List Of Profession Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar 2024

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list of profession eligible for family visa in qatar

Every non-resident worker in a foreign country wants their family to visit and live with them at least once. Expats living and working in Qatar have the opportunity to bring their closest ones to Qatar and stay with them for a while. But not all of them have the ability or eligibility.

There is a  list of profession eligible for family visa in qatar 2024. which means you can only apply for a family visit visa if you belong to that list of professionals in Qatar. Moreover, you will have to meet all the requirements, including your salary rate, to obtain a Qatari family visit visa.

List Of Profession Eligible For Family Visa In Qatar 2024:

So are you wondering what are the professions eligible for family visa in qatar? If you are going to apply for a family visit visa in Qatar, you ought to know about the eligible occupations. You can obtain a family residence visa in Qatar if you belong to this professional category.

The professional classification of Qatar visas includes doctors, engineers, technicians, and many more. A family visit visa is an individual sponsor visa. Professions belonging to the labor category are not eligible to apply. This category includes driver, plumber, carrier, painter, technician, etc.

However, the Approved Qatar Visa Profession List:

  1. Medical analysis specialist.
  2. Medical x-ray specialist.
  3. Aquatic specialist.
  4. Agricultural specialist ( general).
  5. Speech specialist.
  6. Gardening specialist.
  7. Statistics specialist.
  8. Zoology specialist.
  9. Breeding specialists ( bees, animals, birds).
  10. Nutrition specialist.
  11. Sociologist.
  12. Psychiatrist.
  13. Media specialist.
  14. Lab specialist.
  15. Sports medicine specialist.
  16. Customs specialist.
  17. Literator.
  18. University professor.
  19. Medical therapy specialist.
  20. X-ray specialist.
  21. Archaeological researcher.
  22. Media person.
  23. Professor.
  24. Manager or secretary of the library.
  25. Geologist ( general).
  26. Employees at the GCC country’s embassies ( excluding support servicers)
  27. Quality enumerator.
  28. Administrative researcher.
  29. Trader.
  30. Legal researcher.
  31. The executive director or chairman.
  32. Information system expert.
  33. Economics or finance expert.
  34. Sports referee.
  35. Legal expert.
  36. Head of prosecutions.
  37. Weather expert.
  38. Director or president of a club.
  39. Members of diplomatic corps ( diplomat).
  40. Chief justice.
  41. Director or president of a university.
  42. business executive visa qatar.
  43. Business lady.
  44. Religious person.
  45. Earthquake experts.
  46. Captain of ship or steamship, cruise, carrier.
  47. Journalist.
  48. Pharmacist.
  49. Architectural draftsman.
  50. Executive secretary.
  51. Medical equipment technician.
  52. Telecom technician.
  53. Astronomer.
  54. Jeweller.
  55. Scientist.
  56. Army officer.
  57. University students.
  58. College dean.
  59. Physician ( all specialization).
  60. Police officer.
  61. Veterinary doctor.
  62. Surgeon ( all specialization).
  63. Artists such as poets, singers, actors, musicians, composers, painters, dancers, etc.
  64. Pilot.
  65. EGG technician.
  66. Professional security and safety technician.
  67. Mining technician.
  68. Geology technician.
  69. Control equipment technician.
  70. Dental technician ( fixing).
  71. X-ray technician.
  72. Optical technician.
  73. Pharmaceutical technician.
  74. Television transmission or radio technician.
  75. Microscopic technician.
  76. Horse breeding technician.
  77. Ship maintenance technician.
  78. Train maintenance technician.
  79. Aviation technician.
  80. Well drilling technician.
  81. Chemist ( all specialization).
  82. Accounts verifier or accountant or auditor.
  83. Director.
  84. Economic analyst.
  85. Operation analyst.
  86. Lecturer.
  87. System analysis.
  88. custom clearer.
  89. Advocate or lawyer.
  90. Foodstuff technician.
  91. Aircraft maintenance technician.
  92. Lab technician.
  93. Player of all sports sectors in a sports club.
  94. Physicist.
  95. Computer programmer.
  96. Judge.
  97. Author.
  98. Translator.
  99. Teacher or instructor.
  100. Archeological director.
  101. Sports trainer.
  102. Director or manager of any government companies or departments.
  103. Broadcasting manager.
  104. Aviation trainer.
  105. Investment manager.
  106. Commercial, industrial, or agricultural general professional trainer
  107. Production director.
  108. Director of research and studies.
  109. Bank manager.
  110. Television manager.
  111. Insurance manager.
  112. Broadcasting manager.
  113. Banking business manager.
  114. Administrative manager.
  115. Commercial manager.
  116. Media manager.
  117. Regional director.
  118. Accounts manager.
  119. Factory or company manager.
  120. Marketing manager.
  121. Cinema director.
  122. Executive director or manager.
  123. Printing and publishing manager.
  124. Cooperative society manager.
  125. Maintenance manager.
  126. Sales manager.
  127. Hospital manager.
  128. Hotel manager.
  129. Farm manager.
  130. Finance manager.
  131. Sales manager.
  132. School manager.
  133. Museum manager.
  134. Library manager.
  135. Theatre manager.
  136. Land transport manager.
  137. Institute manager.
  138. Library manager.
  139. Marine transport manager.
  140. Air transport manager.
  141. Laboratory manager.
  142. Radio or tv programs presenter.
  143. Tourism agency manager.
  144. Radio, newspaper, TV correspondent.
  145. Quality controller.
  146. Aircraft landing controller.
  147. Aircraft takeoff controller.
  148. Air controller.
  149. Maritime controller.
  150. Media controller.
  151. Surveyor.
  152. Marine traffic controller.
  153. Road controller.
  154. Assistant pharmacist..
  155. Cruise ship guide.
  156. Aviation guide.
  157. All types of consultants.
  158. Tourist guide.
  159. Assistant engineer of all specializations.
  160. Banker.
  161. All types of consultant.
  162. Ship supervisor.
  163. Air hostess.
  164. General supervisor.
  165. Decoration designer.
  166. Program producer.
  167. Cinema cameraman.
  168. Land hostess.
  169. Tv cameraman.
  170. Marin navigator.
  171. Press photographer.
  172. Engineer of all specialization.
  173. Sales representative.
  174. Male or female nurse.
  175. Administration coordinator.
  176. Procurement representative.
  177. Marketing representative.
  178. TV or cinema producer
  179. Archaeological prospector.
  180. Career counsellor.
  181. Engineer of all specialization.
  182. Assistant general manager.
  183. Prosecutor.
  184. Commercial broker.
  185. Ship captain.
  186. Auditor.
  187. Travel or tourism agent.
  188. Ministry undersecretary.
  189. all types of chairman.
  190. All types of manager.
  191. Assistant pilot.
  192. Partner.
  193. Electricity manager.
  194. Bank official.
  195. Flight technician.
  196. Marketing executive.
  197. Investor.
  198. Special needs teacher.
  199. Sales executive.
  200. General specialist.

Requirements To Obtain A Family Visit Visa In Qatar:

People belonging to this list of profession eligible for family visit visa in qatar 2020 can bring their parents, spouse, children, or other family members for a short visit to Qatar. Anyway, there are some documents you need to submit to obtain the visit visa for your family. Here is a list of documents one needs to submit for a family visit visa in qatar-

  • A copy of the applicant’s Qatar ID card.
  • Visa application form.
  • A copy of the employment contract from your employer, sponsor, or company.
  • A copy of the visitor’s passport.
  • A no-objection certificate (NOC) from the employer of your company.
  • A relationship proof or notary certificate must be verified by the foreign ministry of Qatar and the Qatar embassy.

Additional Requirements For Family Visit Visa:

An additional requirement an applicant must meet along with the profession from the qatar id profession list is salary rate. Applicants’ salary per month should be a minimum of QAR 5000. The Salary rate below QAR 5000 is not eligible for a family visit visa application.

list of profession eligible for family visa in qatar

Applying Details Of Family Visa Qatar:

If you have a ‘No objections certificate (NOC)’ from your company /sponsor/employer, then you can apply for this visa. You can renew this visa for 1-5 years.

You will need NOC(No objection letter) along with the Birth certificate, marriage certificate, education certificate, and bank statement as well. If you get a visa for your hand then check visa for passport number original or fake.

Qatar ID Profession Change:

The Ministry Of Interior will only allow the above-listed professionals to apply for a family visit visa. And your profession should be cited on your Qatar ID. But what happens if you have changed your job or the profession written on your QID is incorrect? Well, there’s a way to modify your discipline on Qatar ID.

You can apply for the amendment of your Qatar ID’s job title to the ministry of administrative development, labor, and social affairs through a representative, authorized signatories, or by any concerned person.

Prerequisites to Change the Job Title on Qid:

Different types of documents are required for changing professions on Qatar id. Such as-

Documents Needed From Employees:

  1. Copy of Qatar ID card.
  2. Copy of applicant’s passport.
  3. Copy of educational qualifications attested by the ministry of foreign affairs with a certified arabic. Translation of these copies from the ministry.
  4. A bank statement of your salary details with a six-month salary statement.
  5. Previous employment contract.
  6. An application form filled with all the required information.

Documents Required From the Employer:

  1. A NOC.
  2. The authorized signatory’s Qatar ID card copy.
  3. Copy of company registration card and other additional company documents.
  4. Copy of labor contract citing the new profession must be signed by both the employer and employee and the authorized signatory.
  5. A copy of the company’s electricity bill.

How to Apply for Professional Change on Qid:

Step 1: Visit the MADLSA webportal.

Step 2: go to the service menu and click on the E-services and E-forms.

Step 3: now choose the recruitment department.

Step 4: Click on ‘professional amendment request’ and click ‘apply’.

Step 5: input all the required information, including QID number, mobile number, etc.

Step 6: After inputting data carefully, click the submit button.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much salary is required for a family visa in qatar?

A minimum of 5000 QAR salary per month is required for a family visa in Qatar.

How much minimum salary to sponsor family in qatar?

A minimum of 5000 QAR sponsor family visa.

Is the supervisor professional eligible for a family visa in Qatar?

Yes, if the professional is a general supervisor on your Qatar ID, you are eligible for a family visa in Qatar.

Which profession can take a family visa in Qatar?

Any technical professional can take a family visa in Qatar, but the salary rate should be a minimum of QAR 5000.

What is the salary limit for a family visa in Qatar?

A minimum of 5000 QAR salary per month is required for a family visa in Qatar.

is available foreman visa in qatar?

at first you can come qatar any sponsored than change your foreman profession.

Final words:

Find out if you are eligible for a family visa, then you can easily apply for family residents visa or family visit visa. Since the procedure is taken according to the profession, if you know about the list of profession eligible for a family visa in Qatar 2023, you will understand whether you are eligible to apply or not.

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