Kuwait Dependent Visa For Parents [Requirements ll Apply]

Suppose you plan to visit the Kuwait Dependent for the Department Visa for Parents in Kuwait with your family members such as your children, parents, or both, but you do not have a dwelling permit. In that case, the Kuwait Dependent Visa for Parents is the correct way to solve this problem.

The law which the government has issued allows visitors who are parents of juveniles who are under the legal age of 21 to live in the country for a period of up to three months. Visitors can extend the time once more while applying for a renewal of the Visa in the official application.

Hence, it is pretty crucial for people to know about the Dependent Visa and the official requirements and facts related to Kuwait.

Kuwait Dependent Visa for Parents:

The applicants who want to apply for a Dependent Visa must have substantial ties to Kuwait and be the parents of at least a single child under the legal age of 21. But there are a number of exceptions when it comes to certain quasi citizens.

In that case, two different categories can also be applicable for quasi nationals’ status who do not hold any matrimonial record but still want the advantages that are available with an extended visa permit after they retire from a job.

Requirements for Dependent Visa Application:

To be held eligible for applying for a Dependent Visa for Parents in Kuwait, one should follow the objectives as given below:

  1. The applicant should have pending residency violations.
  2. The applicant should have pending traffic violations.
  3. The applicant should have no pending judicial judgments for the Sponsored candidate.
  4. The applicant must be residing within the State of Kuwait.
  5. The applicant should have valid health insurance, which is equivalents to the digits of years to be renewed.
  6. The applicant should have a precise medical examination of the sponsor.
  7. The applicant’s passport validity of the sponsored must be more than a single year.
  8. The applicant should be able to produce a clear fingerprint for the Sponsored.
  9. The applicant should have no pending flight tickets for any previous departed house worker or trip.

How Lengthy Is the Process of Getting a Kuwaiti Dependent Visa for Parents?

For any individual applying for a Kuwait Dependent Visa for Parents, it is essential to know that the application process aside, it requires the applicant or parent to fill in the form during their entry and exit or residence and clear the card fee and go forward with the procedure through the Immigration Department.

Hence, on average, the permit is usually sent after a span of about 24 hours after registering or applying.

How to Obtain a Dependent Visa?

An applicant can acquire the Dependent Visa by following the specific steps as given below:

Step 1: To obtain a Dependent visa for any family member, the applicant must go to a “jawazaat” bureau in Shuwaikh.

Step 2: The application form will also be filled in Arabic. Applicants can hire a bilingual typist if they face problems in understanding Arabic.

Documents Required to Apply for a Dependent Visa for Parents:

There is a list of documents all applicants must possess to be considered a valid candidate for receiving the Dependent Visa for Parents. These documents are as follows:

  1. Passport (with a validity of above a duration of six months).
  2. A passport-sized photo (recent with a white background).
  3. Duly filled and completed Kuwait visa application form
  4. A medical report a trusted doctor completed in the last two months before applying.

Note: Any medical results with a positive will end in the rejection of the Visa.

  1. A Police Certificate stamped by a Solicitor, FCO, and the Kuwait Embassy.
  2. ACRO certificates.
  3. Children until 18 will need a recent letter from the GP confirming the vaccinations.
  4. Applicants must give pregnancy test results for all female applicants.


In this article, we have given a compilation of various crucial subjects centering around the application for a Kuwait dependent Visa for Parents. The different requirements, eligibility criteria, and other information have been included in the article for the convenience of our readers.

We hope that this specific article was able to cover all the questions you might have, related to this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sponsor my parents in Kuwait?

Answer: Yes, anyone can indeed support their parents in Kuwait. There are three distinct types of residence visas available in Kuwait such as the work visa, domestic visas, and, most importantly, dependent visas.

It is with the help of the dependent Visa that all expats living in Kuwait can very quickly sponsor their family members, keeping in mind the various applicable restrictions.

Do parents come under dependent Visa?

Answer: Yes. Parents, or anyone who is related with an applicant possessing a Kuwait Dependent Visa, can sponsor their relatives or family while taking into account the various regulations that are levied on the Visa by the Kuwaiti government. Hence, an applicant also supports their parents via this Visa.

Which country gives dependent Visa for parents?

Answer: Australia is the country that developed the method of supporting Dependent visas for parents, but Kuwait is also another country that supports this system. The details about the application, the process, and the requirements are discussed in detail in the article.