Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2023 For Pakistani

For the past ten years, Pakistanis have not obtained any family, work, or business visa. In the year 2011, Kuwait stopped granting permits to Pakistanis, Syrians, and some other country citizens due to specific issues.

But now again, there have been some changes, and the Pakistanis are granted visas to Kuwait. There are certain Kuwait visit visa new rules 2023 for Pakistani that one has to maintain as well. In this post, we will discuss those rules, the ban on visas, and much more.

History of Pakistani Visa:

The Pakistanis were able to obtain Kuwait visas until the year of 2011. In that year, Kuwait issued a series of visa suspensions in which there were citing security concerns in the affected countries.

Citizens of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria were no longer granted visas to Kuwait. The suspension continued for ten years. In these years, Pakistan tried its best to lift the suspension but to no avail until recently.

A meeting between the Kuwaiti Prime Minister and Pakistani Interior Minister on 30th May 2021 bought certain alterations. Sheikh Rasheed, the Pakistani Interior Minister, brought certain critical factors into the light. He talked about the business community and family problems that arose from the suspension.

After the meeting, Kuwait lifted the suspension, hence creating newer employment opportunities and boosting trade between the two countries. Kuwait also decided against issuing technical visas to the citizens of Pakistan to work in the oil sector and medical sector.

Kuwait visit visa new rules 2023 for Pakistani People:

The Pakistani citizens who are residing in any Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country are currently qualified to apply online for Kuwait Visa. Doing this allows the applicant to be a tourist and visit Kuwait. The GCC countries are United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.

Before the approval of the visa, do not purchase air tickets or make reservations at any hotels. There are situations where the visa is unable to receive support. If such an instance occurs, then the money, effort, and time behind making reservations will go to waste entirely.

Kuwait Visit Visa New Rules 2022 For Pakistani

Also, make sure to carry your cover letter at all times. The letter consists of the details of the applicant, other traveling members along with the applicant, and also regarding the trip.

How to apply for a Kuwaiti Visa for Pakistani people?  

To apply for the Kuwait Visa online, one must have all the necessary documents. The required documents are:

Step:1 A GCC country residence permit. The permit must have validation of at least six months starting from your date of entry to Kuwait.

Step:2 A valid Pakistani passport. The passport should also be valid for a minimum of six months duration- starting from your arrival date in Kuwait.

Step:3 Passport sized photographs which are not older than a span of 6 months.

Step:4 The applicant’s latest monthly bank statement. The name of the applicant, the balances of the account, and the statement dates must be clearly visible. Printed reports are also acceptable, but they must have a stamp from the bank. The officials at the bank should also approve the statements at the office.

Step:5 Due to the pandemic, there has been a requirement of certain exclusive documents as well.

Step:6 PCR test results that ensure the fact that the applicant is not COVID-19 positive. It is a requirement for every international applicant coming to Kuwait. The PCR test should be performed at least 72 hours before departure.

Step:7 The vaccination document for COVID-19 for all the travelers coming to Kuwait. The second and (as per the government’s instructions) final dose of the vaccine should be taken at least 14 days before the departure.

The Kuwait e-Visa Application Process for Pakistani Citizens:

The Kuwait visa application process is straightforward and requires minimal time. The filling of information is also precise since everything is online. Make sure to provide accurate personal details and passport details. The completion of the payment is online as well, either with a credit card or other payment option.

The visa will be posted to the applicant through email within a couple of days. Make sure to carry a printout of the visa since the requirement for it may occur. On arriving at the destination country, present your passport and required documents for verification.


Therefore, follow Kuwait visit visa new rules 2023 for Pakistani properly to receive their visa correctly. Cross-check all your documents before applying for the visa. Due to the pandemic, one must take extra precautions as well since they will be traveling to an entirely new destination.

The information provided above is essential, and being aware of those is also crucial for every Pakistani individual applying for a Kuwait visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a Work permit in Kuwait if I am from Pakistan?

Answer: Yes. You can avail a Work Permit if you are a Pakistani resident. All you will have to do is visit the Passport Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in the location of your preference and submit all of the required documents.

You will additionally need to fill the service application form correctly, as per given instructions or written guidelines.

Lastly, if you have any fees due, please clear them all before submitting the form, and the department will contact you soon!

What is the day of opening of Kuwait to foreign citizens, especially from Pakistan?

Answer: From the 1st of August 2021, fully vaccinated tenancy visa holders can enter or apply for Kuwait. However, you should also note that Visit visas are not currently being issued.

What fortes should I consider before applying for a Kuwait Visa?

Answer: To apply for any visa for Kuwait, travellers should conclude an online form, providing their contact and travel details, answer particular security questions and settle the Kuwait Visa Fees via the payment platform available. Please note that provided information must be correct for your application to be accepted.