Kuwait Work Visa For Indian

Indians wishing to work in Kuwait must apply for a visa or work permit. An Indian citizen cannot work in Kuwait using a tourist visa. A work visa is issued under Articles 17 and 18 of immigration regulations in Kuwait.

To obtain Kuwait work visa for Indian, an employer must submit a copy of the employee’s passport to be permitted by the Department of Social Development for working in Kuwait.

Kuwait Work Visa for Indian: Process:

If you are an Indian who has found work in Kuwait, the first for you is to obtain a work permit or a Kuwait work visa for Indian from the Department of Social Development. You must submit your personal information to obtain this approval to the website to enter and exit Kuwait for job-related reasons.

You will need to mail a duplicate of your passport to your employer, who should run it by the Minister of Social Development. Applicants must obtain the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Department of Internal Affairs.

Once the employer has obtained a visa or work permit, their first job is to mail it back to you as the employee with approval from the NOC. After obtaining two documents, you must first undergo a medical examination in India. You should complete the test at a clinic permissible by the Kuwaiti Embassy.

Note: As for the Current covid situation, you need to be fully vaccinated with a vaccine that is acceptable in Kuwait.

The medical centre will require you to provide an original visa. The examiners will do a blood test and x-ray scan of your body to confirm wellness signs. This medical report, if confirmed to be healthy and free of epidemics, only then can you leave for Kuwait.

Apart from this, you must also obtain a Police Clean-up Certificate (PCC) from the RPO (Regional Passport Office).

Kuwait Work Visa For Indian

Documents Needed For Application:

You need the following documents to get a Kuwait Visa for Work being an Indian Citizen:

  1. A one-way flight ticket.
  2. Your Health or Wellness Report.
  3. Passport with ECNR.
  4. Genuine Visa.
  5. Initial contract of employment.
  6. Note: This agreement must be attested by both the employer and the employee.
  7. A passport-sized photograph of blue or white background.
  8. PCC.
  9. Driver’s license and driver’s experience certificate.

Note: The Department of Foreign Affairs must authorize this.

  1. Chef’s knowledge certificate or experience as a cook

Note: The Department of Foreign Affairs must certify this.

  1. To obtain a visa stamped on a passport, you must go to a travel agency authorized by the Kuwaiti Consulate in India.

Note: A travel agent will not stamp a visa and does not have the right to authorize or cancel the applicant’s entry into Kuwait. Approval or Denial of entry is the sole contention of the Kuwaiti Ambassador.

For Additional Documentation:

Registration of fingerprints of Applicants

When entering Kuwait, you must register your fingerprints to obtain safety and residency permits at any of the four fingerprint departments registered in the country. To register your fingerprints, you must submit the following documents:

  • A typed application Form.
  • Original Visa and copy.
  • Original passport and copy.
  • Four pictures of yourself.
  • Original medical report and copy.
  • Original insurance slip and copy.
  • Letter of work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor

Is Kuwait Visa Open For Indian Now?

As per the guidelines and notice issued by the Public Authority for Manpower, the resumption of issuance of all types of visas to a foreigner, that include Indian Citizens, including dependent, business, tourist, and work visas, are being issued by the Embassy.

Kuwait Work Visa Fees In Indian Rupees 2022:

To avail of a Work Visa for Indian Citizens in Kuwait, applicants need to pay a total of Rs 9,463/- per application.

Please note that the Visa fees are all-inclusive of GST, which is levied at 18%.

Applicants can pay visa fees through:

  • Cash.
  • DD or Demand Draft (from any bank) in the name of “VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd”, which is payable at:
  • Mumbai for payment at Mumbai office.
  • New Delhi for submission at New Delhi office.
  • Hyderabad for the compliance at Hyderabad office.
  • Chennai for payment at Chennai office.
  • Kochi if the applicant submits it at the Kochi office.

Please Additionally Note:

  • Visa fees are non-refundable.
  • Visa fees need to be paid in Indian Currency or INR only.

Kuwait Work Visa Processing Time For Indian:

For applications submitted at Mumbai and New Delhi Visa Application Centres by applicants: The general process takes a minimum of three working days starting from the subsequent working day of passport submission at the Visa Application Centre.

For applications submitted at Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi Visa Application Centre by applicants: The general process takes a minimum of five to seven working days (at most) starting from the subsequent working day of passport submission at the Visa Application Centre.

Note: Applicants should note that natural hazards or unavoidable circumstances surrounding them are special circumstances where the Application Centre does not fault delays.

Kuwait Company Visa For India:

Kuwaiti labour management has discontinued the transfer of commercial Travel or Visit visas to work permits as part of their initiative to head off a new wave of COVID-19, as per recent reports.

This move partially reversed a decision as permissible by the Kuwaiti Cabinet resuming the issuance of all types of entrance visas to the country of Kuwait. Hence, Company or Business Visas for India has been resumed.


Hence, if you are an Indian citizen who is in urgent need of availing a work visa to travel to Kuwait, all you need is to register and follow the steps provided in this specific article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Kuwait visa fees in Indian rupees?

Answer: To avail of a Work Visa for Indian Citizens in Kuwait, applicants need to pay a total of Rs 9,463/- per application.

Note for Applicants: The Visa Fees for Indian citizens are inclusive of the total 18% GST rate as levied by the Government.

How long is a Kuwait work visa valid?

Answer: A Kuwait Work Visa will allow an applicant to stay in the country for up to three months. From the time of issuing the Visa, it is valid for 30 days for an Applicant. For those who wish to work longer, they need to renew their Visa from the Embassy while staying in Kuwait.

How much is working visa in Kuwait?

Answer: Working Visa Fees for Kuwait Employment or Work Visa

Entry Category for Applicants Stay Duration for Applicants Validity Fees to be Charged
Visa single entry 30 days 6 months Validity Rs. 11500
Single entry 30 days 3 months Validity Rs. 9500
Single entry 30 days 3 months Validity Rs. 28500

How can an Applicant check the status of their visa for Kuwait?

Answer: Applicants can check the status of their Kuwait visa online on the official website of the Kuwaiti Government. All the applicants will require to do is enter their e-Visa Reference Number and Passport Number to check the present status of their visa application.