Kuwait Visa for Us Citizens [Visa Types ll Requirements]

Kuwait might be one of the Gulf’s most fascinating destinations and historic places. It is full of museums, wealthy, true meals, lively cities, and splendid beaches. Irrespective of your reason to visit Kuwait, to do so, there are certain steps we need to follow. There are always essential documents and application procedures before visiting kuwait. Today we will talk about the Kuwait Visa for US citizens.

U.S. Passport Requirements:

When applying for the U.S. Passport, we must know about the requirements for the application. One should be well informed about the documents and all the details. Let’s look at the requirements.

  • Fill out your online application form.
  • Fill out the handwritten application form. You can do this by downloading the passport application form DS-11, but do not put your signature on the form.
  • The personal documents required are original proof of the applicant’s citizenship, a recent photograph of the applicant and a photocopy of the front and back of the citizenship document along with the photograph.

Other Expedited Visa Types Available

  • A for Foreign government officials and diplomats.
  • A1, G-1, NATO1-6 for Visa renewals.
  • A-2, NATO1-6 for Military personnel of a foreign country stationed in the U.S.
  • B-1 for Amateur and professional athletes who are competing for prize money, Business visitors, Nannies or domestic employees.
  • B-2 for Visitors for medical treatment, Tourists, vacationers and pleasure visitors.
  • BCC for Mexican Border Crossing Card.
  • C for Transit in the U.S.
  • D for Crew members serving on aircraft, Crew members serving on aircrafts.
  • E-1 for Treaty traders.
  • F-1 for Language and academic students.
  • F-2 for Dependents of F-1 Visa holders (Students).
  • G1- G5, NATO Designated international organization’s employees and NATO.
  • H-1B1 for Chilean Free Trade Agreement (FTA) professional, Singaporean FTA professionals.
  • H1-B for Physicians and highly specialized occupations requiring specific industry knowledge.
  • H1-C for Nurses travelling to areas that have a shortage of healthcare professionals.
  • I for Information media representatives and journalists.
  • J for Exchange visitors, International cultural exchange visitors.
  • J-1 for Au-pairs exchange visitors, Professors, scholars and teachers as exchange visitors.
  • J-2 for Children under the ages of 21/ Spouse of J-1 holder.
  • R for Religious works.
  • TN/TD Mexican and Canadian NAFTA professional workers.
  • T-1 for Human trafficking victims.
  • U-1 for Victims of crime, criminal activity.

Diplomatic Visa Requirements:

There are different visa types that are used for different purposes, and their requirements are also different. Any Diplomats travelling to the U.S. for official purposes must obtain an A-1 or an A-2 visa for such purposes. They won’t be allowed with only a visitor visa. Let us look at the requirements for the application for the Visa for Diplomats.

  • A short interview will take place at the U.S. Embassy, which is necessary for the application for the Visa.
  • Individuals should complete their Nonimmigrant DS-160 Visa Application form online. You should carry the printed form and the receipt with you.
  • A photograph of the individual should be uploaded for the online application of the DS-160 form. The Picture should be within six months of the application.
  • A valid passport for travelling to the U.S.
  • The government body wrote a confirmation note of the individual’s country in which your status and the reason for your visit to the U.S. should be mentioned. This is called the Diplomatic Note.

Kuwait Visa for Us Citizens Official Visa Requirements:

Let’s look at the requirements needed when applying for a Visa.

  • Online nonimmigrant DS – 160 application form.
  • A Valid Passport that belongs to the individual.
  • A photograph of the individual.
  • The receipt proving the payment of $160 for the nonimmigrant U.S. visa application form.
  • The details of your social media.
  • There are also some extra documents that one would require depending on the type of Visa the individual has selected.

Quick Facts:

How Can We Apply for a Kuwait Evisa With an American Passport?

The Kuwait government has announced an electronic visa or an eVisa since 2016, which is known as Kuwait eVisa, which would work as a valid permit to enter Kuwait for short tour visits.

U.S. citizens can proceed with their Kuwait eVisa by filling up the online application form with the necessary information and details. The information in the application form should match the information on their passports. Most importantly, each visitor should have their own Kuwait eVisa; this rule applies to minors.

Eligibility Criteria for the U.S. Citizens for Kuwait Evisa:

  • Only a single entry is granted into the country.
  • The individuals will be visiting the country only for tourism and leisure purposes.
  • The individual’s stay in Kuwait can only be for 90 days.
  • If the individual wishes to stay longer than 90 days, they would have to hold an appointment with the Kuwait embassy in Washington DC.

The Kuwait Evisa Requirements for Application:

  • The U.S. passport that will be used should at least be valid for 190 days on the date of application. Otherwise, complications would arise.
  • The individual would require a digital copy of the passport’s biographical page.
  • The current email address of the applicant.
  • A bank card will be needed while paying the service fee for the eVisa.
  • S. travellers should note that their Kuwait eVisa would be electronically linked to their passports. Individuals will only be granted entry with the linked passport.

Contact Details for the Kuwait Embassy in the U.S.:

The contact details for the Kuwait Embassy in the U.S. are listed below,

The Embassy of Kuwait is located in Washington DC, located in the North Cleveland Park. The Ambassador is Salem Al-Sabah.

  • Location: Washington DC
  • Address: 2940 Tilden Street N.W, Washington DC 20008, United States
  • Ambassador: Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah.
  • Working hours.

Tuesday         9:30 am–5 pm

Wednesday   9:30 am–5 pm

Thursday       9:30 am–5 pm

Friday             9:30am–5pm

Saturday        Closed

Sunday          Closed

Monday          9:30 am–5 pm

Contact Number : +1 202-966-0702

Visiting a new country always follows some important sets of rules, and we as the citizens should follow them correctly. Today we came across the rules and regulations we need to follow for Kuwait Visa for US citizens.With the above-given information, we are quite familiar with the rules now, hence it will be easier to apply for a passport, a visa or a kuwait eVisa too.

Frequently asked questions:

Can U.S. citizens go to Kuwait?

U.S. citizens can visit Kuwait as long as they have their valid Kuwait eVisa. This Visa would permit them to enter the country without any complications.

How long can U.S. citizens stay in Kuwait?

The Kuwait eVisa permits a stay for three months or 90 days in the country, and if one wishes to stay longer, they will have to hold an appointment with the Kuwait embassy and complete all the necessary steps.

Can an individual get a visa on arrival in Kuwait?

Kuwait does allow visitors from certain countries to get their Kuwait visas on arrival in the country. This application is easy and can be completed within a few minutes, and it also saves time.