Kuwait Dependent Or Family Visa New Rules 2023

The family visit visa in Kuwait was not available for an extended period after the Corona attack. So, many couldn’t meet with their loved ones residing in Kuwait. However, in the middle of 2022, the government of Kuwait finally decided to make the family visit visa available again. 

But there are some changes, and one must follow Kuwait dependent visa new rules. The rules include providing papers on having family connections, earning a specific wage, getting health insurance, and more. Keep reading until the end to find out the latest Kuwait family visa latest news.

What is Visa 22 in Kuwait?

In simple terms, a Visa 22 is called a “Family Dependent” visa. One can also call it a “Family Visa,” in short. This visa is given under Article 22. Any non-Kuwaiti who holds this visa can get residency permission. One can also transfer visa 22 to other visas but after individual checkups by the visa-checking government organization. 

Kuwait Family Visit Visa Minimum Salary 2023:

With the family visit visa, a non-Kuwaiti can go to Kuwait to visit their loved ones who are already living there as residents. The only criteria to get this visa is to prove the personal relationship between you and your non-Kuwaiti family living in that country. 

With the help of this visa, you can live for some days and even months at your family members’ house. However, there’s one condition: the person you will visit in Kuwait must earn the least amount of money. In 2023, the minimum salary required for a family visit visa was 800 KWD. This amount is still the least your family member living in Kuwait should earn per month. 

Is Family Visa Open in Kuwait 2023:

Yes, a family visa in Kuwait will be open in 2023. This was only available for a short time. The Kuwaiti government stopped family visas when the COVID-19 pandemic attacked the world. Luckily, the government took the initiative to resume family visas from January 2023. If you’re planning to visit one of your family members living in Kuwait, it’s possible if they earn at least 500 KWD every month. 

Kuwait Dependent Visa New Rules 2023:

In 2023, Kuwait imposed new rules for dependent visas. Before applying for this, let’s explore the new rules explained below:

  1. To get a dependent visa, one must have proof of being a legal citizen of Kuwait. 
  2. The applicant should have a lawful relationship, like being a parent, partner, or child of the dependent visa owner. 
  3. Children over 21 are not allowed to get a dependent visa. 
  4. A non-Kuwaiti earning over 2,616 USD (800 KWD) monthly can only bring one person. The minimum financial requirements will increase if he wants to bring more than one family member. 
  5. All applicants must undergo a medical checkup to ensure they don’t bear any deadly disease that might later cause health risks to the people of Kuwait. 
  6. According to the new rules, every dependent visa applicant must have health insurance so that he can assure treatments for his family members if any unexpected situation occurs. 
  7. Those who want to renew their dependent visa must provide the government with updated papers like valid residence permission and passports. 

Family Visa Eligibility in Kuwait:

The best thing about Kuwait is that it has no eligibility for a family visa. There are just 2 simple conditions. The first condition is that the relationship between the Kuwait resident and his visitor should be legitimate. The second condition is that he should earn enough to provide for the visitor. So, no criteria are required for you to visit your Kuwait-living relatives. 

Documents Required for Family Visa in Kuwait:

Only 4 documents are required for family visas, and no criteria or eligibility. The Kuwait family visa requirements are:

  1. Evidence of family connection.
  2. A duplicate of the guest’s current passport.
  3. Authentic and a copy of the sponsor’s Kuwaiti public identification.
  4. The latest salary verification is also needed for a foreign sponsor.

Who Are Exempted from the Family Visa Rules?

These people are not allowed to get a family visa under the rules: 

  • Any non-Kuwaiti male family members who have a debt to pay to the state
  • Any non-Kuwaiti female’s husband
  • Any non-Kuwaiti male child who is over 21 years old

Kuwait Family Visa Latest News:

There’s excellent latest news about the Kuwait Family Visa for those Kuwaitis who have been living in Kuwait for years and work in the medical field. In August 2022, the family visa was stopped by the Kuwaiti government in order to bring some changes in family visa rules. 

But recently, this visa was resumed, and Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior is now permitting the spouses and children of Kuwaiti medical workers to get family residence visas again. Under these rules, kids under 5 can quickly get a visa. 

Family Visa Procedure in Kuwait:

The family visa procedure in Kuwait is relatively easy. If you have the necessary documents, then following these steps will be enough for you:

  1. Submit an application for a family visa with the required documents to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior’s General Department for Residence Affairs. 
  2. Completing the security clearance of every family member.  
  3. Wait until the Ministry of Interior approves the visa for all the family members who want to come and live in Kuwait. 
  4. Ensure all family members undergo a medical checkup before arriving in Kuwait. 
  5. After coming to Kuwait, the family members have to complete the residency stamping process from the Immigration Department.”

Article 22 Visa Renewal Kuwait:

There is another new rule for those who are looking for the opportunity to renew their visa under Article 22. From 10th September 2023, the Kuwait Ministry of Interior will only allow visa 22 renewal to those with no debts to pay to the state. Whoever has debts to pay to the country can’t apply for a visa 22 renewal. 

Final Words:

This year, Kuwait dependent visa new rules were changed. New rules were added, which I explained to you. Thankfully, the latest family visa news in Kuwait was positive for those who wanted to come and live in Korea with their Kuwait-living relatives. To know more about Kuwait visas, contact me by sending an email.


We have compiled various important information about the Kuwait family visa new rules in this article, with the hope of aiding candidates who are in need of up-to-date information on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much salary is required for Family Visa in Kuwait?

The salary requirement for availing of a Visit Visa for candidates is 500 KD. However, a charge of an extra 200 KD more is required if the applicant has more than two children to avail of the Visa. 

When Family Visa open in Kuwait?

Since November of 2020, the Family Visit Visa has resumed for all eligible candidates, as per instructions from the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait. 

What is the Minimum Salary to get Family Visa in Kuwait?

The minimum requirement for a candidate’s salary to avail a Family Visit Visa in Kuwait is 800 KD. 

How much salary is required for a family visa in Kuwait?

800 KWD, or 2,631 USD, is required for a family visa in Kuwait.