How To Use Discord In Uae (Step By Step)

Discord was firstly made for gamers and also became popular among them. But nowadays Discord has become one of the most popular group-chatting platforms, as it’s a versatile application for all kind of communication. Discord is available for Mac, PC, iPhone and Android devices so all category device users can enjoy the application.

But the leading internet service provider of UAE, Etisalat has blocked Discord from 2017. As a result, netizens of UAE have no access to Discord normally. But there are some ways you can still use Discord from UAE. Here you can learn how to use discord in uae.

Why The UAE Banned Discord?

At first, Etisalat blocked Voice Over IP service of discord in 2017. But recently in September 2020 they entirely banned Discord from UAE. The Telecommunication Regulatory Authority stated that VOIP services must be licensed to be used in UAE.

As an average person, I can assume that they are concerned about security issues and not to forget that Etisalat is not only an internet provider but also a telecommunication company. So free VOIP services can affect their progress.

How To Use Discord In Uae:

Step 1: Sign up in a VPN provider. I am providing a list of VPN provider below.

Step 2: Download the VPN app and install them in your device.

Step 3: Log into the VPN app and connect to the fastest server. Usually, the app will suggest you fastest server.

Step 4: Now start using Discord smoothly as if you’ve never been to UAE.

VPNs To Use Discord In UAE:

  1. Express VPN: It’s the most reliable and versatile VPN among the list.
  2. NordVPN: Good quality VPN service in a low budget.
  3. Surfshark: Another low budget VPN that allows you to connect multiple devices.

How Does a VPN Works For Unlocking?

A Virtual private network or VPN is simply a secure channel between two or more devices. That means when you connect to a VPN, your computer will be connected to another computer or server in the other part of the world. So you will be using that computers internet for browsing so your local restrictions will not affect your surfing.

VPNs are mostly used to protect private web traffic, interference and censorship. You can also use VPN to surf the internet anonymously, so UAE regulators would not be able to know if you are using Discord or not. VPNs also allows you to visit blocked website and other apps.

Nowadays, many of the useful sites are being blocked by the regulators, so it has become an essential tool to surf the internet among ordinary people.

So, that’s how to unblock discord in uae.


  1. Why is discord ping so high?

Try changing the VPN to a faster server. Typically geographically close servers will work better.

  1. Is Discord safe for 12 years old?

No, if you don’t keep track of his activities. Discord is a 13+ app. But it depends on what kind of server he is using. If he is joined to cartoon, art, game-related servers, it should be ok.

  1. Does Discord show your location?

No, it does not give your location to others.