Kuwait Work Visa For Pakistani 2023 Latest News

For the past ten years, Pakistanis have not been admissible to acquire a business visa or, in other words, a work visa and a few others. It only happened recently that the government announced the resumption of visas.

Kuwait’s work visa faced a period of stagnation in the year 2011. It is now revamped by the efforts of Pakistan Interior Minister Sheik Rashid and Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheik Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah. Not to mention now the Kuwait work visa for Pakistan 2023 is much easier and faster, making it possible for job-holders to acquire their Visa hassle-free.

The reason to impose the ban was to increase work opportunities within the country, which has significantly improved. In addition, there are a few newly obligatory rules and regulations that the Government of Kuwait has levied and which have made the process easier.

Kuwait Work Visa For Pakistani 2023:

Lifting the ban on work visas was not easy for the government bodies. However, work visas are now permitted for the public as well as private-sector job employees as granted under approved articles 17 and 18 of the immigration regulation.

In addition, the public authority has announced that visas of all types to foreigners, including those dependent on the business, work, and tourism, are now open for access.

Kuwait Work Visa For Pakistani 2022

To apply for the work visa for Kuwait, travelers should conclude an online form since, due to the pandemic, only e-Visas are being issued. However, from 1st August 2021, fully vaccinated people can get permits for work visas.

Types Of Work Visas In Kuwait For Pakistani Citizens:

All foreign countries require a work permit before starting to work in that particular place, and Kuwait is no exception. The work visa is seen as a part of a residential visa which can be further divided with no changes are

  • Government employee visas: Any citizen of a foreign country (in this case- Pakistani citizens) who desire to enter the boundary of Kuwait must first obtain a Kuwait Work Visa for Government employees, which one can find in the visitor or applicant’s passport and is a necessary travel document administered by the traveler’s country of citizenship.
  • Privately employed visas: A private employee or private-employed visas are also known to people as self-employed visas, digital nomad visas, visas of autonomous means, and remote employment visas, to name a few.

When any individual works online for themselves or a private company that is not based in the country offering the visa (Kuwait in this case) and the said individual can prove that they make enough money to support yourself, they are able to acquire a Privately employed visa.

Requirements To Obtain Kuwait Work Visa For Pakistani:

As the work visas have come into practice after overcoming the ban or restrictions, specific requirements make a person eligible to get a work visa in Kuwait.

  • A valid updated passport with at least six months to two years in hand prior to the expiry date.
  • A health certificate acquired from a certified local doctor mentions that the applicant is free from any type of contagious and infectious disease.
  • A visa application is duly signed and approved by the Kuwait ministry of foreign affairs.
  • A no-objection certificate by the criminal investigation administration office that mentions the applicant having no criminal record.
  • An HIV or AIDS test before entering the country.
  • A full vaccination certificate against coronavirus.
  • A work permit certificate was approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs and labor.
  • The employment offer or the job letter given to the applicant has to be accepted before availing of the visa.

Application Process For Getting a Kuwait Work Visa:

After all the requirements and documents have been submitted, and the new objection certificate allows the employee to Enter Kuwait, they have to go to an improved application process.

The Kuwait Ministry of foreign affairs will send an application for what permits. After this process, the employee has to live in the country with the quid embassy or a work permit with NOC by the ministry of interior.

  • A permit from a GCC country residence is valid for at least six months prior to entry to Kuwait.
  • Pakistani passport valid at least six months prior entering to Kuwait
  • The E visa that you will receive by email has to be carried in person throughout your visit and stay in Kuwait.

Other Important Considerations:

Except for the requirements and doctor’s names for the work visa input, there must be other copies included in your file.

  • What permits or work eligibility job letter.
  • The company had presented the word contract.
  • A civil ID is accepted by the Kuwait government.
  • Documents regarding sick leave for overtime hours from the company.
  • The end of service date and the reasons for leaving the job also equal leaving the country.

Kuwait visa for Pakistani open or not 2021:

The Kuwait government had imposed restrictions to avail work visas to many foreign countries following the outbreak covid-19, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, and a few more. But the government is deciding to lift the ban now, and Pakistanis who live in a GCC country will be getting a permit to work and travel in Kuwait, which the Kuwait Ministry of the interior has to fulfil.

Kuwait Latest Visa News Today:

The latest news regarding Kuwait Visa is that the Kuwait Minister of Interior has recently declared that entry visas are being given only to fully vaccinated people and approved by the Kuwait government.

Tourism visas, including a few other visas of Kuwait, have been issued by the website of the interior minister that includes people from specific countries, which will be taken matching with the documents and residency.


It must be clear to us that the Kuwait work visa for Pakistan 2023 has faced restrictions along with other countries mostly because of coronavirus and an imposed ban of 10 years on it. There are some clear requirements, restrictions, and rules a Pakistani citizen should follow so they can be allowable to work in Kuwait in the year 2023 and most likely the following years.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Kuwait working visa?

Answer: The Kuwait Visa for single entry with a stay duration of 30 days can vary the fees of three ranges 9500, 11500, and 28500.

Which work is best in Kuwait?

Here is a list of a few high-rated jobs in Kuwait.

  • Digital marketing specialist and consultant.
  • HR executive work representative.
  • Sales and logistic executive.
  • Bank manager.
  • Teaching as lecturers.
  • Financial service control.
  • Marketing and mass communication.
  • IT development, software, and advisor.

What is the highest demanded job in Kuwait?

Kuwait has always emphasized education and its related sectors and that the highest-paid and demanded jobs are in that sector. On the other hand, oil, doctors, public relation, engineering, and finance sectors give the highest payment and have the highest demanded jobs section in Kuwait.

What is the estimated time of Kuwait work visa approval?

The estimated time of approval is 123 days which must be followed by the employee’s entry to Kuwait with their work visa as soon as possible following the approval. The whole process of shifting and entering the country has to be completed within 60 days of the permit issued by the government, or else it will be terminated.

What is the age limit to work in Kuwait?

There is no specific working age limit imposed by the Kuwait government, but it fluctuates and differs based on the company they are being hired at. However, the rules remain the same for almost every place.

Note: There is a minimum age of 18 years which is the legal working age in Kuwait, and under 60 years old is a person who will be allowed to work in Kuwait.

Can Kuwait work visa be extended?

In general, visitors can extend the visa for one month before the visa expires. Several ways to search for visas that need extensions; then, the visitor must generate an application and submit to the authorities, which will have to be returned to them within the due time before leaving, which will maintain the expiry date of the visa.

Is a Kuwait work visa permitted to other countries like India?

As the applications are all submitted online through e visa that is followed by a male Indian who wants to apply for a work visa has to possess an Indian passport valid for at least one 90 days period to the date they apply. In addition, there has to be a digital copy of their passport and a bank card to pay for the Kuwait Visa service fee.

Note: The applicants have to additionally carry proof regarding their health condition with fully vaccinated certificates (mandatory) and a job application stating the place where they are hired at, for their cause or applications to be accepted.