Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023 for Indian

The State of Kuwait has implemented the Kuwait e-Visa in the year 2016. The e-Visa is an online travel permit issued for applicants who are available to selected nationalities or (generally) Indian residents of the neighbouring Gulf countries to visit Kuwait for any short term trip activities.

Applicants must note that Indian nationals are only eligible to obtain the e-Visa if they are current residents of India or residents in one of the Gulf Cooperation Countries that are neighbouring the Kuwaiti country. Therefore, it is exceedingly important to know about Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023 for Indian.

Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023 for Indian:

The New Rules for Indian citizens in Kuwait have been reformed, and one should log in to the Kuwait Tourist Visa website, where one can find the application process online. It allows the applicant to visit and travel to Kuwait to travel.

Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2022 for Indian

Eligibility for Kuwait Visit Visa for Indian:

Below are the eligibility criteria for applying for a Kuwait online India visa.

Possessing an Indian passport to travel from India to Kuwait with a minimum of six months’ valid date from entering Kuwait is a must.

Note: The applicant must carry the passport wherever they go in Kuwait for security scans.

  1. All applicants with a G.C.C. permit must ensure its validity for six months from the date of entering Kuwait.
  2. All applicants with an e-Visa should make sure to carry it throughout their stay in Kuwait.
  3. Applicants with G.C.C. approval may need to confirm their G.C.C. resident number and pay Rs. 703 at the entrance.
  4. Applicants who are not planning to travel to Kuwait for 30 days after their Visa application should note that their Visa will expire.
  5. E-Visa is valid for tourists only for 90 days.
  6. Applicants ought to carry a vaccination certificate to enter Kuwait if they are coming from an infected area with any viral disease.

Kuwaiti Visa Document Requirements:

Below are a few things applicants will need to apply for a Kuwait online India visa.

  1. An Indian valid passport with a minimum of six months validity or a G.C.C. card with a lower limit of six months validity.
  2. A temporary travel document with a valid Indian passport to travel from India to Kuwait will be mandatory.
  3. If the applicant is a G.C.C. citizen, the Card must show that they have been in the G.C.C. country for at least six months before travel.
  4. Applicants need to provide passport-size photographs that have the applicant’s face clearly visible and include a white background.

Kuwait Visit Visa Apply Online 2023:

Based on the decision taken by the Council of Ministers and health authorities in Kuwait, the following need to be followed for an e-Visa application: –

  1. Those who already have got their second dose of Vaccine (as accepted by Kuwait).
  2. The applicant must e-mail a copy of the Sponsor’s G.C.C. residency along with each e-Visa application for all dependents.
  3. Upon the applicant’s arrival, a visa fee of 3KD may apply.
  4. The validity of the passport must surpass six months when applying for an e-Visa.
  5. The applicant must not have any security constraints preventing Kuwait’s entrance or exit.
  6. In case of any differences between the information of the application form and the original documents, the applicant’s e-Visa will be considered invalid.
  7. An applicant who overstays the permissible period will be charged and subjected to legal accountability that may disqualify them from issuing a visa in the future.
  8. The submitted applications will get a response during working days within official working hours, usually two working days.
  9. The portal will inform applicants via e-mail once the tourist e-Visa application has been accepted or declined.


Kuwait’s estimated processing time from Visa ranges from 1 (minimum) to 3 (maximum) business days, excluding weekends (Friday and Saturday) and public or national holidays.

Once the transfer is approved, all the details related to the applicant’s e-Visa are provided in the e-mail I.D. they had registered with while applying.

For this reason, the applicant must know thoroughly about Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023 for Indian and that they need to maintain a valid e-mail I.D. and Passport with a minimum of six months from the exact date of entering into the boundaries of Kuwait.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kuwait visit Visa open for Indians?

Answer: Yes, all Indian passport holders mandate a visit visa to visit Kuwait in 2023. Indian citizens are all eligible for an e-Visa if their application procedure is completed successfully. The e-Visa will allow foreign citizens to receive Kuwait visit visas online, relieving them from the necessity of involving the Embassy.

Is Kuwait issuing visit visas now?

Answer: Visit visas are not currently issued by the Embassy or online. To enter Kuwait, Indian residents of 16 years of age and above must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine and vaccination certificate approved in Kuwait.

Is a family visit Visa open in Kuwait?

Answer: As Kuwait entered into a fifth phase plan to return to normality, the Ministry of Interior and Public Authority of Manpower notified the official issuing of all sorts of visas to Kuwait for vaccinated citizens who Kuwait approves as per rules set by the health authorities. Hence, family visit visas are also being issued.