Kuwait Taxi [Prices, Contact Info, Useful Tips]

We use different types of vehicles for travel, sometimes by bus, sometimes by train or taxi. If you have your car, you can travel using that car without any problem. Travel is usually done using a taxi if you do not have a car. 

In Kuwait, most people travel by bus, train, and taxi. If you live in Kuwait or have visited Kuwait, find out the Kuwait taxis facts before moving from one place to another. 

Kuwait Taxi – Useful Tips and Prices for Taxis in Kuwait 

Kuwait City has no shortage of vehicle options, whether for the public, corporate travellers, or tourists. Kuwait has a very well-developed road system. But in Kuwait, public transport is mostly limited to taxis and buses. Cars, buses, and taxis are the only means of common public transport available in Kuwait.  

In Kuwait, taxi prices are reasonable and reliable. When you get to know a driver, you can call him personally for booking. 

There are several types of taxis – Orange cabs, 

Call taxis, and Wanettes. 

For hiring a taxi in Kuwait, you can choose any of the following options: 

  • Call up a taxi company and tell them to pick you up 
  • Walkout from home or office and hail a passing cab from the road.  
  • Opt for a white pickup truck 

But, of all the above-said options, the best method to hail a taxi is to book one in advance. Mark your destination, and check the price before booking.

Types of taxis Kuwait 

Call taxis are mostly white. You can find them near any hotel. Even they can be ordered from to and to the airport. But remember the fare should be negotiable before the trip. These types of taxis are plenty around the roadside so you can find them very easily.  

There are some orange colour taxis in Kuwait available on the road. But all of them are for some specific route. It can also be shared with family and friends.  

The other type of taxis is available, which is just for hotels. The company name is written on a side in most of these types of taxis.  

Uber in Kuwait is not available. So you can’t find uber the Dubai-based Careem service works here. 

Taxi Fares Detail: 

Both cars and taxis are expensive in Kuwait. According to Kuwaiti law, all taxis are bound to go by the meter. But some drivers taxi by meter price because of the lack of strict implementation. 

The starting rate for a Taxi is KWD1.00.

The normal tariff for a taxi 1km ride is KD0.5 to KD1.0. 

Taxi one-hour waiting is kd 2 

The estimated price for a distance of 3km is KD4. 

Useful Tips:

  • Find a taxi company that is reliable, trustworthy, and speaks your language. Ensure that they call you 20 to 30 minutes in advance. 
  • Taxi companies in Kuwait are not regulated. Some taxis have not seat belts. So, when booking a taxi, ensure that they have a seat belt. 
  • Generally, taxi drivers know every address. But if not show them a google map. 
  • Pickup trucks act as taxi services. But they only allow for carrying goods and stuff. Their service is not recommended for females. 
  • If you are sharing your ride with someone, make sure your fare is cheaper.

Contact Numbers Of Few Taxi Companies In Kuwait: 

Call taxi in Kuwait is such an easy note. Down all the number. You may need them in future.  

Mustafa Karam Taxi – 23980044 

Al Reef Taxi – 24717044 

Q8 Taxi – 50497997 / 50498998 

Al Basha Taxi Farwaniya – 24765496 / 66632250 

Al-Amal Taxi Company Tel: 5321883 

Al-Jamaher Taxi Tel: 25733100 / 25733400 

Asia Taxi Tel : 24888074 / 24888075 

Al-Amwaj Taxi Tel: 22654938 

Al-Awal Taxi Tel: 25323091 / 25321883 

Al-Riad Taxi Tel: 22427750 

Al-Sahel Taxi Tel: 23917161 / 23727707 

Al-Basha Taxi Tel: 1808055 

Al-Tahreer Taxi Tel: 24812200 / 25399448 

Al-Arz Taxi Tel: 23727755 / 22612763 

Al-Alfain Taxi Tel: 24810630 / 25613100 

Al-Aman Taxi Tel: 23721112 / 23711115 

Al-Omam Taxi Tel: 22404846 

Al-Rissalah Taxi Tel: 25730398 / 25758779 

Al-Millionaire Taxi Tel: 22666995 / 22666994 

Frequently asked question (FAQ) 

Are taxis safe in Kuwait? 

Taxis in Kuwait are safe. But you should check the driver’s id for safety. price is negotiable so YOU can discuss this matter if you live near Kuwait city. the prices may not be more than KD 2.all taxis are from the airport can cost you kd 7. 

Make sure that you may have to pay in cash. So ensure that you have smaller notes and coins in case of small journeys. 

Is taxi expensive in Kuwait? 

Taxis fares start from KD1.5 and are a popular, useful, and air-conditioned way of getting around. For travelling outside of the city area that can cost more than kd10 per hour. 


Enjoy your vacation while staying in Kuwait Tour tourist attractions. Pack your bags go on a trip by using a Kuwait taxi. Taxi booking is now just a matter of seconds. But if you have your car drive carefully!