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Games are something hard to deny if you are a teenager or carry a young soul. Nowadays video games have become a huge source of enjoyment. The development of video games has occurred rapidly in the last 20 years. But you can’t imagine how far video games can go if you haven’t visited hub zero Dubai yet.

It’s a 15000 sq meters gaming arena located in hub zero city walk. You can enjoy fascinating virtual reality games. You can find many popular PC and emulator games here. Even if you don’t like to spend hours in front of the screen for gaming, you will like the place as it’s a lot more different and a lot more real from PC games.

What Games To Play In Hub Zero Dubai?

 All the enjoyment remains incomplete if you don’t celebrate with your friends and loved ones. Hub Zero is a place where you can get the best experience with your friend and family. So grab some friends and dive into the outstanding games of Hub Zero to create remarkable memories. The place is extremely popular among the teenagers of Dubai. The games of the place are amusingly designed and detailed. At home, we are often hit by reality while playing games, but here you can enjoy hours of gaming in an adventurous environment.

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It’s not only the home of addictive games but also compacted with cafes, restaurants, and fun rides. Here are some of the popular games of Zero Hub-

1. Gears of War: Laser Siege

It’s the most popular shooting game in the place. If you like playing shooting games, you are gonna love the place. In the game, you will have to play in a fictional world Sera with your team. The game is 15 minutes long and gives an intense exciting close shooting experience. 24 players can play this game at once. Each team can have 6, 8, or 12 players.

2. Battlefield: Armoured Assault

It’s a shooting battleground with 3D glasses and laser guns. It’s one of the most popular virtual games with a physical shooting experience. You will have to shoot a physical target in five different scenes of the game. The game will become harder and intense as your score rises.

3. Resident Evil: Bio-Terror

What can be more satisfying than head shooting a bunch of zombies? In Resident Evil: Bioterror you will be in an abounding lab instanced with zombies. With 3D glasses and laser guns, the game feels like a real zombie outbreak occurred. Shooting and covering your friends can hit the happiness hormone differently.

4. Hack Attack

In Hack Attack, you will get a 360° gaming experience. You will have to shoot enemies to concur the battle. The game is well rated by the visitors and lasts for an average of 10 minutes.

5. Virtual Arena

Virtual Arena is a 3D game unobstructed with wireless gears. The technology will give you a never-witnessed-before gaming experience. You will have to shoot zombies to service the apocalypse. There is a practice mode where you can sharpen your shooting skill.

6. HyperDrive

HyperDrive is a high-tech motor racing game where you can enjoy 3d racing on the 42-inch display. The game gives you real-time views of the racing track. The game simulates real driving is you will need a decent bit of skills to drive without a crash.

7. PES- The Football Game.

If you like to play FIFA with friends, you must like the game. The game contains advanced kinetic software. The technology will make you experience a thrilling football game. You will have 12 minutes to show your football skills.

8. Asura’s Wrath: The Awakening

Asura’s Wrath is a 4D cinematic adventure game with a 3D movie and amazing effects. The game features a water spritzer, air blast, leg ticklers, and seat vibration effects to make it as realistic as it can be. If you an adventurous soul, don’t miss the chance.

9. Final Fantasy: Escape from Midgar

Final Fantasy is a popular game worldwide. But in Zero Hub’s final fantasy, you will be able to enjoy a much more advanced version of the game. In the game, you will have to escape from a tunnel with the main characters. The game is very detailed and will make you feel nostalgic.

10. Dragon Age: the fight of the wardens.

Dragon age is another mind-blowing game of Hub Zero. Here you can ride dragons in 3D. A giant arm will simulate the dragon ride. The arm can carry four people at once.

Restaurant And Cafes of HUB ZERO:

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There are several restaurants and cafes in Hub Zero. You can enjoy burgers, salad, pizza and other treats from the restaurants. There is an ice cream truck that sells delicious ice creams. Yogurt mixed liquid nitrogen ice cream is a popular item here. You can find a lot of American-style foods in the restaurants.

However, you are not allowed to bring food to Hub Zero.

Moreover, there are many well-known restaurants around Hub Zero. You can consider visiting one of them after gaming.

Timing Of Hubzero Dubai:

The timings of Zero Hubs are following-

Saturday to Wednesday,

11 AM to 10 PM for arcade gaming

2 PM to 10 PM for rides.

Thursday to Friday,

11 AM to 12 AM for arcade gaming

2 PM to 10 PM for rides.

Hub Zero City Walk Dubai:

The place is located in City Walk. You can easily go there from the junction at Al Safa Road.

Ticket Prices And Game Fees of HUB ZERO:

The ticket price varies depending on what facilities you want to take. Here is the detailed expanse information.

There are different types of tickets for Hub Zero.

The Mega Pass costs AED 275. You can buy it after arriving or online. The pass slower you to enter Ghostbusters and the Gears of War game. You can also enjoy unlimited entry to all the ground floor attractions in Hub Zero. You will also get Acard credit 35 worth AED 35 and a shopping voucher worth AED 35.

The premium pass costs AED 165. It will allow you to enjoy all ground floor attractions unlimited times excluding the Ghostbusters game.

Child Pass will cost AED 99. That offers unlimited access to Tiny Track Racers, Plant vs Zombies, and Double Agent games. Only children of 5-10 years old can get child passes. If you want to play the Gostbrusters game, you will have to pay AED 75 for a single entry. The game requires a minimum height of 130 been for entry.

All types of tickets allow unlimited access to the arcade gaming area to play retro games.

Hub Zero Contact Number:

Call 800-637227 or +971-4-317-3999 for any kind of query or reach Hub Zero management. You can also contact them from their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any parking facilities in HUB Zero Dubai?

Yes, Hub Zero features large underground parking facilities.

Can I bring food with me to Zero Hub?

No, you can’t bring food with you. Though, you can buy food from cafes and restaurants inside the Zero Hub.