How To Track Civil ID Home Delivery [Online ll Offline]

The system of Kuwait Civil ID home delivery Tracking was launched back on 11 November, 2020 by The Public Authority for Civil Information in Kuwait. This was in compliance with the civil ID delivery service which was initiated to make the New Vision of Kuwait come true.

This Kuwait Civil ID home delivery system was launched so citizens and expatriates can obtain their Civil ID easily from the comfort of their home, without visiting any PACI department. After submitting all the information and payment for the Kuwait Civil ID home delivery, you can paci track Kuwait civil id home delivery status check and be informed what is the progress on the shipping and how long it will take to arrive to you.

Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Tracking Step By Step:

At first, you have to apply your id home delivery request and then you can check the Civil ID delivery status. you can use a mobile, laptop desktop, or any device to easily check your iD delivery status. You can do your civil id check near Kuwait city or from anywhere you are residing.

Follow the steps given below for paci Kuwait civil id home delivery status check: 

Step 1: Go to this Link delivery website. And make the webpage in English.

Kuwait Civil ID home delivery Tracking

Step 2: Click here “Delivery Request Status”

civil id status kuwait home delivery

Step 3: You can see an empty box, insert your civil id card number here. Then press the “Search” Button.

Kuwait Civil ID home delivery Tracking

Step 4:  After the previous step, you will see your civil id status results report.

SORRY This Civil ID Is Not Ready For Delivery, PLEASE TRY LATER (886):

After checking on civil id status Kuwait home delivery If you come across this message, that means your cid home delivery is not yet complete and requires more time. For more information regarding this matter, you can call The Public Authority for Civil Information contact number: 22066550

Your Home Delivery Request Has Been Received Successfully and Your Civil ID Card Has Not Been Issued

If you see this message after following all the steps given above, that means Your request has been accepted and payment has been processed. But, your Civil ID card is not ready and it will require some days to be issued and delivered to your doorstep.

Civil ID status

Civil ID in Kuwait is like a profile of that person, like a countrywide identification card. Citizens and expatriates – any person who is living and residing in Kuwait must have their Civil ID card. This civil id provides all the details to the official about your legality, and civil ID status also belongs to the paci civil id status card.

So, to be up to date on your Civil ID, you need to know how to check Paci Civil ID Status in Kuwait. Also, if you have requested home delivery of Kuwait Civil ID, you need to know how to perform Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Tracking. Hopefully, this article was helpful to provide you with all the information you were looking for and guided you in checking your civil id delivery status Kuwait.