Lost Qatar ID Outside Qatar And Return [Requirements And Document]

It is a prevalent problem for people to face losing the QID while travelling or outside Qatar. lost Qatar ID outside Qatar, the resident in the country where it was lost must file a complaint, certify a report from the relevant authorities in that country and return a copy to the Qatar resident’s representative for ID issuance permission. Paying a fee of QR200. The Qatar ID is only the proof of legal residency of the ID cardholder.

So, residents must carry ID cards all the time with them. If the residents lost their ID while in Qatar or outside Qatar, they have to immediately report to the general directorates of passport at the ministry. According to the assistant director of general directorates of passports, the resident faces difficulty returning until authorities issue a return permit if he lost his ID outside Qatar.

A return permit fee in case of lost Qatar ID outside Qatar:

Fill up the “lost ID form” and pay the QR200 fee for the “lost report card” to issue a new resident permit. Also, submit the passport for the verification process. Who can then send the allow to the resident abroad to permit him to enter the country? Then the resident had to visit the expatriate affairs department when he came to Qatar and complete the requirements for issuing a new ID.

Request to the issuance of lost Qatar ID outside Qatar:

We could apply a request to assign a new ID through the Metrash 2 app [using system] if we lost ID outside Qatar. The simple steps to proceed request are as follows;

Step 1- First of all, install and login into the Metrash 2 app.

Step 2- choose the option of residency icon and click.

Step 3- A new page will open, and here you have to click on the choice of “replace damaged/Lost ID”.

Step 4- Next, choose the option of service type lost or damaged. Choose a lost option as required.

Step 5- Then apply by clicking on the next opportunity.

Step 6- Pay the good QR 200 through a debit card or other card and click the next.

You can get your renewed ID card soon if you fulfil the requirements and perform the step-by-step procedure as mentioned. You can also apply through the MOI website.

Documents required for the renewal of ID if lost outside Qatar:

The essential list documents as are necessary for the issuing of a new ID if you lost QID outside Qatar are given below

  • A stamped and signed letter from the sponsor in Arabic.
  • Copy of lost Qatar ID if have any.
  • Copy of residence visa.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Company computer card.

How to change profession on Qatar ID:

Qatar residents should have a valid Qatar ID which must have a profession mentioned on it. In 2020, the official gadget announced a new law that any resident could change career without NOC. The ministry of ADLSA (organizational development, labor, and social affairs) noted down the procedure step by step to change jobs without NOC.

Return permit for residents outside Qatar:

A return permit is additionally known as a re-entry permit. It’s a short-lived document granted for people who have stayed out of the country quite about six months, and his/their residency remains valid and has the previous approval of entry. This document also can be employed in case the resident loses passport or Residence Card whereas outside Qatar. The resident permit would be an essential document if you lost your QID and passport outside Qatar. The fee for the returned permit to Qatar application varies depending on the sponsorship type. It ranges from QR 200 to QR 500.

The sponsor can apply for a return permit either by Metrash 2 app on mobile or by visiting the official MOI website. However, it is the best option to proceed return permitted by the employer or sponsor. It is a costly option but reliable in that it guarantees that no one can face any hassle during travel. This permit is also for those emigrants whose RP is valid on the sponsorship of the establishment.

Automatic entry permit for Qatar residents:

Qatar’s GOC (Government communication office) has declared that the residents of Qatar will receive automatic permits whenever they wish to travel and return to the country. Makes it much easier for residents to travel anywhere. Also saves time as a resident does not have to wait for the permit from the MOI (ministry of interior).

The automatic entry permission is beneficial because the resident does not require submitting a request for a permit or visiting Qatar’s website. When a resident registers for the departure from Qatar, the returned pass is automatically available.

Requesting for issuing return visa:

visitors and institutions are allowed to give a permit online, just in case people want to go away from the country and return to that with a similar existing visa, while not requiring a replacement visa, through the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website. If you should not be staying for more than six months out of Qatar, your residence will be marked as lost. Also, you can get an arrival permit on arrival in the immigration system.

Checking of the Qatar ID fine:

Go to MOI Qatar traffic violation to check the traffic violation list if you have a fine in Qatar. If you break any traffic rule in Qatar, such as parking in the wrong space and crossing the signal, you must pay a fine. These traffic fines are charged online and can be checked through the official website of MOI through the QID number.

The electronic payment method is straightforward and faster. But if you have any trouble paying through an online service, then you can visit the traffic department and pay a fine quickly.

For online service, connect with your smart card to the MOI e-services portal Click on “Home Services” then on “Payment of fines at home” Enter the QID number of the sponsor to calculate the fine incurred for the stay in case of ‘offence.

Acquire new ID in case of lost Qatar ID outside Qatar:

If you’ve crossed your accredited six months live outdoor the country, what may have you to get a go back visa dealt with through your employer/sponsor and signal a project now no longer to copy it. Your house card could be set aside as misplaced withinside the immigration system. This return permit will be sent to you later and will allow you to enter the country. This Return Permit will finally be forwarded to you and could assist you to input the country. Once you arrive, please seek advice from the Expatriates Affairs Department to acquire some other ID.


Q1- What I do if I lost my Qatar ID? 

For the lost ID category, each applicant can get a token. Then move to the counter, show your passport, broken QID (if available), and submit one passport-size photo. Pay QAR two hundred via credit or revolving credit only. At intervals a couple of minutes, you’ll get your QID card reissued.

Q2- Can it be possible to stay more than 6 months in outdoor Qatar?

Return Permit is a brief report granted for those who’ve stayed overseas extra than 6 months, and his/their residency continues to be legitimate and has the previous approval of entry. This report also can be utilized in case the resident loses passport or Residence Card whilst outdoor Qatar.

Q3- What is issuing a return visa in Qatar?

Return Visa or Re-access Permit is a temporary file that has 14/30 days validity. The subsidized man or woman has to go back to Qatar inside the validity period. If you lose your passport and get a go-back visa/permit, your misplaced access becomes invalid/blocked. You can’t use that passport if you get it back.

Q4-  When do Indians able to apply for the visa?

In August 2017, the State of Qatar created a landmark announcement that it’ll permit visa-free entry for voters of quite eighty countries, with immediate effect, making it the top open country within the Middle East.

Q5- Do I want re-entry to allow in Qatar? 

Travellers who move to Qatar don’t need a special entry permit. Instead, they need to use for a Pre-Travel allow via the Ehteraz website. Residents can even apply for a pre-travel visa via the Ehteraz website. However, it’s not mandatory.

Q6- How long will it desire to get Qatar entry permit?

However, the visa you get on arrival, all Qatar visas take seven to ten days to submit the fees. The fundamental measure or validity of keep for various visa holders is as follows: Short tourer visa- about two weeks. More extended tourist visa– about three months.