Legal Discussion Mediators in Law Firms in Dubai

Lately, there has been an innovation conducted in the UAE legal system known as Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). With the new addition, the Law Firms in Dubai are very much relieved to handle several clients at a time. Previously, it was crucial to go through court proceedings, but now, disputes can be resolved without filing the case in court. Through the ADR approach, the lawyers mediate between the two parties by giving them a platform for open discussion to make a mutual and friendly agreement regarding the legal case. Experts here are called as Mediators or Arbitrators.

In most cases, the ADR approach is used in contractual disputes – a breach of agreement by one of the parties after signing the legal papers. It is obvious that when a party cannot fulfil their terms and conditions, it will fuel the legal dispute. In such cases, the other party can claim for their damage as it was totally against the signed agreement. The case can be taken to the civil court for final decision.

Nowadays, people want to know if it is possible to choose ADR over litigation for contractual disputes. They want to save their cost and time by working effectively through the ADR approach as court hearings take time and involve heavy investment in terms of court trials.

However, it is possible to choose ADR for your contractual conflict. The advantage of doing such a conflict resolution is that the situation will not aggravate and there will be no additional loss to the legal case. Several contracts also have a clause of dispute resolution that will be solved in a friendly manner through ADR in the future, even.

The law firms in Dubai are supporting clients who are looking for a better resolution than conventional litigation, where the arbitrator is in the favour of one party only. Nevertheless, mediation works two ways in the ADR approach, because it involves negotiation between both parties so that they can reach a conclusion that is in the best interests of both. It is a flexible process where the parties can agree to a friendly resolution for their betterment in the future.

Safeguarding from Cyber Threats

As the world has turned into a digital space, cybercrime is also increasing, especially in the business world. Ironically, the UAE is unaware of cyberattacks and has given an edge to hackers to scam the UAE business market, such as making fake calls or impersonating someone else. Such calls and techniques are non-authentic and managed by scammers at the global level.

Such phishing and other scamming techniques have also damaged the financials of individuals and companies. The law firms in Dubai are working for cybercrimes, but they also need to understand the whole situation about the threats and lies on the internet. They have made a few laws that have addressed cyber offences, such as Federal Decree Law No 34 of 2021 concerning the Fight against Rumors and Cybercrime. The law revolves around several cybercrimes, such as data breaches, website attacks and cyber fraud. Moreover, Article 11 of the Cybercrime Law states heavy fines from AED 50,000 to AED 200,000 as it is unlawful. The hackers will have to face consequences by faking the existence of someone or even a business website.

There are several methods to scam people online such as smishing. For example, a fake message sent on a mobile or an email may attack the user’s account on the websites, resulting in hacking their banking details or any confidential information, leading to more losses.

There is another way through which a cyberattack may happen. It is called phishing. The individuals or companies are impersonating an existing entity to take the details that may result in financial loss or compromise of personal data.

The UAE government has taken the initiative to eradicate cybercrime. The victim of the scammer can now report their case on the website of Dubai’s police and ‘My Safe Society’ for quick reporting of cybercrimes.

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