Kuwait Driving License New Rules 2023

A driving license is an authorization of such documents which enables an individual to operate one or more types of motor vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, taxi etc.

obtaining a driving license in Kuwait is quite a difficult and plenty process, mostly for ex-pats. In this short article, I will give a specific idea about Kuwait Driving License New Rules 2023, & how you can get a driving license in Kuwait.

Criteria for getting a driving license in Kuwait:

Kuwait’s licensing requirements may change depending on the kind of license you’re looking for and your place of origin. According to Kuwait driving license new rules 2023, the following are some standard requirements in Kuwait for obtaining a driving license:

Age Requirement:

You must be 18 years old to apply for a driving permit in Kuwait. You must be a Kuwaiti citizen and present documentation proving your residency, such as a copy of your residence permit (iqama).

Medical certification:

To drive, you must have a medical certification from a physician certified by the government.


You must maintain a solid command of the Arabic language and have finished at least the ninth grade.

Driving instruction:

In Kuwait, you must pass a written test on traffic laws and regulations and a set number of driving lessons.

Practical test:

To prove your driving abilities, you must pass a practical driving test. You must pay the necessary fees to obtain the license.

Overview of Kuwait Driving License New Rules 2022:

According to Kuwait Driving License New Rules 2023, the Kuwait traffic department has started “filtering” the driving licenses for expats. It will do this by analyzing the license holders’ data and canceling those ineligible licenses.

Rules: 1 Those who, in the past, were granted driving permits based on a university degree and a monthly salary of KD600 have since changed jobs and are now paid KD400. In this case, the driver’s license will be suspended.

Rules: 2 Accordingly, Who has pursued a driving license to work as a driver and then changed their driver’s job, will be disqualified for the driving license.

Rules: 3 Those who have yet to fulfill the criteria given by the Kuwait traffic authority will then be unable to pursue a driving license in Kuwait. Kuwait traffic authority has become very strict in order to issue new licenses.

Kuwait Driving License New Rules 2023

Kuwait driving test:

The driving test is a procedure to pass for getting a driving license. There are two test you need to pass.

Written test: The test, normally conducted at a driving school or the Kuwait Traffic Department, covers the country’s traffic laws and regulations. The Arabic text includes Kuwaiti traffic laws, road signs, and safety precautions.

Practical test: Driving skills are evaluated on a public highway. Basic driving skills, including starting, stopping, reversing, and parallel parking, are typically tested, along with interstate driving and negotiating various traffic scenarios.

Kuwait driving license validity check:

By visiting the Kuwait Traffic Department’s official website or physical sites, you can determine whether your driver’s license is still valid in Kuwait.

Kuwait driving license Renewal:

Driving permits in Kuwait are normally good for 10 years for nationals and 5 years for foreigners, and they must be renewed before they expire. In Kuwait, getting a driving license renewed is comparable to getting one for the first time.


Kuwait Driving License New Rules 2023 has become very strict in order to issue new licenses. Therefore, it is important to remember those new obligations to issue new licenses and if you have an existing Kuwaiti driving license. Some infromation collect arabtimes .