Kuwait Family Visa New Rules Of 2022

Kuwait family visa is a type of dependent Visa that allows any immigrant to bring their family into the State of Kuwait. We usually use this type of Visa when an individual who is a husband acquires his wife and his young children And For Parents opt for a dependent Visa

It presents his family with land for dwelling and authorization to stay in Kuwait or live with their partners.

However, certain conditions prevail that the individual needs to be met by the individual to be held eligible and responsible enough for themselves and their families to gain access into Kuwait. 

One of the most major criteria for getting one’s Visa approved is meeting the financial needs and specific skills. Hence, this article is presented to help all applicants with the Kuwait family visa new rules.

Kuwait Family Visa New Rules:

The Visit Visa’s primary aim is to allow the allocation of entrance visas for families who wish to pay a visit or travel to Kuwait with their families for the purpose of a Visit, whose goal is held significant to the Kuwaiti government.

All applicants must note that they need to establish and exhibit the financial ability or plead to commit to various responsibilities which come into play during travel. These proofs comprise legal documents such as bank statements and financial aptitudes. 

The aspiring candidate’s salary must be a minimum of 500 KD if they desire to bring their family along for a visit. This article addresses the various crucial topics which will guide the aspiring traveller to get themselves a Visit Visa, by following the official instructions. 

What is Visa 22 in Kuwait?

The General Administration of Residence Affairs has taken additional measures to address population statistics. Its effort to address the crisis put forward by the emerging coronavirus problem has been exercised.

A new circular to renew the residency permit or the Residence Visa for those who fall under Article 22 (section addressing the Family visa) and Article 24 (addressing those who are self-sponsors) has been published for a period of one-year duration.

Kuwait Family Visa New Rules Of 2022

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Internal Affairs, also known as the MOI, has come up with various online services for citizens amidst the exceptional situations the country is facing as the adverse by-product of the COVID-19 epidemic.

The new services are now available to the public on the department’s official website. They include the transfer of residence from the applicant’s existing passport to another for all residents, as per Article 22.

Kuwait Family Visa New Rules Requirements in Kuwait:

The requirements which are currently put into effect given the restrictions and changes in the Visit Visa rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic are as follows: 

  • An original and Accurate Passport (which is valid for more than six months with additional two blank pages facing each other).
  • One passport-sized photo of applicants (which are recent and have a white background).
  • Original Kuwaiti Family Visa Permit Letter (which is original and from the employer of a Kuwaiti family member who is residing in Kuwait).
  • Health report, which country’s Physician has approved within the duration of the last two months.
  • Note: Any recurring medical effects the applicants show in their medical report have will result in visa rejection.
  • A complete Kuwait visa application form (which can be found on the official website).
  • For children who are under the age of 18, a recent letter from a doctor confirming the necessary immunization of the child is mandatory.
  • As per a Police Certificate from the country, the following is necessary for being eligible:
  • Police Certificate (Disclosure): Note that this document must be stamped by the attorney, FCO, and the Kuwaiti Consulate.
  • ACRO Certificates: Note that these, too, must be stamped by the FCO and the Kuwaiti Ambassador.
  • All women who apply must submit original Pregnancy Test Results to be eligible candidates.

How to Get Family Visa in Kuwait:

To avail of a Family visit Visa in Kuwait, the following conditions should be mandated by applicants:

Step 1: All applicants will need to proffer a duly filled application from the official website. 

The application form will require personal details like passport details, personal health-related details, and the details about the reason to avail a Visit Visa for travelling to Kuwait.

Step 2: All applicants will need to furnish a biometric page of their current (valid) passport and other necessary documents correctly, without errors.

Step 3: After filling the form, all applicants will need to complete the payment online since the whole application process is online. 

Step 4: All applicants will have to pay either with their credit card or other payment options available.

Step 5: All applicants will receive an e-Visa in the email ID they had provided prior. All applicants need to keep a physical copy of the same email and get it attested on the date of entry in Kuwait.

Step 6: On arriving at the destination country, present the original, valid passport and necessary documents for verification.  

Family Visa Procedure in Kuwait:

A Kuwaiti company or a relative living in the country must fund a visit to Kuwait. Before a visit to Kuwait, one can have their Visa verified and their passport stamped at the nearest Kuwait embassy.

A Kuwaiti sponsor can also use a faxed copy of a tourist passport to obtain a tourist visa from Kuwait. Applicants’ relatives or the agency can fax a copy of the Visa to the traveller to go to Kuwait. 

They can then meet up at the airport with their first Visa upon entering the country. There is a special counter in the lobby where the sponsor can apply for the Visa. 

The visitor must collect their original documents at the same counter within the destination. Original papers are necessary to complete the entry procedures.

Note: It takes approximately two full working days to obtain a Kuwait tourist visa. However, hotels can arrange business visit visas which take up to seven days.

Family Visa Kuwait Fees or Charges:

Like every Visa, the Visit Visa also has certain charges, which are disclosed below:

During the first year of stay, the charge for a Visit Visa is 100 KD per individual for their wife and two children. If one has more than two kids, they have to pay a charge of 200 KD for the remaining children.

Special Instructions:

  • All applicants must note that the Visit Visa fees are non-refundable.
  • All applicants must note that the applicants can pay the Visit Visa through INR only.
  • All applicants must note that all the inextricably visa-related papers and play a vital role in the legal procedures are readily submitted to the Jawazaat bureau located at Shuwaikh.

Note: For individuals, the fee for a Visit Visa is 3 KD. 

Who Are Exempted From the Family Visa Rules?

Those who are exempted from the regulations imposed on the Visit Visa include: 

  1. consultants.
  2. judges.
  3. prosecutors.
  4. professionals.
  5. legal researchers who are working in the public sector.
  6. doctors.
  7. educators in higher education institutions.
  8. school principals and associates.
  9. education directors and teachers.
  10. social consultants.
  11. laboratory mechanics.
  12. economic and financial counsellors.
  13. engineers.
  14. imams.
  15. Preachers and.
  16. Quran teachers.

Kuwait Family Visa Minimum Salary requirement 2020:

The minimum salary requirement for any applicant who wants to travel to Kuwait and acquire a Visit Visa should have a salary of a minimum of 500 KD and more if they desire to bring their family along for a visit to the State of Kuwait.

Kuwait Family Visa Open:

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait made an announcement for issuing Visit Visas for expatriates in the State of Kuwait. As per the discussion, in November, the authority will issue family visas and Visit Visas for applicants who fit the eligibility criteria, confirm the necessary documents, and clear the salary conditions to avail the Visa. 

A vaccination certificate must be provided as well, with the complete application form. Hence, all Visit Visas and Commercial Visas are open for candidates keeping in mind the regulations that are imposed.


We have compiled various important information about the Kuwait family visa new rules in this article, with the hope of aiding candidates who are in need of up-to-date information on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much salary is required for Family Visa in Kuwait?

Answer: The salary requirement for availing of a Visit Visa for candidates is 500 KD. However, a charge of an extra 200 KD more is required if the applicant has more than two children to avail of the Visa. 

When Family Visa open in Kuwait?

Answer: Since November of 2020, the Family Visit Visa has resumed for all eligible candidates, as per instructions from the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait. 

What is the Minimum Salary to get Family Visa in Kuwait?

Answer: The minimum requirement for a candidate’s salary to avail a Family Visit Visa in Kuwait is 500 KD. 

How to apply for family visa in Kuwait?

  • Copy of  Spouse passport it can be a photocopy or a printed copy.
  • National Identification card.
  • Salary certificate from the sponsor.
  • Birth certificate of your child.
  • Marriage certificate.

How to convert visit visa to family visa in Kuwait?

  • Need documentation of marriage certificate.
  • Copy of visit visa.
  • Original passport.
  • work permit, salary certificate and minimum 500KD salary.
  • National Identification proof.