Kuwait Civil Id Address Check 2023

Civil ID is a kind of certificate in which information is gathered from citizens of Kuwait and ex-pats by the Kuwaiti government. The online civil ID status check is essential for the people who live in Kuwait. Kuwait Civil ID Address Check and status check are valuable to find jobs, open bank accounts, travel in Kuwait, inquire about traffic fines in Kuwait, and so on. 

Documents Expected to Need for Civil ID Address Check: 

You need to know your civil ID number to check your civil ID Address. You can find your civil ID number on the front of your ID card. 

Advantages of Reviewing Kuwait Civil ID Address Check on Time: 

With your civil id, you will know your address in Kuwait and get information about government services in your area. If someone cannot update their civil ID address information, they will face many troubles, including hefty penalties. You need to check your address status on time to avoid those troubles.

Find Your Civil ID Address by Using the Mobile ID App:

Here, we have given the step-by-step formula to check the Civil Id address through Kuwait mobile ID apps. 

Kuwait Civil Id Address Check

Firstly, you must download and register from Kuwait mobile ID apps to review the Civil ID address. Kuwait mobile ID activation became very important in Kuwait because it has all the necessary information about civil ID. Everyone can obtain a Mobile ID from their phone. Now let us know about the step-by-step procedure to check the Kuwait Civil ID address.

 Step 1: Firstly, you need to download Kuwait mobile ID apps. 

For Kuwait Civil ID address check. Firstly, you must download the Kuwait mobile ID apps from the play store.

Step 2: You need to create an account.

Further, you have to create an account on that official application. (If you have the account already, then login directly)

Step 3: Then log in to your account.

 Accordingly, you have to log in using your account information. You will need to enter your civil id number and password.

Step 4: Information overview page

Then, you can see detailed information about your civil ID. Then, to see your Kuwait civil id address information, you need to click the top left corner option. 

Step 5: To see address information specifically.

After clicking the top-left option, you will see detailed information about your civil id address. Where you live, your block, your house number, floor. Etc.

 Step 6: Language concerns

Despite all the info, you will get all the information in Arabic. Therefore, if you are a foreigner, you can copy that information and translate it into your desired language. Since Kuwait, mobile ID apps have no features for translation. Therefore, you will be able to check your Kuwait civil id address.

Kuwait Civil Id Payment: 

You will need to visit the PACI website payment page, where you have to click inquiry about fees; consequently, you will be able to see your payment attributes.

Kuwait Civil Id Validity:

Kuwait’s civil ID card validity is approximately two years. After the expiry, you must renew the card. 

Civil ID Expiry Date Check:

To be updated about the expiry date, you can visit the official website, and by putting your ID details, you can see your expiry date. 

Paci Kuwait Civil ID:

Paci Kuwait civil ID card is an identity card issued by the Kuwaiti government; in Arabic, it is called Bitaqa-Almadaniyah.

Frequently asked the question: 

How Many Fees to Pay During Civil ID Renewal? 

If you want to renew your civil ID, you need to verify your civil id expiry date. Civil ID renewal fees in Kuwait are 5 KD. So, it is essential to check the civil ID status regularly. 

How to know Kuwait Travel Ban Update?

To check travel ban updates, you can also check inquiries by visiting the official website or dialing 1889988 or Kuwait mobile apps. Just put your information in and select the right option. You will get all the queries regarding the travel ban or other concerns. 

How to Change a Civil ID Address in Kuwait?

If you want to change your civil id address from your Kuwaiti civil ID, you must visit civil information headquarters in Zahra, where you must fill out a form. Then you must submit some necessary stuff.

How can I Check my Residence Status in Kuwait?

To check your residence status, you must visit the PACI website; after logging in with your Civil ID number, you can see your residence status. 

Where Can I Find my Kuwait Residency Number?

A residency number is a unique number, the same as a Civil ID, and this number is nine digits long. This number is necessary to renew your residency. You can find your residency number in your passport. 

What is My Iqama Number?

To live in Kuwait, expatriates must need an Iqama. In which you will find a 10-digit numerical combination. You can find this number on your residence card. 

How do I Get a PACI Appointment?

Step 1: You need to visit the PACI website.

Step 2: Then, you need to click on the appointment reservation. 

Step 3: After that, you will find a form, and then you need to fill out the form. 

Step 4: Choose the date and time and click submit.


Using other features from the Mobile ID apps, you will get to know others’ necessary information regarding your civil ID. Therefore, Kuwait’s civil ID address check has become more accessible and straightforward.