cool off again before transferring; any more money over here!

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Is There Any Advantage of Not Card Balance Transfer Online to Another?

Transferring your balance from one NOL card to another will not affect your credit score in any way. However, it is good to know how each of the cards works before transferring them. 

If you have more than one card with the same company, it is best to transfer all your points from one card to another and then cancel the first card. Because this will save on annual fees charged by these companies. Also, if you don’t have enough points on your account, it is best not to transfer them as well as doing so will reduce the number of miles that you get for every dollar spent on their cards. This can be very beneficial for frequent travelers.

Also, transferring them would be better if you have a high amount of miles or point balances because they can only be used once when flying internationally or booking hotel rooms through their website.

How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another:

There are a few steps that you can follow to transfer your balance from one nol card to another.

Step 1: In order to transfer the balance from nol to nol card, you have to download the app name ” RTA Public Transport “Android And Apple.

How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another

Step 2: Install it from the play store and open it.

Step 3: There, you will have to enter your My id username and password.


How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another

Step 4: You can directly log in using the RTA ID and Guest option.

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Step 5: Tap on the option called “NOL”.

How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another


Step 6: After tapping there, you will see another Top-up-NOL option.


Step 7: Click on that option.

Step 8: Enter your Tag id number.

How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another

Step 9: Now, place your NOL card behind your phone so that the app can read the balance credit.

How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another

Step 10: Select the Amount.

Step 11: Click on “Pay using another nol card”.

How to Transfer Balance From One Nol Card to Another

Step 12: Now, the selected amount will be transferred to your NOL card instantly.

How does this nol card charge you for a journey?

A nol card is a travel insurance policy that covers you for any accidental or unforeseen loss of luggage, theft, and medical costs. This travel insurance policy will cover you for up to £2,000 worth of luggage per person, and your trip needs to be booked at least seven days in advance. 

The plan also offers you accident protection and the ability to cancel or postpone your trip without penalty if something goes wrong. You can get this by purchasing the policy from a reputable company like Travel Cover Direct Ltd. It charges you the moment you start the journey, so there are no additional fees or charges.

Final Thoughts

You might be wondering how to transfer balance from one NOL card to another. But no more bother yourself. I am sure that you have learned everything now about nol to nol transfer. Just try it once and see how easy it is, actually.