Kuwait Traffic Fine Check App

The Kuwait Traffic fine Check app is one of the necessary services provided by the Ministry of Interior to give information about violations committed by citizen and the amount he has to pay. Through it, he can also benefit from other services, including applying for an official license plate, which requires registration.

Overview of Kuwait Traffic Fine Check App:

Kuwait traffic fine check app or The General Traffic Department help users with different type of services that facilitate Kuwaiti citizen life. The following are only a few of the services provided by the Kuwait traffic fine check app:

  • Follow up on the latest events and news about the General Traffic Department.
  • View traffic violations of users.
  • Inquiries about the websites of the General Traffic Department.
  • Inquiry about the services of the General Directorate of Traffic.

How to Download the Kuwait Traffic Fine Check App?

The Kuwait Traffic Fine Check app can be downloaded through the link Kuwait traffic check. After obtaining the app, the user can view his violation reports, history data and payment methods.

Kuwait traffic fine online check:

To Download the Kuwait Traffic Fine Check Application, you have to go through the personal inquiry service at the Ministry of Interior website by applying the following steps:

Step 1: Access the personal inquiry service for the services of the Ministry of Interior “from here “.

Kuwait Traffic Fine Check App

Step 2: put civil id number click inquiry.

Kuwait Traffic Fine Check by Number Plate:

Enter the Ministry of Interior website “from here “. Define “individuals”. Enter the civil number. Click on the inquiry icon. You will see all the recorded violations, prompting the entered civil number.

Kuwait Traffic Violation Check by Civil ID:

This service allows citizens and resides to pay traffic forfeitures. It also allows residents to pay immigration and trip forfeitures (Visa, residence and data transfer) by entering the needed data.


If you are a citizen who has committed a traffic violation, you will have to pay a fine to come out of that situation. Therefore, you need to download the Kuwait Traffic fine Check app. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for collecting fines. Through the application of this service, you can receive information about whether or not your case is recorded and what your payment should be.