Kuwait Labour Law Release Private Sector 2023

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Kuwait labour law release 2021

The previous month, the Ministry in Kuwait informed Snr. Riyadh adopted the updated edition of Kuwait’s proposed Labor law during the last parliamentary in December 2552.

Those who want to know about the Kuwait labour law release 2023 and all the helpful information continue reading.

Kuwait Labour Law Release (Recent):

Some of the most important and newly released Kuwait labour laws are pointed below

  • Subsection 3 of chapter 2 (Part 19-21) of the act permits a least limited age of 15 years necessary in Kuwait for work.
  • It is forbidden for females to labour in harmful or strenuous activities that harm their bodies and actions that breach ethical principles or abuse their gender.
  • Anybody who has finished a work agreement at the age of 15 years is allowed.
  • The worker’s suspension is not more than 100 continuing to workdays.
  • The different conditions for completing the operating agreement and completing the advantages are covered under Section three (Art.41-53).
  • In Kuwait, the new labour legislation is expected to favour international employees. Including Thai laborers. Being on the correct track and being more intelligent than you were a few centuries prior
  • Labourer working hours are divided into two hours per day and 180 hours per year, three days a week or three months a year.
  • As soon as an employee is injured, the owner must promptly notify the local police office, the closest labor authority, National Organization for Retirement Benefits, or the appropriate insurance firm.

Kuwait Labour Law For Women And Children’s:

Under the current labour legislation, children, or anybody under the maturity level of 15, are prohibited from working. 

Kuwait labour law release 2021

A female must be treated just as much as a male for doing a similar job. Females perform almost the same regular hours as males. A woman can only labor between 8 pm, and 7 am if she is employed by a healthcare or resort or a pharmacy or a nursery or a centre for something like the disabled or an aircraft or visitors centre or a concert or Recreation Center.

Financial institutions and essential services, cafes, salons, banking, designing workshops, and workplaces are all places where they can labor till the early hours of the morning. It is the responsibility of the owner to provide transport services for women who work late at night. 

Maternal pay for women is one month before the actual estimated deadline and 40 days once the kid is born. 

Workers are often allowed to 3 months and ten days of leave without pay, whether or not it is consecutively. Participants must submit a medical document as confirmation of their inability to perform. Maternity pay is not required by law.

Disadvantages of Labour law

Employee empowerment and worker protection are both promoted by the labor law of Kuwait. Regulation of individual and group employment interactions is one of its essential functions. Promotes workplace relationships and reduces the number of industrial conflicts.

Employment legislation is a significant phrase that essentially encompasses all the features that might enable someone to get practical advantages while working in a firm. At the same time, this also keeps track of the organizations that hire workers in various roles and generate life.

There are huge advantages of Labour law but also had some disadvantages which are described below-

  • while always they’re not working (maternity benefits) may need to recruit a temporary and expect to be paid them as well.
  • Unemployment can damage their prestige, as people won’t choose to employ there because the position isn’t guaranteed.
  • It’s possible that some businesses may disobey the law and end up in court as a result.
  • Due to the increased cost of manufacturing in America, many companies have been moved abroad, and several jobs have been lost permanently.
  • Various groups competing for their interests might bring to degradation of employment law regulation, even if the business has labor flexibility, according to a significant concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the procedure to get a release in Kuwait?

Ans: Your former firm will need the Kafala (transferring letter) from your current owner, together with any essential papers such as the Civil Id card, your residence copy, your civil Registration copy, a working visa, your authorized signature, etc.

Q: Do we get a salary after resignation?

Ans: Honestly speaking, a worker who resigns or is terminated is allowed to receive the acknowledged compensation, if necessary, the wage up to the final date employed, including the unpaid holiday money that has not yet been given. To ensure that everything is completed as quickly as possible. 

Q: Can a job not pay you if you quit?

Ans: What happens if you resign your work before giving a letter? As per the National Labour Rules Act of 1938, or FLSA, the company should provide your compensation for the hourly salary but might not retain your earnings under the circumstances. 

Employees who may not perform their complete fixed term are prohibited from withheld compensation (e.g., vacation wages) except if the employment agreement clearly states that the owner is permitted to make adjustments.


Due to the debate surrounding Kuwait’s yearly vacation formula, it is hoped that the effective implementation rules for the Kuwait labour law release 2023 would throw better clarification on this problem.

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