How to Transfer Balance from Ooredoo to Ooredoo in Kuwait

Here we will tell you all the ways How to transfer balance from Ooredoo to Ooredoo in Kuwait. Ooredoo is a telecommunication company claiming that they have the fastest network service in Kuwait. Ooredoo offers ooredoo to ooredoo credit transfer kuwait, a handy feature, unlike most other telecommunication companies.

How to Transfer Balance from Ooredoo to Ooredoo in Kuwait

How to Transfer Balance from Ooredoo to Ooredoo in Kuwait for prepaid to Prepaid :

 It is the most comfortable and convenient way if you are a prepaid user. In this way, you can send as low as 100 fills and as high as KD 5. To transfer balance in this way, you need to follow the steps mentioned above. 

  1. First, you need to check your balance.
  2. Just type *555# and you will see the balance.
  3.  Then go to your phone’s messaging section.
  4. Type the mobile number of the ooredoo number where you want to transfer balance.
  5. Then give a space and type the amount of the balance. E.g.:67079131 0.15
  6. Then send the text to 444, and your balance transaction will be successful. 

Ooredoo postpaid to prepaid transfer Information:

  • Postpaid users can send as much as KD 25 per month, but it can only be incremented to KD 1.
  • But they can not follow the above way, but they too can transfer balance. They can follow the procedure below. 
  • First dial *444* then type the number you want to transfer credit later *.
  • After that put the amount, you want to move after the *, after that # then click send.

Eg.: *444*67079131*1# 

 Note that both the procedure will cost an extra 20 fills (1000fils=1Kd). 

Following these steps, you know ooredoo to ooredoo balance transfer Kuwait.

 Both the prepaid and postpaid customers can transfer money quickly.

Thanks to ooredoo which offers this kind of flexibility to their users, unlike other telecoms. Hopefully, you are benefitted from this article. Did not understand call me customers services.